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Chilled, sparse, enigmatic sounding ambient music track with a hint of mystery, wonderment and anticipation. Piano, synths, marimba, light percussion. Aerial / floating / positive tension. Future music / Technology / Space / Relaxed. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 75 BPM]

Soft, gentle and nostalgic piano muisc bed, works with advertising health, beauty & self-care. Touching, calming, soothing music. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 72 BPM]

A heartening, warm and inspiring, cinematic track featuring small string ensemble and piano. String ensemble is colorful blend of piziccato and flautando articulation, with a soft and gentle sound. Beautiful / Graceful / Soft / Elegant / Caring. [The 'Radio Edit' version has been edited to reduce the 'intensity' of the most dramatic/climax part of the track. This could make it less suitable for drama, advertising etc. where you need a build-up to a climax, but more even-going, more suitable for just listening.] [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 140 BPM]

Chilled and floating cinematic ambient track with a sense of amazement and wonderment. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 120 BPM]

Royalty free steady and rhythmic tension with technology feel. Future / Medical / Health / Innovation / Research etc. [Tempo: Medium / 126 BPM]

Atmospheric, pulsing technological soundscape with a slight Hip-Hop / Trap music feel. Percussive, steady and creative. Technology music / Modern / Fresh / Breezy. [Tempo: Medium / 135 BPM]

Royalty free beat-driven and spatial music, with synth arpeggios and trap beats. Medical music / Technology / Future Chill. [Tempo: Slow / 135 BPM]

This intense rocker develops from a very slow and simmering start, gradually into an all-out blaze of glory. Bluesy, gutsy music, heavy and very cool. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 64 BPM]

An epic orchestral trailer track with an uplifting string melody and a larger than life orchestra sound. Large taiko drum section adds to the epic feel with huge hits. Emotional, rousing, heroic, a triumphant theme tinged with sadness, but also of pride and glory. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 140 BPM]

A touching, melancholic and intimate music piece with piano and chamber strings, with ambient textures. Delicate / Sentimental music / Softly flowing. [Tempo: Slow / 140 BPM]

A dreamy, melodic royalty free track featuring strings and a driving rhythmic section with a solo piano playing lead. The track feels light and relaxing yet invokes a feeling of adventure or mystery. [Tempo: Slow / 141 BPM]

An ambient, atmospheric and evolving royalty free track featuring a soft ensemble made of piano and strings. Cellos dominate in the melodic part and the rest of the strings hold the chord progression. Suitable for introspection, reflection, nature, relaxation and various contemplative or heartening, emotive content. A solo piano version is also available. [Tempo: Slow / 85 BPM]

A reflective, melancholic and wistful royalty free music soundtrack featuring a pulsating kalimba, piano and a gentle string ensemble. Thoughtful, insightful and contemplative, this track will go well with many types of melancholy, reflective, introspective and serious content, as well as scenes of nature, landscapes, community and charity, people and relationships. [Tempo: Slow / 135 BPM]

A poignant, rising, positive and emotional royalty free track featuring string orchestra, cellos, piano and synth bass. With an inspirational, motivating and optimistic mood, this track is somewhat epic, but still also mellow and romantic. Suitable for emotional, passionate and uplifting footage, thoughtful and passionate content, human relations, overcoming difficulties and coming home. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 95 BPM]

Uplifting and inspirational post-rock music, with a heartwarming theme and an organic feel to it. Growing, building and developing as it goes along, this track has a strong sense of awe, beauty, wonderment and people coming together to achieve amazing things. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 120 BPM]

A delightful and feathery light, impressionistic, neo-classical piano piece, with a slight jazz influence. Pretty, pastoral, dreamy and fluttery. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 0 BPM]

Bright Indie-Pop music with a medium tempo and energy level. Melodic, a little bit dreamy, feel-good, and with a relaxed sense of joy and ease. Uplifting / Happy / Free. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

Uplifting, friendly, everlasting pop/rock music featuring piano and guitars. Heartwarming, carefree with organic instrumentation. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

Slow, warm and ethereal, cinematic electronica music. Downtempo grooves with lush pads. Relaxing, Fantasy, Heavenly, Futuristic, Dreamy. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 94 BPM]

A warm, fragile and touching solo piano piece. Reflective, gentle, intimate and beautiful. An alternative, 'Nostalgic Piano Sound' version is also available. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 0 BPM]

Delicate, quaint, lightly romantic / nostalgic piano. Great as underscore for family oriented film/video. Comforting, warm, kind-hearted. [Tempo: Slow / 0 BPM]

Modern and precise hi-tech beats and pulses, evolving electronic, mystical soundscapes. Glitches and sound design elements. A sense of technology, science and innovation. [Tempo: Medium / 140 BPM]

Touching and nostalgic, warm and tender piano piece. Fragile and delicately flowing. Neo-classical / Ambient piano work for reflection, contemplation and love / intimacy. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 0 BPM]

Neo classical music with a flowing, emotive, touching mood. Melancholy / Wistful / Hopeful / Longing. A sense of delicate, fragile beauty and hope. Orchestra arrangement with piano, strings, horns, woodwinds and vibraphone. Great for movie soundtrack, film & TV drama, storytelling. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 181 BPM]

Neo classical music for film, videos, cinematic storytelling and other media. Pensive / Thoughtful / Questioning / Puzzling. This music will go well with the gentle start of a story, or to illustrate gentle movement, stirring, a story progressing, leads and threads developing, unveiling secrets, and more. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 60 BPM]

A playful & captivating scene-setting theme with echoes of hidden depths & secret passions. Builds from a simple piano & harp into a dramatic flurry of orchestral strings, which then melt into a deep yearning for half-forgotten dreams. [Tempo: Medium / 87 BPM]

Calm, easy, soothing and meditative Piano with soft strings. Mellow, delicate, warm and comforting. [Tempo: Slow / 110 BPM]

A touching and tender, mellow, warm and soothing piece with piano and subtle strings. Relaxed, pretty, like a summer's day. [Tempo: Slow / 97 BPM]

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A light, happy and pleasant, airy and joyful track. Piano with acoustic guitars create an easy going, friendly and warm morning mood. Melodic, positive and heartwarming. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 102 BPM]

Modern and precise hi-tech beats and pulses, evolving electronic soundscapes. Glitches and sound design elements. Think current technology, science and innovation. Perhaps forensic investigation, analysis, data processing, piecing together a mystery. Edit points: 0'25'', 0'40'', 1'32''. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 140 BPM]

A delicate and deliciously noir piano piece with subtle orchestral strings. Melancholic and introspective, with a slight sense of mystery and sensuality, this is an elegantly flowing neo-classical composition. Great for drama, film, storytelling, and setting a contemplative mood. We have this track in a "clean piano version" as well as an "old nostalgic piano version". [Tempo: Slow / 0 BPM]

A warm, reflective track featuring hypnotic arpeggios and lulling, dreamy piano. Sparse, gentle, minimalistic, Lo-Fi. [Tempo: Slow / 75 BPM]

A minimalistic background track for contemplation, mystery and investigation. Slightly otherworldly and eerie, suspended animation. Hypnotic and contemplative. Suitable music for dramas, mysteries, forensic investigation, suspenseful background music. Spatial kalimba melody with low piano and bass. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Slow / 100 BPM]

An easy, friendly and positive soft-pop / chill track. Acoustic guitar, piano and soft electric guitar combine an easy chill beat. Warm, breezy, homey and casual, this is a relaxing music feel good track with a positive, joyful vibe. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 79 BPM]

Meandering and reflective, gentle and still, calm and relaxing piano music with soft pads. Soothing, tender, touching and contemplative. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Slow / 65 BPM]

Set of 2 Stems (03:23)
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A light, happy and pleasant, airy and relaxing track. Piano with acoustic and soft electric guitars create an easy going, friendly and jovial mood. Melodic, dreamy and joyful. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 130 BPM]

Bright / Hopeful / Summery / Flowering / Pretty Music. Neo-classical, light orchestra arrangement, suitable as music for film, drama, TV and other media. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 80 BPM]

Inspiring and flowing cinematic music that creates a hopeful and heartwarming atmosphere. Flowing / Easy-going / Warm. Great for motivational movie scenes and videos. [Tempo: Slow / 128 BPM]

Meandering and reflective, gentle and still, calm and relaxing piano music with soft pads. Soothing, tender, touching and contemplative. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Slow / 65 BPM]

Set of 2 Stems (03:12)
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A warm ambience music track that sounds like sunlight. Slow, relaxation and thoughtful music. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 72 BPM]

A reflective and emotive cue that has strong melodies that give you the sense of achievement and wonder. It is a journey to the top, to be the strongest and not to give up. The high soaring strings gives this piece an epic feel. Achievement / Building / Epic Music. [Tempo: Slow / 98 BPM]

A very inspirational, yet understated and subtle music with an uplifting, gentle flow. Light rock influenced guitar pick combines with orchestral textures. Very poignant, uplifting and triumphant. Patriotic, even, with grace, dignity and elegance. [Tempo: Slow / 83 BPM]

Touching and nostalgic, warm and tender piano piece. Fragile and delicately flowing. Neo-classical / Ambient piano work for reflection, contemplation and love / intimacy. [Tempo: Slow / 0 BPM]

Emotional, inspiring and dreamy cinematic composition that brings the feelings of motivation and is great for films, documentaries and videos about adventures, discovering new places, etc. Mid-tempo and highly suitable as background music for media. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

A somewhat minimalistic background track with a contemplative, slow, thoughtful feel. This enigmatic music is transparent and suitable for continuous listening over a longer period of time without taking too much attention or getting tiring on the ears. The music has pockets of air, and just stays in the background to provide an atmosphere. This track is neither very happy, nor sad, nor scary, neither very light or very dark. It has a sense of mystery, contemplation, and thoughtfulness. It is slow and relaxing, in an eerie kind of way. The set of 4 music loops can be used to build a customized version of this track in a modular way. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Slow / 82 BPM]

Epic blockbuster track featuring full size orchestra, loaded with rising power and a futuristic mood. Suitable for trailers and high energy videos. Majestic / Valiant / Achievement. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 120 BPM]

Set of 3 music loops
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A heartening and warm piano solo track. Moderately busy, with arpeggiated chords and a reflective, heartfelt melody on top. Inspirational and heartfelt. Think love and friendships, community and togetherness, a reflection on the important things in life. [Tempo: Medium / 98 BPM]

A beautifully haunting, ambient track in the style The Dead Texan or Sigur Ros, featuring dreamy, hazy organ and vocal textures. Reflective, dreamy, heavenly, emotive. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 0 BPM]

Relaxed and very harmonious acoustic guitar piece with a subtle piano backing. Conveys confidence, safety and an idyllic world. Eminently suitable for advertising, family and romantic, summerly topics. [Tempo: Slow / 82 BPM]

Positively charged electro pop track with delay guitar, frisky bassline an airy sounds. Starts the day with a relaxed and good mood. [Tempo: Fast / 136 BPM]

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