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April 6
Making voice recordings at home

Actors and producers will be turning to remote recordings as travel to recording studios becomes less likely during a crisis such as the one we’re currently facing. It’s good practice for voiceover artists […]

February 3
10 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy in the Recording Studio

Music studios are notoriously unhealthy environments. Low lighting, stale air, computer screens and overexposure to loud volumes eventually take their toll on mental and physical well being. In this article […]

October 30
Music on the Move: A Short history of Mobile Listening

Long before technology provided us with a pocket sized phone where we can store thousands of our favourite tunes, listening to music on the go was often an unreliable and expensive pastime. In this article […]


Temp Tracks: A Movie’s Secret Score

In this article, I explain exactly what temp music is and the role it plays in everything from a low budget short films to a major Hollywood feature.

Sound Effects and the Fake Engine Roar

An in-depth look at artificial motor / engine roaring sounds (fake engine noises) installed in, or added to, some modern cars.

Hans Jenny and The Sound Matrix

Author Adam Johnson takes a detailed look at the mystery of the Hans Jenny Sound Matrix.


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You are providing a great service and it was enjoyable to search for audio on your site. We found exactly what we needed which gave the appropriate moods. I will be using your site for further production of services that we provide to our customers. Thanks again!

Chris Becker - of the ID League for our client, Andrea Bullard, USA