Andrew BukowskiArtist

Found 6 tracks

A steady, somewhat sneaky and dark track that feels like plotting and scheming. It utilizes a solo cello, solo french horn, and string orchestra. Great for a period drama or palace intrigue. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 100 BPM]

An upbeat, optimistic piano, drum, and orchestra theme. A simple piano ostinato starts the piece in a dreamy, fluttering manner. Over time it builds into a determined, proud, regal and heroic theme. It ends with a triumphant string orchestra. This is an uplifting piece that will work well with TV, drama, storytelling, or as a main theme for a film, presentation etc. [Tempo: Fast / 160 BPM]

A melancholy, inquisitive piece featuring electric piano and slow strings. Perfect for setting a sad, dramatic, or inquisitive mood. Contemplative, introspective and reflective. Also good for mysteries, true crime, and background music for developing a thoughtful mood. [Tempo: Slow / 91 BPM]

Inquisitive and mildly psychedelic. This track features a bell synth as the main melody, before it evolves into a full rendition by the strings. Eerie music with a sense of something unknown or unfathomable. A great track for mysteries, investigations and strange occurrences. [Tempo: Slow / 65 BPM]

A suspenseful, tense theme. Orchestral hybrid that features a simple haunting cello solo. The piece grows over time and incorporates an ethereal piano and high whispered strings. Fitting for a modern suspense thriller or horror movie. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 70 BPM]

Action-packed orchestral chase scene with traditional Arabic musical influences. Harmonic minor scale. Featuring dramatic strings and drums, with the occasional sting of the dulcimer. Perfect for a fight, race, or epic battle scene. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 118 BPM]

Found 6 tracks