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70 sound effects of insects, bugs, critters. WAV files at 24-bit, 96-khz.

All above 70 sounds: Complete Bugs! (Part 04)
  • $25.95

A collection of 25 dog sounds from Blastwave FX.

All above 25 sounds: Complete Blastwave Animals Dogs
  • $15.95

67 sounds of bugs, insects, bees, ants, etc. from Blastwave FX. All files are in 24-bit, 96-khz.

All above 68 sounds: Complete Bugs! (Part 01)
  • $40.95

70 sounds of insects, bugs, critters, crawlies. WAV files, 24-bit, 96-khz.

All above 70 sounds: Complete Bugs! (Part 07)
  • $28.95

Over 3.4 GB of growls, sniffs, snarls, mating calls, moans and incredible roars. Delivered in 192 kHz and 24-bit, this library offers perfect source recordings for heavy pitching and fx processing. Use this as a stand-alone or as a great addition to our "Creatures" library. Get one of the most extensive collections of big wildcat recordings. This library ships on 1 DVD with a full 3.4 GB set of great source sounds. All of the recordings on this disc were recorded in 192 kHz, 24-bit. The collection also contains a 48 kHz, 24-bit version for your convenience. To provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible all files contain extensive metadata. You can use this library as a fully grown animal library for all sounds related to big wildcats or as a source for designing incredible creature sounds. The high audio quality provided gives you all possibilities to pitch, fx process and edit the sounds while keeping the a top notch level of clarity and precision. Make your mixing room shake with these huge sounds!

A collection of 25 wild cat sounds from Blastwave FX

All above 25 sounds: Complete Blastwave Animals Wild Cats
  • $20.95

67 sounds of insects, creepies, crawlies, bugs, critters. WAV files, 24-bit, 96-khz.

All above 67 sounds: Complete Bugs! (Part 09)
  • $28.95

62 sound effects of insects, bugs, creepy crawlies. All files are WAV, 24-bit, 96-khz.

All above 62 sounds: Complete Bugs! (Part 03)
  • $22.95

69 sounds of insects, bugs, creeps and crawlies. WAV files, 24-bit, 96-khz.

All above 69 sounds: Complete Bugs! (Part 08)
  • $31.95

SOUNDS OF SEA LIONS, SEALS, WALRUSES & DOLPHINS: Covering the animal war cries of the hunters of the shallow seas, AQUATIC PREDATORS is an unprecedented collection of animal sounds. From the barking of stalking seals, sea lions, and walruses to the whistling and whirring of murderous dolphins, this library packs all the bite you need for the seashore or to design the sounds of any terrifying creatures imaginable. UNPARALLELED AND EXQUISITELY DETAILED SEA SOUNDS: AQUATIC PREDATORS is a pristinely recorded library containing all the deep, throaty groans, raspy barking, and whistling of these famed mammals of the sea. 192 KHZ – PERFECT FOR CREATURE SOUND DESIGN AND MORE: Except for underwater recordings, every sound was recorded in stereo in 192 kHz using the super wide range Sanken CO-100K microphone, capturing all the exquisite detail of these seaside hunters. With such a high sample rate, the recordings can be mangled, pitched, and stretched and still retain the acoustic beauty of the original sound.

"DOGS" provides you with a huge variety of crispy sounds of our four-legged friends. You get the full range from small to huge, from young to old, from tiny whining to aggressive barking. Look forward to tons of growls, snarls, moans, barks, scratching, drinking, eating and much more. Whether it’s the friendly Border Collie or the impressive Doberman, this library gives you the full flexibility for designing really authentic dog sound effects or some bad-ass creatures from another planet. This 2 DVD collection offers more than 7 GB of data. Recorded with high frequency response microphones going up to 50 kHz, these source recordings are not only an extensive high quality animal library but also the ideal source for heavy pitching, designing and effect processing. You can use this library as a standalone product or as the perfect addition to the "Creatures – Construction Kit" and "Wildcats – Tigers & Lions".

71 sounds of insects, worms, spiders, creepies and crawlies. WAV files, 24-bit, 96-khz.

All above 71 sounds: Complete Bugs! (Part 10)
  • $31.95

A collection of 53 sounds of horses and donkeys.

All above 53 sounds: Complete SonicArchive Animals Horses And Donkeys
  • $34.95

A collection of 54 animal sounds, including birds, dogs and crickets.

All above 54 sounds: Complete BRS Animals 1
  • $32.30

A collection of 45 goat sounds from SonicArchive. All are WAV files at 16-bit, 44.1 khz.

All above 45 sounds: Complete SonicArchive Animals Goats
  • $31.75

55 sounds of various animals.

All above 55 sounds: Complete AOS Animals 2
  • $27.85

Knights, the Cavalry, the Three Musketeers, Cowboys, Indians, Arnold Schwarzenegger in TRUE LIES: The cool guys sit on horses. Bring these animals to vibrant life with our extensive HORSES SFX library. You get 9 GB of high quality and royalty free SFX of countless horse voices, a mass of Foley sounds, pass-bys and steps in various gaits and different surfaces. We recorded GALLOP, TROT, WALK on STONE, CONCRETE, DIRT, GRASS, GRAVEL, SAND, MUD & WOOD. The Foley contains sounds of BRIDLES, SADDLES, MOUNTING, UNMOUNTING and a lot more. All you need in one brand-new high quality SFX library. One of the key features: We included a playable KONTAKT 5 instrument* that enables you to easily synch the Foley steps to your project. Scroll down and watch a tutorial to see how easy it is. With BOOM Library – HORSES, you’re ready for your next ride.

A collection of 25 farm animal sound effects from Blastwave FX.

All above 25 sounds: Complete Blastwave Animals Farm
  • $15.95

A collection of 62 Pig sounds.

All above 62 sounds: Complete SonicArchive Animals Pigs
  • $40.35

A collection of 25 monkey sounds from Blastwave FX.

All above 25 sounds<: Complete Blastwave Animals Monkey
  • $15.95

65 sounds of bugs, insects, critters, etc. WAV files at 24-bit, 96-khz.