Genre: Jingles, musical signatures, idents

Found 15 tracks

A collection of 48 musical sounds, music sound effects (musical sound effects). All in 44.1-khz, 16-bit WAV files.

All above 48 sounds: Complete BRS Musical Sounds 2

All above 50 sounds: Complete AOS Musical Instrument Sounds 2

A collection of 34 sounds, musical sound effects, musical sfx. All 16-bit, 44.1 Khz stereo WAV files.

All above 34 sounds: Complete BRS Musical Sounds 1

A collection 71 multimedia sounds, these are highly useful as Multimedia Sound, Ident sound, Notification Sound, Txt message sound and more. Downloads include both High Definition file (24-bit, 48-khz) and CD Definition file (16-bit, 44.1-khz)

All above 71 sounds: Complete LYN133 Multimedia Sounds

A collection of 11 short musical "audio jingles" / stingers / logos / audio idents. Useful for company screens, splash screens, logo / short animation, introduction screen etc. Each one is available in three different lengths (except The Comedy which is only in two lengths). [Tempo: Slow, Medium, Fast]

All above idents

Contains 30 short "musical sound effects". These are short "musical sound effects" in the same vein as Entourage/Outlook "new mail" sound, etc. Short, pleasant sounds for events such as software startup, login, client connected/disconnected etc. Also very suitable for company logo splash-on, visual transitions, etc. These jingles range in length from very short (less than 1 second, "you have mail!" ping! type sounds, up to longer, swirling piano sweeps - "company logo", etc. Other uses for these could be TV game shows, Powerpoint presentations, slideshows, greeting cards, etc. etc. All 30 jingles have a soft, warm, pleasant sound. You can also use these to create a brand new Windows sound scheme and replace all the standard Windows sounds (new mail, startup, shut down, error, etc. etc.)

A collection of 20 ring tones and 20 SMS / Txt Message sounds. These are not recordings from existing telephones, but are new sounds created by us with synthesizers and sound creation software. The SMS Message sound can of course also be useful for other things, such as on-screen notifications, incoming email alert, audio ident, logo, branding and more. Please note that we cannot give you help with installing these sounds on your phone. Every phone is different, so we cannot give you instructions on how to get these sounds installed and activated in your cell phone. We just provide the sound files. If you need help with getting the sound files into your phone, please refer to your phone's user manual or the place you bought your phone. Both WAV and MP3 file is included with the purchase of these sounds.

All above 40 sounds: Complete LYN138 Ringtones & Text Message Sounds

An amazing collection of Motion Graphic Sound Effects: Whooshes, Dopplers, Bypasses, Swoosh-in's, fly-in's and fly-by's, Zings, Fades and Swipes. X-Treme Whooshes Vol. 1 contains 685 WAV files painstakingly and carefully developed by professional sound design team Soundbase NL. Used by TV channels, game developers, Flash designers and sound post production companies all over the world, this awesome collection will bring a super slick professional sound to your motion graphics. This collection also contains Catalogue Index files in HTML, XLS, CSV and FileMaker Pro formats, to help you search the catalogue and find the sounds you need.