Genre: 5.1 Surround Sound Effects

Found 25 tracks

Light to medium traffic at Spanish town junction. Cars, mopeds, motorcycles and occasional buses go past in all 4 directions. Some vehicles accelerating out of junction. Some distant voices.

Sparse city park ambience. Few people walking by, occasional faint voice of adults and children in the distance. Very distant city traffic.

Arcade Hall, Amusement Center, dense crowd, many people playing video games, billiards, shooting games, in all directions.

Mid morning in an exotic birds palm garden near the ocean. Parrots, pigeons and many other birds chatter in palm trees. Slow ocean waves wash up on the beach nearby.

Smooth and pleasant bird ambience from residential area. Morning birds singing and chirping in all directions. Distant highway traffic.

A very smooth ocean surf can be heard from this seaside garden. Small birds chirping and tweeting happily to the front and rear.

Children and adults hanging out near swimming pool. Some people playing and splashing in water. Very subtle music from poolside bar. Unintellible voices in several different languages. Occasional pool/billiards sounds from pool table to the rear.

Crowd of people in an amusement mall. Various games and activities, some people playing Air Hockey, kids talking, people chattering from all directions.

Crowd, pedestrian street in Spanish town. People walking by in all directions, distant sound of children playing in playground. Very distant car traffic.

Crowd, outdoor cafe, city pedestrian plaza, central Warsaw. People talking and laughing, occasional faint sounds of cutlery or glasses.

European city park ambience. People walking by and talking, some with baby pushchairs. Faint crowd voices.

Early morning in a garden park in Canary Islands, off the coast of West Africa. Parrots, pigeons and various other birds chirp and tweet, ocean in background.

Recorded in a garden park near the ocean. Calm ocean waves wash up on the shore (mostly at front) while birds tweet and chirp in trees (mostly at rear). Picturesque, pastoral, soothing surround soundscape.

Relatively sparse city ambience. Restaurant area, mid evening. Occasional car driving by, faint sound of people walking and talking.

Morning birds in a garden with several small water features. Light water splashing and small birds chirping and tweeting brightly all around.

Slow ocean waves wash in, occasional birds tweet, children and adults play and swim, people walking by and talking faintly.

Crowd, mid-afternoon, downtown Warsaw, Old Town pedestrian area. Happy, relaxed, people walking by in all directions. Faint sound of people talking.

Surround recording from a tropical beach, a mixture of sand and stone surface. Medium waves washing in, occasional very subtle sea birds.

Arcade Hall, Amusement Hall. Cacophony of crowd and video game sounds in all directions. Slot machines occasionally paying out money.

Birds singing cheerfully in all directions on a residential street at sunrise. Bird ambience. Highway traffic in the distance.

Steady, even surround recording of ocean waves washing up on the sea shore, recorded from 30ft / 10m distance. Occasional, subtle bird tweets, mostly to the rear.

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Found 25 tracks