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Use this cool and catchy jazz swing groove for attention getting tv spots and other marketing projects that need a clever, upbeat sound for your media project. [Tempo: Fast / 220 BPM]

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A pure drum track. Jazz drumming in a swing beat, with plenty of syncopations and jazzy moves. Performed live in a studio by professional drummer Silvio Centamore, this naked and bare jazz drums track is minimalistic and expressive. A great track for use with media, for when you need something different, cool and hip - maybe a little daring, edgy and provocative. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 120 BPM]

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A percussive piece with the ability to highlight the intense and/or the mischievous. Also applicable to situations of swagger, high stakes, and sophistication. Drums only. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

A quirky and fun retro tv theme opener for a sitcom, but also a great backing track for happy and comedic advertising projects. If you are looking for a retro and silly brady bunch sound from the late 60s and early 70s you have found the right track. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 130 BPM]

Clean, up-tempo, funky drums, with an intense, powerful feel. This minimal track is suitable for creating a strong sense of movement and/or excitement. Suitable for productions that require a touch of percussive thrill, and scenes or sequences that imply a sense of tension or agitation. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 100 BPM]

Drum and Percussion clap and stomp track with exciting percussion perfect for positive, corporate, motivational, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts and more and other media projects like, TV shows, background projects, videos. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

Vibrant, modern and offbeat, this track is the perfect backdrop for a puzzling, yet fun scene or sequence. With a strong theme, this soundscape is suitable for broad comedy, parodies of action movies and suspense, and also for light action. Great for family-friendly shows and movies. [Tempo: Medium / 168 BPM]

Fun, quirky, with a tropical vibe, this track is the perfect backdrop for a bright, vibrant and uplifting production. Light percussion, sparse orchestral arrangement, and a pleasurable melody, it makes it for a perfect soundscape for comedies, family-friendly features and shows, and for scenes that require a rhythmic, heartening vibe. [Tempo: Medium / 184 BPM]

A pure drum track. A somewhat jazzed-up pop-rock beat performed live in a studio, by professional drummer Silvio Centamore. This beat features a lot of syncopations, twists and turns, funky breaks, jazzy twists. This drum track has an edgy and confident feel, with a very urban flair. A sense of something happening, something going down, something coming up. For when you need something different, cool and hip - maybe a little daring, audacious, and provocative. Jazzy and complex, urban feel. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

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A pure drum track. Syncopated drum beats, performed live in a studio by professional drummer Silvio Centamore. Cool and swanky, this drums only music track has a sense of sophistication, with some suspense and expectancy. A great track for when you need something different, cool and hip - maybe a little daring, audacious, and provocative. The drumming goes through changes throughout the track and can easily be edited to fit various events on the timeline of your project. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 140 BPM]

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A hip jazzy soundtrack for films, tv spots and any media that needs ambient drumming energy and a cool chill out, ambient hipster vibe. Free jazz style drumming by one of the best in the business. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 130 BPM]

It's cool, it's hip, it's now, it's a drum solo in the style of the movie Birdman. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 168 BPM]

Use this cool and catchy jazz swing groove for attention-getting tv spots and other marketing projects that need a clever, upbeat sound for your media project. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 210 BPM]

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It's cool, it's hip, it's now, it's a drum solo in the style of the movie Birdman. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 184 BPM]

This tracks blends vintage rock / classic rock sounds with modern styles of playing, similar to the way ‘The Black Keys’ do. The massive drum sounds and screaming lead guitars bring energy to the piece making it perfect for men's shows, masculine type presentations. Big boys with big toys. Lots of attitude. [Tempo: Slow, Medium, Fast / 108 BPM]

A crisp, crunchy and gutsy rock'n roll music track. Determined, relentless, powerful and edgy music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 0 BPM]

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Energetic, driving, hard rock / metal. Interchanging some more melodic parts with others that just stab away with raw power and aggression. Lots of things going on in this track, to keep the intensity and energy level up. Good for racing, sports, dangerous stunts, fast cut action scenes, violence and destruction etc. [Tempo: Fast, Very fast / 125 BPM]

Riffs that would down an elephant. Huge filtered dirty guitars and slow grindy drums and bass. Would suit any thriller/extreme sports/motorsport project. Reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine. [Tempo: Fast / 111 BPM]

Driving, gutsy and positive rock'n roll music with a great sense of joy and energy. [Tempo: Fast / 122 BPM]

Upbeat, medium intensity, fun rock track with varied guitar licks, solos and a fresh, bright, attitude. Good for youth / young people / college / sports and motorsports, an active lifestyle. Positive, uplifting, driven and energetic. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 138 BPM]

An emotional, inspiring and melodic Rock power-ballad. Sincere and emotive. Warm, heartening and touching, with a release of power at about 01:10. Passionate. Real life, real people. [Tempo: Medium / 108 BPM]

Solid riffing, heavy rock groove track. Slight retro feel, positive and uplifting vibe. Live rock sound, lots of breaks, twists and turns to keep the energy level up. Good for motor sports, exciting sports footage, action and fighting, brawling / wrestling, Nascar, stupid stunts and reckless behavior. [Tempo: Medium / 83 BPM]

A dreamy, ethereal Post Rock piece al a Explosions in the Sky. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 80 BPM]

Energetic, driving and swaggering Classic Rock track featuring catchy electric guitars,slap bass and powerful drums. [Tempo: Fast / 115 BPM]

Upbeat, high energy adrenaline rocker with slight ethnic flavour. Lots of guitar melodies, distorted guitar riffs, strings and bombastic dramatic statements. Contains guitars, Persian santoor, bass, drum and strings. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 120 BPM]

High-energy indie pop rock track that is lots of fun and makes you want to dance. Positive vibe that has a real feel good factor. Features melodic and catchy electric guitar melodies underpinned with a solid rhythmic acoustic guitar. Also features bass guitar and keyboards with pounding powerful drums. [Tempo: Fast / 146 BPM]

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A driving and uplifting pop/rock track with a sense of purpose and perhaps that of some sort of journey. Motivational and positive, this track could be well suited to corporate films, sports, success stories and more. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 124 BPM]

Fresh and vibrant, feelgood guitar rock. Moderately excited, with just the right amount of reckless fun. The indie rock style and production gives the track a slight punk feel. Positive, uplifting and gutsy - without being heavy. Good for sports, active lifestyle, fun and youth. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 140 BPM]

Nice and easy-going, folky track with 6-string and 12-string guitars, along with a simple drum groove. Uplifting, bright and care free. [Tempo: Slow / 110 BPM]

Dirty guitar indie rock. Straight forward. Energetic and wild. [Tempo: Fast / 174 BPM]

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Driving and uplifting pop/rock track with lots of guitars and powerful drums. A real sense of movement which could help add that extra dimension to your project. [Tempo: Medium / 126 BPM]

A cool catchy and powerful rhythmic, percussive track with claps, stomps, drums, buckets Big Toms, shakers and other percussion. Perfect for creating an impactful sound and energy for advertising projects or other media projects that need big drums, street bucket drummers, claps, and stomps! [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 224 BPM]

A down and dirty, gritty and groovy rock music track with high energy level and a meaty punch. Great music for sports, action, edgy footage, extreme sports and more. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 135 BPM]

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Gutsy and meaty rock'n roll music. Heavy loaded, blazing guitar riffs. Great music for sports, action, macho / gutsy footage, motors, motorsports and more. [Tempo: Medium / 148 BPM]

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Upbeat happy, modern, alternative folky song based around strummed acoustic guitars with handclaps. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 108 BPM]

Happy Rock / Punk-Rock / Fun Sports. An exiting and positive guitar based track. Can be described as Punk Pop or light Punk Rock, perhaps College Rock. A little bit unruly, excited, punky. Good for racing, sports, fun and action, downhill, stunts and more. [Tempo: Fast, Very fast / 170 BPM]

15 minutes continuous, uninterrupted background music track for video productions and other media. Energetic and uplifting music with a solid beat. Freedom / Motivational / Happy. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 128 BPM]

This is a driving rock track with cool guitar riffs and slamming drums. Sounds like Metallica, Tool, Led Zeppelin Foo Fighters and Green Day. Great for super high energy media projects like sports, fights, UFC, battles, electified openers, action, and more! [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 101 BPM]

Aggressive Punk rock track with energetic guitar riffs, drums and solid bass, great for action movies and videos. [Tempo: Fast / 143 BPM]

You don't need more than bass and drums to set this cool mood. [Tempo: Medium / 132 BPM]

Atmospheric Indie Rock starting with a single guitar note and building to a powerful climax. A sense of isolation but with an optimistic outlook, never giving up, overcoming obstacles and emotional barriers. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 100 BPM]

Modern and cool Pop track with a slight country feel, and featuring acoustic guitars with tapping, bass, drums. Catchy riffs and confident solos in an overall positive vibe. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 95 BPM]

This track combines AC/DC and Aerosmith sounding guitar with dirty, rock drums. Perfect for motorcycles, a free spirited car ride, action or anything bad-ass. [Tempo: Medium / 125 BPM]

Powerful and confident guitar riff accompanied by bass guitar and drums. Done in Southern Rock guitar style. [Tempo: Slow / 75 BPM]

Inspiring and motivating track with acoustic guitars, bass, percussion and drums. Catchy and easy to remember melodies make this track perfect for media use. [Tempo: Medium / 102 BPM]

Epic, atmospheric & sometimes sinister &menacing rock track with electronic elements & strings. stadium rock with a really glorious dark side. Would suit thriller/action/horror/mystery/extreme sports type projects. [Tempo: Fast / 103 BPM]

Get in the swing with this authentic big band era recording. [Tempo: Fast / 192 BPM]

Spooky, ambient theme with dark guitars, swirling bass and distant percussion. [Tempo: Slow / 112 BPM]

Soft, magical, beautiful, atmospheric, mellow, spacious, soothing, peaceful & emotive piano piece using soft synth pads as background. Calm, pretty, delicate, thoughtful, reflective, tranquil & sublime. Would romantic / cinematic / documentary / mystery type projects. [Tempo: Slow / 53 BPM]

Positive, groovy, funky & up-beat. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

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