Stock Music Production Types

Here is a current overview of music production types in our ever expanding stock music library

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If you're looking for music for an action film, you may want to check out this track listing. This music can be orchestral, or more techno- or rock based -- or sometimes even a combination of these styles -- and is highly suitable for crime capers, get-away scenes, car chase, running for your life, that kind of thing. Often combining high tempo rhythms with staccato, sometimes dissonant, musical compositions, these track carry a sense of stress, danger, urgency and desperation.

From Mumbai to Goa, from New Delhi to Jaipur, the pop culture of India consisting of music, song, dance and movies is often referred to as Bollywood. Colorful, exotic, lavish productions often presented as musicals with romantic, cultural and political subjects. Our Bollywood music section features authentic, live performed Indian music, as well as more "world beat" oriented, fusion of Indian and more western music.

This is where you'll find music for business reports, business presentations and corporate promotions. The music here carries a sense of strength and confidence, but can also at times be rather subtle, understated and unobtrusive. Often sparse on "emotions", this music deliberately avoids too much "major and minor" and instead just provides a solid, trustworthy feel. If you want to present your company as a sound business built on a solid foundations, well thought-out solutions and lasting trust, you should be looking for your royalty-free music here.

In this area you'll find touching music, often with an optimistic, hopeful and inspirational tone. The melodies can be emotional, but tend to be on the positive side, perhaps aspiring and meaningful. This music goes well with charity appeals, PSA's, stories about real people and about overcoming difficulties.

Royalty-free music for childrens productions and cartoons can be found here. The music ranges from zany and wacky, through fun and bright, to sweet and cosy lullaby type tracks, but all share an innocence and cute approach that make them suitable for kids films, kids games, websites for children and pre-teens. Another musical element you can find here is downright silly, stupid music suitable for slapstick comedy.

Here's where you can find music for Christmas greeting cards, Christmas websites, Christmas films, etc. We are exceptionally well stocked both on the classics such as "We Wish You A Merry Christmas", "Jingle Bells" and "Silent Night", as well as other, new compositions that aren't actually traditional or famous Christmas carols, but are new, fresh compositions by our composers, in a Christmas style / Christmas sound. (You may find yourself looking for other tracks such as "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", "White Christmas", "Frosty the Snowman", "Walking in the Winter Wonderland", "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree", "Let it Snow" and "Holly Jolly Christmas". You may be interested to hear that these tracks are not availble as royalty-free music / stock music anywhere at all, since the actual compositions are in copyright and not in the public domain; therefore it would not be legal for us to offer up these tracks as part of our royalty-free music catalogue, not even if we record our own versions / recordings of them).

This is where you can find comical, silly, and cheeky music. Not necessarily all slapstick and all wacky, but music that can also go well with, say, an after-school Sitcom or a "Dramedy", where something more subtle is required. Lifestyle & Light Comedy (e.g. "Desperate Housewives" style) music, as well as some light hearted jazz music (remember "Frasier") will be listed in this area, along with more hysterical, downright silly music like you would expect from "the Benny Hill Show" and other such outlandish, classical comedy.

Royalty-Free Music for crime mysteries and crime thillers; in particular, the tracks we've put in this area represent the music that we felt would go well with Gangsters, Drug dealers, Tough guys and general Bad-Asses. The music will tend to have a slow, mean beat, sometimes Hip-Hop or Urban based music but also sometimes more Orchestral / Classic style music that can be used to illustrate the Bad Guy in your production. This music will tend to have a cold, ruthless edge to it.

This is a pretty far reaching concept, because documentaries, culture and art can be of pretty much anything at all, but we've tried to put music in this area that you would expect to hear in documentaries about real world issues, as well as art and culture. The music in this area will be -background- music; music that is meant to just stay in the background, almost unnoticed, to provide a subtle atmosphere while the viewer concentrates on the matter discussed. Often used behind voiceover / narration and interviews, this music will not have any outstanding, loud, or attention grabbing melodies or effects. The music you find here should also go well with historical and cultural subjects.

Music for Drama and Personal Stories is a wide ranging description, since you can arguably use anything from hard rock to solo piano or solo cello music to illustrate personal stories. But we've tried to represent tracks here that have a certain emotional, introspective, or thoughtful side to it. Be it independent rock or orchestral / classical based music, you should find music here with an introspective feel; something that you would want to use when you are telling stories about people and their lives. This music also tends to be background music / underscores, rather than up-front music, although there are exceptions as some pop/rock music go well with personal dramas (e.g. "Grey's Anatomy)"

Awesome, overpowering, massive music for Epic trailers, movie trailers, game trailers and other dramatic trailers. These tracks have a "larger than life" sound and often combine a full orchestra with choir and huge, booming, ethnic percussion. The big drums (e.g. Taiko, gongs etc.) often give these tracks a sense of the Primal, Tribal, and the music is often broken up into huge crescendi, sudden stops, mysterious re-starts etc. Typically, these tracks are not very long - usualy around a minute or less - but what they lack in length they more than make up for in intensity.

This music is suitable for family television shows, quiz shows, breakfast TV and light entertainment. This music is often based on contemporary pop or light rock, perhaps with slight 'easy listening' elements, and should be friendly, positive, modest and heartening. We have a lot of really great royalty free music in this area. Go here if you're looking for music for a family-friendly show, TV commercial, gardening show, something about horses or pets... well, you get the idea.

Look here for music that is suitable for Fantasy film or Fantasy games. Whether it's Dungeons & Dragons music, or music for a Swords & Sorcery type role playing game, where the story perhaps involves Fairies, Wizards and Goblins, rather than ordinary people, this is your area. The music listed in this Suggested Production Type often carries a sense of magic, amazement and discovery. It can be either Light/Beauty oriented or Creepy/Eerie, or even Scary/Battle music, but the music represented here always has that sense of strange worlds and amazing creatures.

Go here for music to support scenes of forensic investigations, information analysis and investigations / detective work. This music often has a sense of mystery and 'puzzles' combined perhaps with feelings of technology and cutting-edge investigation techniques and tools. Shows like CSI, Silent Witness, real-life crime documentaries, criminal investigation programs and films often use music in this genre. In some of these tracks, you can almost hear the ticking of the machinery, the thought processes that solve the conondrums and find that vital part of information that solves the puzzle.

The music we keep in this area is closely related to Horror, but with tongue-in-cheek and perhaps a sense of the bizarre or quirky. This music can be chaotic or "wonky", like a creepy, odd machine, or it can have the style of a bizarre cabaret, or a weird and bizarre haunted house. The works of Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas) and Henry Selick (Coraline) are useful references. And of course, this music works great in all kinds of Halloween productions.

Our most recent addition to the "Historical music" sees us looking to the 1990's. You may not think of this era as 'historical' just yet, but the fact is, it's 20 years ago! In this area we've put music that made us think back to the 1990's, whether it's grunge rock, hip-hop, punk-pop, boy bands or any of the other music genres that defined this decade.

This is where we keep the music that makes us think of the 1980's. This music wasn't actually composed or recorded in the 80's, but it has an 80's feel and sound, making these tracks suitable for Retro 1980s productions. Historical, even. (Even though, for those of us who grew up in the 1980s with Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Grandmaster Flash, Human League and New Order's "Blue Monday", it feels really weird to talk about that era as "Historical"!)

Going further back in time, this is where we keep our 1970's flavored music, which is a surprisingly popular area of our site. People love the 70's and its Disco chic. Whether you're looking for nasty Funk and Blaxploitation, glossy and glamorous Disco, R&B / Soul and Motown music, or you're looking for a classic 1970s rock sound like David Bowie, T-Rex or Yes, this is where you want to be looking. The 1970s was a remarkably influential decade in which we saw the creation of style, art, music and fashion that lives on even today. Boogie on down!

The sixties was a highly interesting period musically and stylistically. It was the time of the Vietnam war, free love, experimentation with drugs, sex and some radical political changes. Musically, rock'n roll was developing into something more like what we are listening to today and there was also a lot of great jazz music, Beat music (e.g. The Beatles), soul / Motown, Bossa Nova / Latin jazz and early Funk. In the UK, the term Swinging Sixties or Swinging London described a lifestyle and movement, created iconic fashion that lives on to this day.

If you're looking for early rock'n roll music, or other music from the fifties, such as Rockabilly and 1950's Jazz, look no further. This is where we keep the Chuck Berry sound-alikes, the guitar blues / Rock Around the Clock (Bill Haley and the Comets) sound-alikes and other music that looks back to that exciting and defining time for our musical culture. Country & Americana music and retro jazz music also found here.

To us, musically, this period represents a lot of really great Jazz music, traditional jazz and swing-jazz. Also, piano jazz and blues, including the great works of George Gershwin. The prohibition era, the Charleston and Rag / Ragtime is also something we'd put into this category, as would "Stride" jazz and piano music for Silent Movies.

This is where we put the music that we feel is suitable for historical documentaries and films from any period before the 1920's. Be it the early 20th century America or even older going back to ancient times to explore Egyptian pyramids or South American Mayan culture, I guess you could say that this music would be suitable for use on the History Channel. You'll find a lot of classical music here, as well as folk / ambient and other music genres.

This is where you'll find our royalty free music for horror films. Horror is a pretty wide ranging term that stretches from old classics like Dracula, via mainstream "slasher" films like the "Saw" and "The Hills Have Eyes" series, via famous Survival style video games such as "Resident Evil" and "Alone in the Dark". The genre is also closely related to science fiction and there have been many great Horror / Sci-Fi crossover films ("The Thing", "Alien", "The Chronicles of Riddick") and games ("Fallout", "F3ar", "Metroid Prime"). The music is will generally be dark and suspenseful, creepy and eerie.

Of course there is no one particular music genre that's suitable for use in Property shows and Home Improvement / House Makeover shows, so this area contains various selections of light pop, easy listening, some light jazz, some feelgood instrumental music, and even some stylish Lounge / Chill-out music. In other words, various family friendly music tracks, sometimes fun and hurried (as if time is running out for the makeover team) and sometimes stylish, elegant and classy - as if to illustrate a property of superb taste and elegance.

This is where you go for royalty-free music tracks for Bars, Cafe's, Lounges, Hotel lobbies and other public areas where you want to create a stylish, elegant and relaxed mood. Various music genres are represented here: Smooth jazz - Downtempo electro Chill-out, Bossa nova, light pop and some understated, subtle Latin grooves. These tracks are more about creating an ambiance, rather than grabbing the attention. The tracks in here are also highly suitable as royalty-free telephone on-hold music.

This is where you'll find all the romantic, smoochey music. I must warn you, there are a LOT of tracks here. Probably more than you'll have the patience to listen to. Everything from smooth jazz and fragile solo acoustic guitar or solo piano performances, to grand, epic, sweeping orchestral passages that illustrate romantic drama. Whether it's "new love", "true love", "break-up" or "back in love", this area of our catalogue will have your audience welling up with tears before you know it.

Go here for music for "guys programs". If it's a show about trucks, motorcycles, cool gadgets, or just a place where boys can be boys, then this is where we keep the music for it. As long as there are guys in the world, there will always be a reason to produce a show that has lots of engines in it! Most of this music will be based on rock, blues and related music genres, and have a masculine type sound/attitude.

This royalty-free tracks area contains music suitable for Military, War, Armed Conflict and related subjects. From tragic, tearful orchestral movements reflecting memories of fallen soldiers and tragedies, to more historical sounding music for World War I / World War II history and documentaries, to more straight-forward battle themes, war drums and explosive, gritty, metal & nu-metal music. Also music for Fantasy Wars (e.g. Orcs vs Humans) is represented here.

Look here for royalty-free underscores for Mystery and Suspense. Whether you're working on the scene where a mutilated body is found, or you're designing a video game where the hero sneaks around a deserted space ship, this area will provide sneaky, creepy and suspenseful music tracks. Much of this is orchestral music, but not all. Also electronic and more experimental musical sounds are used to create these tracks; most of which are subtle, ambient underscores, rather than up-front, brash compositions.

It's very hard to say which music tracks / styles are suitable for Nature programmes, because really, anything from quirky ambient, to dark/mysterious, to combat drums and more esoteric / experimental styles can be used in Nature shows and Wildlife shows. I've even heard some "Drum'n Bass" music used in a Nature programme. So here we've just gone by ear and ticked this option for those tracks that we felt could be good in a Nature- or Diving program / Underwater film. Actually, Under water film material is easier, because it tends to be floaty, ambient, dreamy and warm soundscapes.

The music you'll find here is Ambient, Floating, Ethereal and Dreamy. This is our "slowest" of all Production Types and here you should be able to source some great royalty-free music for meditation, yoga, healing / reiki, holistic treatment and quiet reflection. Lush, ambient washes of soft and soothing sound waves. Play this music on your self-help tapes, yoga / meditation tapes, in spa's and for hypnosis.

Music for news broadcasts and TV news are often pretty much based on the same principles as Corporate presentation music. The music needs to instill trust, truth, honor and reliability. Much of this music is orchestral, featuring orchestral brass and strings combined with orchestral percussion such as the timpani. But, by all means, also more "digital" sounding music can be found here, as a steady, understated electronic beat can also convey reliability, technology and progress. Royalty free music for stock market updates and other "running information" can also be found here.

Go here for music that's "close to nature" and is suitable for programs and projects all about being outdoors and enjoying nature. Hiking... Fishing... Rambling... Camping... Hunting... Even gardening. This music is often based around acoustic guitars and much of it has a Folky / Folksy, sometimes Americana or Country feel. There is also some more Pop-oriented music here, but it should all be very inspired by nature, forests and woodlands, and the great outdoors.

This is where you can find royalty-free music for celebrations, dancing, partying and fun with friends and family. This music will be uplifting, energetic, happy and danceable. The actual music genres can range from Latin / Salsa / Samba, to Pop, Electronica / House / Dance music, to upbeat, fresh and fun Pop-rock. Basically, if it makes you want to get up and dance, then you should find it here.

Royalty-Free Music suitable for road trips and fun adventures, active lifestyle, outdoor adventures and having fun with friends. Often rooted in music styles such as acoustic rock, light rock, pop-rock, but can also be a little bit heavier, meaty and cool rock, something that gets the blood pumping and puts us in a place of fun and activity.

Music for chilling out, relaxing and treating yourself to some "me time"! The music in this area is smooth, warm, relaxing, chilled-out. Not quite as ethereal or ambient as that listed in the "New Age / Holistic" area. These tracks usually have a downtempo beat, a relaxing groove, something nice and breezy to listen to while, for example, chilling by the pool, taking a hot bath, or treating yourself to some Spa / Wellness time. Actually much of this music also works well for presenting luxury items, luxury properties or just to illustrate the "finer sides of life"...

Go here for royalty-free christian music and other faith / religious oriented music. Here we keep psalms, vocal / choral songs of praise, as well as Christian pop / rock. Not just Christianity, but also other religions and other faiths. Generally, tracks that will go well with faith, praying and soul searching. This area also features quite a lot of classical music, both Choral (Christian hymns) and orchestral compositions such as Pachelbels Canon in D and many more.

Music for space exploration, science fiction films and futuristic / space / science related content. From the obvious "The Planets Suite" by Gustav Holst and "Also Spracht Zarathustra" by Strauss, to ethereal, spacey, ambient soundscapes that brings our thoughts to alien species and far-away galaxies. This area is by no means limited to a single music genre, but draws on classical, choral, experimental, ambient and electronic music influences.

Gutsy and energetic rock music, hard rock / heavy metal and guitar workouts only the beginning of the music types you'll find in this Suggested Production Type. You'll also find a lot of hard edged electronic music, sometimes combined with hard biting guitar riffs. For the more "Olympic" or celebratory sports projects (achievement, glory, victory) there are some more orchestral and semi-orchestral tracks. And for X-Sports and X-Games (Skateboarding, base jumping, parachuting, rafting and other high risk sports) there are the more reckless punk-rock tracks.

This section of our catalogue features royalty-free music for spy mysteries, undercover agents / secret service, police operations and related subjects. Beyond the obvious James Bond 007 sound-alikes (of which we have several!), the music here will be mysterious / mystical and sometimes with a certain "Action" element, a sense of urgency, secrecy and danger. This music will go well with police stakeout / undercover operations, also for action video games, mission-based games and films.

This is where we put music that we feel illustrates glamorous lifestyles, fashion statements, fashion models, A-list celebs and and 'fabulous' people. There's quite a bit of elegant Jazz music here, sometimes combined with more Pop/Electro vibes to create a metropolitan, stylish mood. Of course, this gets pretty subjective, but we've tried to pick out tracks that we feel would be suitable for fashion catwalks, fashion commercials and more.

This is where we put music that we feel will go well with Technology, IT / Information technology, cutting-edge industry, etc. Whether you're presenting the latest hi-tech gadget or you're in need of an underscore track for a technology review, this is where you'll find your music.

This is our selection of royalty-free music tracks for teens, pre-teens and "older kids" type productions. After school dramas such as "H20", "That's So Raven", "Sweet Valley High" and others are typical examples of the kind of productions we have in mind. The music tends to be unoffensive, universally likeable pop/rock without much edge, but not child-like either. Subject matter can be things like Teenage love and Light comedy, and the typical instrument setup here will be "pop rock ensemble"; guitars, piano, bass, drums.

This is where you'll find music that would be suitable on the Travel Channel and, to some extent, on Discovery Channel and National Geographic. This music will have a sense of discovery and exploration and often with World / Ethnic influences. That's not to say that all the music here will be tribal or have a strong ethnic feel. There's also some music here that just has a slight Latin or Mediterranean feel, making it suitable for enjoying while chilling out on the beach or just enjoying a relaxing holiday at a fine hotel. Mostly, though, this music will convey the moods of Africa, Eastern / Middle East, Far East, South American or other exotic destinations.

Quite simply, this is music that we feel will go well with Weather Channel type productions; weather forecasts and weather updates. Typically, this music will have an "earthy" feel and it will be fairly relaxed, somewhat bright - but not overly happy - and often feature acoustic guitars and acoustic pianos, perhaps with subtle strings and percussion. This music can be used as background music for constantly updated "rolling world weather forecast display" or for more immediate weather report situations.

This is our place for music aimed at city youth, inner city subcultures and urban culture. In the U.S., the word 'urban' usually refers to black culture / African American culture. But for us, Urban Culture also represents UK / European youth movements, the UK underground club scene, inner city life, as well as urban issues and problems such as gangs and more. The music represented here will often be in the genres of Hip-Hop, Funk, Dance, Trip-Hop, Drum'n Bass, Dubstep and related styles.

Music suitable for use at wedding receptions and related situations / media go here. If you're a videographer filming other people's weddings, if you are making a video from your own wedding, or if you just want some royalty-free music to play in church during the actual wedding ceremony, this is your best track listing. Here you'll find various versions of 'Here Comes the Bride' royalty free, the Wedding March by Wagner, Ave Maria, To a Wild Rose and many other pieces of classical and contemporary music often related to wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies and wedding videos.

This is where you'll find royalty-free production music for Western, Wild West, Cowboys and Spaghetti Westerns. Whether it be doom laden underscores with solemn bells and a slight Mexican flavour, or a dramatic track for a real gun duel at the OK Corral, this music should take you back to the classic Western movies of the 20th century and should give you access to that same, great sound in your own films, games and other media.

This music is generally very beat driven, keeping a solid, steady tempo throughout and tends to have a positive, energizing, motivating feel. Most of this music is based around electronic beats, dance- and house music, with some techno, trance, pop and lounge influences, but always with a strong, solid beat. Besides the many regular tracks (2-4 minutes each) we also have a collection of very long-playing "Non Stop Workout" files where each file plays for a full hour and actually contains 10-12 different tracks, with remixes, all mixed into a single, long-playing, non stop Workout session. One track is mixed into the next seamlessly, in the same way a good DJ would do at a dance club. To find these products, search our catalogue for "Non Stop Workout".