Juan Pablo Villalba, widely known as JOTAPE, is a versatile musical force blending genres and crossing borders. Originally from Bolivia, he now calls Mexico home, infusing my work with the rich cultural tapestry of both nations.

Singer, Songwriter, and Multi-Instrumentalist: With over 25 years of musical exploration, Jotape has become a seasoned producer, composer, arranger, vocalist, and guitarist. His artistic journey embraces a spectrum of sounds—from soul, blues, and funk to pop, R&B, and even the grandeur of orchestral arrangements.

Cultural Fusion and Musical Diversity: Jotape's creations are a celebration of cultural fusion, reflecting the diverse influences of his heritage and the vibrant Mexican musical landscape. Whether soulful melodies, bluesy riffs, or orchestral masterpieces, each note tells a story.

25+ Years of Musical Expertise: With a quarter-century of experience, Jotape's musical journey has been a dynamic evolution, shaping him into an artist passionate about breaking genre boundaries and exploring new sonic territories.