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A catchy fast paced groove on this big-sound organ and horn piece. Reminiscent of classic funk groups, your feet will tap and your fingers snap as the texture unfolds and the energy builds. Cool funky jam groove! Upbeat / Big Band / Commercial Music. [Tempo: Fast / 160 BPM]

A happy and positive pop-rock track featuring Acoustic guitars, piano, glockenspiel, bass, percussion and drums. Catchy melodies, with a care free and uplifting summer vibe. [Tempo: Medium / 106 BPM]

House piano riff, breakbeats, horns and strings combine in a perky and uplifting, clap-along groove. Gives a feeling of positivity and fun, festive summer adventures. Works great for youth programs, nostalgic and retro scenes as well as fashion, health and sports advertising. [Tempo: Medium / 125 BPM]

Happy and positive, easy going pop-rock / light rock music track featuring acoustic and electric guitars, bass, percussion and drums. Catchy melodies and an uplifting, yet laid-back summer vibe. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 75 BPM]

Thrilling and positive Indie Pop/Rock music with quick buildup and solid groove. Its lyrical melody – with vocals and piano – play over an energizing bed of acoustic guitars, bass, claps and drums. Young, easy and grooving – excellent music for travel, lifestyle and relationship shows. [Tempo: Fast / 153 BPM]

A happy, feelgood acoustic music track with a playful piano melody that makes you smile and dance. Trouble free, Folk / Pop feel music. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

An upbeat, fun and joyful music track with melodic string lines and driving drums. Melodic arps create energetic atmosphere. Corporate / Inspirational / Uplifting Music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 125 BPM]

Optimistic and motivational indie music track featuring light rock guitars, drums, bass and simple, catchy melody. Suitable as music for positive and corporate videos and commercials. [Tempo: Medium / 130 BPM]

Light, bright and warm music with an uplifting pop feel. Bridge features folky acoustic riffs and majestic piano. Overall enthusiastic, optimistic mood. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 120 BPM]

Cute and forward moving music track. Features a pulsating electric guitar and lush piano riffs along with unforgettable melodies. Feelgood / Happy / Uplifting Music. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 100 BPM]

A motivational cinematic pop music track with big drums, delayed guitars and staccato strings. Reflective / Inspiring / Uplifting / Hopeful Music. [Tempo: Medium / 100 BPM]

An inspiring corporate pop music soundtrack with delayed guitars, strong piano, and big drums. Uplifting, Positive, Powerful, Regal Music. [Tempo: Medium / 100 BPM]

A majestic and reflective, cinematic pop music soundtrack with big room drums, soft synths, and emotional piano leads. Raw, Dramatic, Powerful, Regal Music. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 77 BPM]

A smooth and joyous pop music track that weaves ambient synthesizers and bright piano melodies together to create dreamy of feelings of love and bliss. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 90 BPM]

Soft guitar lines intertwine with uplifting tones and live drums on this laid back music track. Listeners will feel transported to a relaxing getaway destination without a care in the world. [Tempo: Slow / 83 BPM]

Sunny and cheerful Latin-House guitars with sun-drenched piano and trumpets, ideal for summer scenes, dancing, fashion and youth. [Tempo: Medium / 123 BPM]

Smooth and uplifting music track. Features catchy pop piano melodies accompanied by a driving, yet slick drum beat. Sexy and sensual. [Tempo: Medium / 106 BPM]

Epic and energetic music. Features a huge string orchestra with live drums to give an orchestral pop feel. [Tempo: Medium / 140 BPM]

A fun, bright and cheeky little number with a cute synth melody over a Pop / Nu-Folk backing. Unique / Whimsical / Sweet. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 122 BPM]

A very warm, bright and heartening little music track, with an innocent, homey feel and a sense of friendship, hope and joy. Sweet / Simple / Heartening / Positive Music. [Tempo: Medium / 100 BPM]

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A confident pop/rock music piece with a moderately fast tempo that gives listeners the urge for exploration and curiosity. Memorable pianos and guitars intertwine while the drums and bass link together with syncopated rhythms. [Tempo: Medium / 130 BPM]

A build that bursts into life communicating unity and triumph. World / Travel / Uplifting Music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 140 BPM]

This bouncy, feel good music track of lightly strummed ukulele gradually builds in intensity and instrumentation, giving the listener a wide range of dynamics and emotions. Simple, fresh, and carefree music. [Tempo: Medium / 98 BPM]

A multi-layered, very rhythmic soft rock music track with a moderate tempo. Multiple switches in instrumentation, dynamics and intensity. Uplifting / Inspiring / Positive Music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 120 BPM]

An up-tempo, modern synth-rock track, gradually building from simple beginnings to multiple, textured layers of instrumentation. Driving and melodic. Feel-good. [Tempo: Fast / 134 BPM]

An emotive piece that starts with soft piano and ambient synths that build with sporadic percussion and driving drums. Happy / Rich / Inviting Music. [Tempo: Medium / 125 BPM]

A positive, confident piece led by soft piano and cinematic drums. A piano melody carries the piece to a soft conclusion. Kind / Thoughtful / Persuasive Music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 130 BPM]

Uplifting and engaging Electro-House Music with a distinctly Balearic vibe. Feels like your first day in Ibiza. Great music for summer party scenes, health and beauty advertising. [Tempo: Medium / 115 BPM]

Light-hearted, up-beat and funky groove builds and drops into classic dance music chords. Very summery, so ideal as music for youth product advertising, festival soundtrack and vacation scenes. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

A celestial indie pop song about the unique and beautiful chaos of love. Features airy female vocals and a dubstep breakdown. Available as a Vocal version and an Instrumental version. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 130 BPM]

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An uplifting cinematic pop soundtrack with emotional strings, reflective piano melodies, and marching-style drums. Inspiring, Positive, and Powerful Music. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 0 BPM]

A soaring, orchestral, EDM influenced Pop song about an independent woman. Features strings, synth, bass, drums, and male vocals. [Tempo: Medium / 124 BPM]

This high-energy, feel-good music track conveys fun times and purpose by blending a 60’s R&B-type rhythm with vintage-modern Indie guitar pop. The enthusiastic drums and bass initiate the groove on which guitars, keys and strings are added, intensifying the spirit of the track. Superb as music for reinforcing themes of relationships, youth, travel and lifestyle. Free / Loose / High Point. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 169 BPM]

Euphoric dance music track with edgy synths and funky guitars. Beat / Chillout / Party Music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 130 BPM]

An upbeat and fun clap and groove song with a traditional blues progression. This is an ideal tune for retro 60's flavored advertisiements or media productions that need an upbeat oldies groove. [Tempo: Fast / 171 BPM]

Slick and uplifting music. Features distorted guitar melodies accompanied by a driving drum beat. Mysterious and youthful music. [Tempo: Medium / 106 BPM]

A bright, pleasant, and twinkling pop/chill music track with ambient synths and intricate percussion. Soothing and uplifting music. [Tempo: Medium / 111 BPM]

An smooth but confident pop music piece driven by piano melodies, acoustic guitars, and snaps. Free flying / Soothing / Cleansing / Uplifting Music. [Tempo: Medium / 114 BPM]

A modern take on the 2000's garage-rock revival, this uptempo indie-rock piece is full of positive energy and grittily layered instrumentation. Driving / Bold / Bright / Enthusiastic. [Tempo: Fast, Very fast / 115 BPM]

Rhythmic and funky, this upbeat indie disco music is nicely arranged in separate sections that all pull together into one catchy, sexy piece. The horn section highlights the whole feel, elevating the track to its peak climax. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 115 BPM]

A bright, happy and friendly music track featuring piano, mallets, guitars, strings, atmospheric pads, strings, bass and drums. Uplifting, with catchy melodies. Great for commercials, advertising, TV, games and more. [Tempo: Medium / 125 BPM]

A cinematic pop music track with a heartening, spirited, uplifting feel. Full of hope and heart, and with a sense of freedom. [Tempo: Medium / 102 BPM]

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A bright and happy, yet subtle and endearing, Cinematic pop type track, with an upbeat, fun and bouncy feel. Slightly playful, joyful and a bit different / unique. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

An assertive, driving, and sturdy music track with string melodies and energetic percussion. Classy, elegant and inspirational music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 120 BPM]

A pulsating cinematic pop music track with big orchestral drums and soft synth leads. Driving / Happy / Uplifting Music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 130 BPM]

A slick, modern, mid-tempo music track with a strong sense of technology music, science and innovation. Confident and classy. In the 'No hard synth' version the arpeggio that comes in at about 01:50 has been toned down. Corporate / Background / Futuristic Music. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

An uplifting and inspirational light pop-rock music track featuring guitars, bass, hand claps and drums. Motivational music with a relaxed, casual, feel-good sound. Available with or without the "Oohh" vocals. [Tempo: Medium / 108 BPM]

Bouncy and bright music. Features a bubbly synth melody accompanied by pulsing electric guitar and a string orchestra. Inspiring and flowing music. [Tempo: Medium / 115 BPM]

A heartening and appealing Indie-Pop / Folk-Pop music track with a simple and catchy melody and a friendly, jovial sound. Folksy, homey, every day. Optimistic, hopeful and friendly music. [Tempo: Slow / 0 BPM]

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