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Music for Drama and Personal Stories is a wide ranging description, since you can arguably use anything from hard rock to solo piano or solo cello music to illustrate personal stories. But we've tried to represent tracks here that have a certain emotional, introspective, or thoughtful side to it. Be it independent rock or orchestral / classical based music, you should find music here with an introspective feel; something that you would want to use when you are telling stories about people and their lives. This music also tends to be background music / underscores, rather than up-front music, although there are exceptions as some pop/rock music go well with personal dramas (e.g. "Grey's Anatomy)"

Relationship where one person is committing more than the other and questioning why the other person has more interest in someone else when he doesn't treat her nearly as well. Ballad with a strong hook and melodic chorus, and a string section on the bridge. [Tempo: Slow / 62 BPM]

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A dreamy, warm, heartening and delightful new-classical piece with harp and ambient pads. Beauty, grace, melancholy and tender emotions. Love / Family / Bedtime Music. [Tempo: Slow / 79 BPM]

Acoustic royalty free piano music with a tender and determined mood. With large room sound and repetitive motif this sensitive music will fit for background music, cinematic, documentary, dramatic projects [Tempo: Medium / 65 BPM]

Beautiful piano-lead light rock track. Peaceful, thoughtful and slightly melancholy. Simple piano is enriched by catchy and soulful guitar melodies. [Tempo: Slow / 52 BPM]

Light pop / rock / singer-songwriter crossover. Performed by Jamestown Story with Stephen Jerzak). Available in a vocal and an instrumental version. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 77 BPM]

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A crossover RnB / pop track with elements of Roots and blues. Available both as a vocal and an instrumental version. Catchy and melodic. [Tempo: Medium / 74 BPM]

Very peaceful, lilting, ambient track. Lush synth chimes and soft pads mix to make one big fluffy textural piece. Contains synths and drum units. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 126 BPM]

A female vocal driven country/pop song about a girl who's struggling in life and looking to run away. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

Piano music. Repetitive piano patterns interweave through each other creating a reflective and pensive atmosphere. Poignant and soulful, feelings of loss and longing are evoked. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 90 BPM]

A light and beautiful fantasy / adventure / travel / journey track led by an angelic choir and orchestra. Heavenly melodies build up towards a glorious final stage. A great track for fantasy, sci-fi, amazing stories, incredible achievements, the promise of new worlds or tales of amazement and wonder. [Tempo: Medium / 80 BPM]

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A wistful and longing, but also heartening and hopeful tune, with strings and a flute melody. Melancholic, warm, touching music track. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 90 BPM]

The beginning is happy and innocent and changes midway to more romantic and contemplative, and ends slightly down - perhaps the boy didn't get a chance to ask the girl out. Piano, strings, drums and acoustic bass. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 115 BPM]

Emotional and melancholy piano with slow moving, close strings, creating a sad and thoughtful mood. Very minimal sound overall that's warm and tender, yet sad, pensive and reflective. [Tempo: Very slow / 59 BPM]

Electro-Pop / Mid-tempo electronica, nice synth lines, vocoder, melodies. Space, scifi. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

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Dark rock waltz feel, heavy backbeat, ominous, driving, and intense. atmosphere of tension and tragedy. This is and ideal piece for horror or evil sinister plot lines. Crunchy guitars, driving bass, and metallic drums. Good for pulp and more. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 66 BPM]

Dark electro breakbeat track with minimalistic IDM style percussions and acid synthlines. The intro part has an industrial mood and anticipating feeling followed by piano bridge. Middle part with techno guitar riff and breakbeats. Suitable for high-tech web sites, action themes, games, sports and intros etc. [Tempo: Medium / 111 BPM]

Modern and uplifting, hopeful and somewhat dreamy ambient-rock music track with positive and strong wordless vocal and piano theme. Synth and guitars beds with drum entrance in crescendo. [Tempo: Slow / 110 BPM]

Ambient, fragile, reflective Piano & Pads. Emotive, Passionate, Soaring. Wonderment / Epiphany / Awakening. [Tempo: Slow / 0 BPM]

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A cinematic track of beauty, amazement and wonder. Sweeping and romantic. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 60 BPM]

Slow and reflective film underscore. Piano and strings, slowly developing theme. Good for use in drama, film, tv, or storytelling. Perhaps memories, contemplation, reflection or unveiling a mystery. A sense of something underlying, more than the eye can see, a hidden truth or thoughts forming. Mystery, drama, intrigue, introspection. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 75 BPM]

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Dreamy, neo-classical, simple piano, slow waltz. Nostalgic / Longing / Reflective / Delicate / Fragile / Innocent. [Tempo: Slow / 75 BPM]

Optimistic-dreamy synthesizer melodies play a sweet lullaby. Serene score for children's movies, drama and romance. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 110 BPM]

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A tender and loving piece for two acoustic guitars. Reflective, melancholic, gentle and thankful, like dearly held memories. [Tempo: Slow / 93 BPM]

Experimental / Rock / Groove. After the bizarre intro, the catchy riff kicks in. Slightly punk'y. Sound and style similar to Franz Ferdinand and others. Good for sports, youth, young productions, a little bit rebellious and cool. [Tempo: Fast / 123 BPM]

A light and appealing ambient track with a syncopated and slightly quirky drum pattern which helps this track keep a level of interest while still being great for background music in many types of projects. The 'Alternative Mix' version has the drums/percussion mixed more in the background with a slightly softer sound. [Tempo: Medium / 84 BPM]

A developing, unfolding track that starts quietly and builds in stages up to a more full cinematic sound. A feeling of activity, awakening, springtime. Something stirring, growing, approaching. A great sense of amazement and wonderment. Touching / Inspiring. [Tempo: Medium / 112 BPM]

Calm, soothing, beautiful solo piano performance by Dmitriy Lukyanov. [Tempo: Fast / 0 BPM]

Lyric about love, moving to a new place, done in country style like The Eagles, b-bender guitar, acoustic, folk rock, Americana, alt- country, 3 part vocal harmonies. Also available as an Instrumental version. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 127 BPM]

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A Romantic European style film score that is sexy, light, and sophisticated. Provides light tension and has a jazzy, cool feel. Slightly sad. [Tempo: Slow / 83 BPM]

A passionate and thoughtful ballad with acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums, all combining to make an uplifting and emotive sound. [Tempo: Slow / 73 BPM]

Gentle and nostalgic, like memories of a joyful summer spent with loved ones. [Tempo: Slow / 45 BPM]

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Cascading arpeggiated piano runs, regal and majestic. [Tempo: Fast / 94 BPM]

A heroic and glorifying cinematic theme. Perhaps a homecoming scene, moment of glory and honor. Patriotic. Triumphant soldiers or the return of a hero. For use with a movie scene, fantasy or adventure, or any presentation of a glorious, royal or regal person or issue. Emotional, rousing, inspirational/inspiring. Success, triumph. Soaring, epic. [Tempo: Slow / 78 BPM]

Dramatic Pop/Rock song with male lead vocal. Anguished theme reflects the ups and downs of life and romance with a 'Take Me Back' message. Beautiful acoustic guitars with a reality check type of vocal and lyric stating eloquently how life is so fragile and precious. "But for the grace of God go I." Sounds Like: Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, Dan Fogelberg, Richard Marx. [Tempo: Slow / 57 BPM]

A varied, melodic and bright instrumental rock track. Not too heavy and not too soft either, this uptempo guitar rocker features many different parts to keep it interesting throughout. Good for action, sports / motor sport, exciting footage, skydiving, downhill skiing, action-filled on-screen animations, fun activities with friends, etc. [Tempo: Fast / 125 BPM]

A hazy, somewhat dreamy, Americana / Folk, textural track featuring acoustic guitar, acoustic piano and harmonica lead. Lamenting, with a dark undertone. Good for drama, crime, history and more. Also available without the harmonica, making it a more ethereal, reflective underscore track. All live performance; no computers. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 84 BPM]

Open, big and uplifting music track made with epic orchestra, epic drums, cinematic guitars and big, powerful choir. Structure in three parts (suitable for trailers). Epic music, with an emotional feel. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 95 BPM]

Survivors of an epic event come to terms with what their world has now become. Atmospheric drones, and foreboding textures circulate as they uncover the remnants of a shattered past. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 0 BPM]

A sad but hopeful piano is accompanied by strings and marimba. In the style of Thomas Newman (American Beauty, Finding Nemo) but with a modern twist. An urban beat comes in later to give a sense of momentum, and big percussion builds the intensity. Perfect for a documentary about the streets, or a scene pondering the outcomes of tough decisions, reflecting on decisions made. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 129 BPM]

A wild ride across a beautiful, changing landscape: this horse can take you anywhere your heart desires. Gliding on a lush field of Acoustic gtrs, simple, delicate Electric and slide melodies paint pictures of energy and peace. Positive tension builds up and explodes at the end of the 2nd chorus. [Tempo: Medium / 86 BPM]

Singer-songwriter ballad with 80s vibe about a breakup and the monotony of relationships. Slow and heartfelt with a guitar focus. Great for tv/film montages, underscore, theme songs, and soundtrack. Also available as an Instrumental version. [Tempo: Slow / 82 BPM]

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A touching and poignant film score theme featuring orchestra with percussion and a fragile soprano female voice. Heartening and emotional, with a big orchestral swell and climax around 50 seconds. Good for fantasy, storytelling, drama, theatrical works. Heavenly / Angelic / Wonderment / Amazement. (A note about the version described as 'Stage Mix': This version is recorded with the reverb/ambiance of a concert hall, making it sound somewhat more 'distant' from the listener and, some would say, more 'live') [Tempo: Slow / 57 BPM]

Acoustic Rock song with male vocals and strong guitar about a distorted, and dishonest relationship. Twist of betrayal. Sad and melancholy. Breakup scenes. Unexpected outcomes in drama. [Tempo: Medium / 75 BPM]

Gentle ambient piano piece. Mix of classical harmony with modern and electronic soundscapes. Inspired by the classical piano works of Erik Satie, and also by some of the works by Brian Eno. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 68 BPM]

Beautiful, emotional, romantic piano melody. Thoughtful, slightly sad. [Tempo: Slow / 0 BPM]

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Deep and emotional cinematic music track featuring Piano, Orchestral Strings and Atmospheric Pad and Glockenspiel to create a heartfelt and melancholic musical composition with a "cinema" feel. [Tempo: Slow / 120 BPM]

Emotional piano playing arpeggios throughout with subtle strings and synth pad. Great for projects of a serious and dramatic nature. [Tempo: Medium / 110 BPM]

A very inspirational, uplifting and hopeful Cinematic Pop music track, with a sense of achievement and overcoming difficulties. Rousing / Inspiring / Motivational music / Heartening. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 120 BPM]

A slowly swaying guitar rock ballad. Moody, atmospheric, rich and with a blues music feel. Introspection, reflection, contemplation music. Kindness, connection. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 60 BPM]

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