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Emotional and deep Trap & Hip-Hop beat. Urban meets Chill-out and Trip Hop Music. Dreamy / Study / Background Music. [Tempo: Slow]

Set of 3 Stems (02:38)
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Beauty tinged with tragedy, piano and string piece, getting through something difficult. Feeling everything will work out. Intimate, personal, heartfelt and understated. Works with love and nostalgia scenes. The ‘B-section’ version would work for e.g. corporate / insurance advertising. [Tempo: Slow / 96 BPM]

Fun and funky music, with a groovy electric guitar riff and punchy drums to create a confident and modern feel. Pop, Funk and Hip-Hop music influences. [Tempo: Medium / 100 BPM]

Orchestral glory / hero / victory track. Dramatic, heroic and rousing. Big percussion with orchestral strings, brass, and some subtle hybrid electronics. Grand / Proud / Victorious. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 100 BPM]

An original piece of music, stylized as a medieval funeral march song or torchlight dance. Medieval / Early music / Vikings / Irish Celtic / English / Historical music. Performed live in a studio on Bagpipes, Hurdy Gurdy and Percussion, by the Fleurdelis ensemble. [Tempo: Medium / 188 BPM]

Fun, bright big band jazz with a slightly tropical or vacation feel. Great for family films, comedy and fun times! [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 130 BPM]

Heroic and solemn, emotional melody with big orchestra and big percussion sound. Epic, grand and emotive. Patriotic, triumphant, heartening. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 90 BPM]

A pleasing combination of different types of mallets with a futuristic and modern sound. Great for presentations of tech and a bright future. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

Strong and determined Hip Hop with heavy brass and a methodical, relentless trap beat. Great for sports, edgy urban footage, street fashion, motivation, and determination. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 80 BPM]

Stylish and upbeat guitar-based indie pop / funk music with a dance-able groove. Constant movement with a break that builds it back up again. Cool, funky, confident and energetic background music track. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 125 BPM]

An inspirational track that builds up to ever higher levels of grandeur and epicness. Piano and orchestral strings carry the track through waves of emotional, uplifting and motivating heights. Stirring / Amazement / Achievement / Inspiring. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 125 BPM]

A somewhat dreamy and nostalgic music, but also uplifting and free-flowing Indie-Pop track. Feel-good / Easy / Uplifting / Inspiring music. Slight hint of 1980's feel. [Tempo: Medium / 117 BPM]

A stirring and uneasy, urgent feeling, underscore for film/drama. Tension / Unease / Urgency / Foreboding. Great for things like a courtroom drama or perhaps police, detective work, crime in progress, etc. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 70 BPM]

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Hypnotic arpeggiated piano over a dramatic orchestral bed gives a haunting yet hopeful music feeling. Works with winter scenes, thrillers, nature, lost love, memoirs, nostalgia. Emotive, Touching, Dreamy music. [Tempo: Slow / 119 BPM]

Light and mellow piano and guitar music with soft pads. Relaxing and pretty music. Summerly, light, uncomplicated. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 84 BPM]

Dark and mysterious royalty free hip hop beat with tuned 808s and rolling hi-hats. Urban / Mystical. Great for urban subjects, investigation, forensics and analyzing, background music for videos, science and data. [Tempo: Slow / 100 BPM]

A bright, fun and casual, light pop / indie-pop / folk music. Think summer, family fun, sunshine and good times with good friends. Jovial, cheeky and cheerful. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

Dirty Harry meets Roni Size, synths, breakbeats and retro-cop-show licks, ideal music for stakeout, crime investigation, suspicion scenes and criminal activities. [Tempo: Medium / 140 BPM]

Strong and tough Hip-Hop / Trap music. A motivating and energetic urban track with heavy guitars and pulsing piano to give an inspiring and determined mood. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 130 BPM]

Epic, emotional cinematic royalty free music composition that brings the feelings of inspiration with heroic melodies and harmonies. Suitable as music for trailers, films and documentaries. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

Dry strings with massive hits and trailer SFX. A combination of live chamber string orchestra and action trailer style. Raw and intense. [Tempo: Fast / 90 BPM]

Inspiring and uplifting, valmost heroic production music composition featuring full orchestra with big drums creating a cinematic vibe. Great for trailers, TV promos, emotive stories and more. Valiant / Amazement / Discovery. [Tempo: Slow / 100 BPM]

A tension-filled, pulsating and dramatic string orchestra piece. Filled with turmoil, drama and movement, this piece will work great as a cinematic main theme / intro theme, or a dramatic trailer. Serious music / Neo-Classical. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 121 BPM]

Uplifting and summery royalty free disco-house music, rising chords and big EDM style drops, ideal for use with fashion, advertising, health, background music for videos, vlogs and victory scenes. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 124 BPM]

A positive and optimistic pop music track with a dreamy vibe, creates a feeling of success and accomplishment. Great music for travel videos, commercials, films with an inspiring message. [Tempo: Medium / 124 BPM]

Whimsical! This track is fun from the start - piano, staccato strings, melodically dynamic from section to section. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 126 BPM]

A very inspirational and heartening / motivating royalty free background music track that builds up from a very subtle beginning, gradually grows into a crescendo of achievement, wonderment and amazement. This track is Epic in a subtle kind of way, and will go well with subjects relating to achievement, coming together to overcome challenges, buidling a better future, striving to better ourselves, etc. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 101 BPM]

Pumping and Up-tempo House Pop track, 70s' Disco feel with a modern / filtered twist. Ideal for clubbing, podcasting, gaming, sports, active lifestyle, youth and fashion, high life, dancing, urgent / hurried activity, and fun. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Fast / 124 BPM]

Industrial and pounding sound design with action beats. Edgy / Powerful / Mechanical Music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 100 BPM]

Dramatic, cinematic trap trailer music track with a lots of builds, risers, swooshes and edit points. Strings, piano, synths and brass stabs. Bass and drums from Roland TR-808. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 88 BPM]

Thoughtful and mellow Hip-Hop royalty-free music track with chopped flute melodies and turntable scratches creates a chill and dreamy, urban atmosphere. [Tempo: Medium / 92 BPM]

Rousing, beat-driven and devotional dance music track with vocals fx. Fresh / Feelgood / Driving Music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 126 BPM]

Powerful and otherworldly grooves in the style of Chemical brothers, ideal for use with motor sports, music festival scenes and technology music. [Tempo: Medium]

Quickly this pop music track establishes it fun, quirkiness, and delight. Its cute arrangement of custom synths and urban rhythm section create an inclusive atmosphere where interest and excitement are aroused, where child-like discoveries can easily happen. Comedy, narration, self-help/lifestyle themes and B-roll are great landing pads for this track. Fun-loving / Quirky / Science / Tech music. [Tempo: Medium / 114 BPM]

A chilled and sun-filled dance pop track with an optimistic feel and a slick, fresh and funky production. Catchy / Feel-good / Groovy. [Tempo: Medium / 110 BPM]

An emotional and inspirational, cinematic music featuring full orchestra sound, and big drums creating a heroic vibe. Great for trailers, films, TV shows and commercials. [Tempo: Fast / 125 BPM]

As the title of the royalty free stock music track suggests, the tune has more of a vintage sound to it that harkens back to the 1950s music. Ideal for content that needs that classic sound with a cheery feeling. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 164 BPM]

Future proof electronica, mechanical and grinding with melodic elements, ideal for gaming, podcast intros. Technology / Future / Info-tech / Edgy but Positive. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 115 BPM]

The famous Vivaldi's 'Summer Presto' from Four Seasons, but a trailerized, action-filled and epic version with some good clock ticking sounds in between phrases. Raw, fast and exciting. [Tempo: Fast, Very fast / 160 BPM]

Light, lighthearted and endearing, this transparent and easy-going, cheerful track will work great as background music for cute, sweet, flowery and jovial projects. Fun and bright, but also calm and easy. [Tempo: Slow, Medium]

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Energetic and driving Funk-Rock track featuring catchy electric guitars, slap bass and powerful drums. Confident, busy and lively. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 122 BPM]

Relaxing, inspiring and beautiful acoustic music ballad. Calm and peaceful melodies that bring hope and positive emotions to the listener. Featuring piano, acoustic guitars, light percussion, glockenspiel and bass guitar. Laidback / Chillout / Optimistic Music. [Tempo: Medium / 100 BPM]

A fun and exciting Pop / Nu-Funk music, with catchy vocals and groovy drums, to create a bold and playful mood. [Tempo: Medium, Fast]

A happy, easy going and trouble-free track. Uplifting, in a friendly and relaxed way. Acoustic guitars, piano and bells with subtle drums. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Medium / 97 BPM]

An easy-going, happy and bright, instrumental Christmas track with acoustic guitars, piano, bells subtle drums and Christmas jingle bells. Friendly, fun and jovial. Great for family Xmas times, Christmas spirit and joy. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Medium / 97 BPM]

A dreamy, melodic royalty free track featuring strings and a driving rhythmic section with a solo piano playing lead. The track feels light and relaxing yet invokes a feeling of adventure or mystery. [Tempo: Slow / 141 BPM]

A bright, positive and optimistic composition in Classical style with a waltz rhythm. Inspiring and heartwarming music that brings to imagination the vision of peace, love and beautiful surroundings. Timeless / Appealing / Melodic. [Tempo: Medium / 150 BPM]

Found 1044 tracks, displaying page 20 of 21