Stock Music track: RNY SZN [Explicit]

Chilled out Lo-fi rap with lyrical themes about overcoming seasonal depression. Available as a Vocal version and an Instrumental version.

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Track ID number: 24907
Genres: Vocal Hip-Hop / Rap -- Urban styles: Hip Hop / Trap
Moods/Emotions: Cool / Funky / Strutting -- Laid back / Easy-going / Chilled -- Trippy / Psychedelic / Hypnotic
Suggested Production Types: Style / Fashion / Make-up -- Urban Culture / Youth Subculture
Prominent Instruments: Bells / Glockenspiel / Celeste -- Drum machine / Electronic drums -- Piano (Electric) / Clav -- Vocals (Male) / Singing with Lyrics
Keywords / Hints: rain, depression, melancholy, seasons, weather, lofi, xylophone, male vocal, laid back, contemplative, chill, dreamy
Tempo feel: Slow
Tempo Beats Per Minute: 105
Artist: Space Leopard
Composer: Phillip David Sherby (BMI)
Publisher: Phillip David Sherby (BMI)
SRCO (Sound Recording Copyright Owner): Phillip David Sherby
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WAV file bit depth: CD-quality / 16-bit (What's this?)
Stem files available for this track: No
Lyrics: Aw man it’s rainy season
It’s cold and wet and grey
Can’t chase away my demons
Feeling’ like this every day
It aint the constant blazing that’s making me lazy and hazy
More like I need the sun to come out and save me

Basically, I need a little break from reality
I’m like a plant with complex emotions
Feel the breeze and the power of the ocean
I got thrown off my motion
I took another toke to cope with the aqua season undertow
It’s pulling me to places I don’t really wanna go
The flow of time is in reverse mate
I’m tryna saturate the color of my mind state

I’m not gonna blame the weather
I’m not gonna blame the weather

Yo it’s still rainy season
It’s cold and wet and grey
The winds is blowing my motivations and plans away
This month is never-ending, next month is like this too
Suspended in a state of don’t know what the f… to do

Meditate, the clouds in the sky are irrelevant
They pass by silently, just like thoughts and you realize
Your mind is the medicine (and the sunshine)
Embrace what is not mine
To control or let go, let’s go with the flow
Innocuous, potent energy in motion
Mindfully notice everything’s in focus

I’m tryna get back to the flow state
Where my dreams and manifestations percolate
Where my brain stops tryna make me hesistate
Where the music in my blood begins to circulate
And it travels to the third eye
Open up and say ‘hi amigo’, slow death to ego
It dissolves itself and disappears
Like rainy season clouds in my rear-view mirror and I…
I’m not gonna blame the weather this time

I’m not gonna blame the weather
I’m not gonna blame the weather
I’m not gonna blame the weather

Yeah it’s still rainy season
You know what? That’s alright
I ain’t gonna let the funky weather patterns dim my shine
So peep my disposition
Hope it rubs off on you
The sky is clearing up and rainy season’s almost through
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About the Artist
Space Leopard Space Leopard

For Hip Hop/Electronica producer Phil David, aka Space Leopard, music is a cosmic force that transcends species and language. It has the power to transport us across dimensions and change the way we move, think and feel.

The Michigan-born, Southeast Asia-based artist materializes this vibe when conjuring up groovy, rhythmic music that is truly unique. Harmoniously moving between moods, from high-energy and percussive to chill and eclectic, Space Leopard binds these far out sounds together with meticulous rhythms

Major influences include other genre-bending masters like DJ Shadow, Bonobo, FKJ and Incubus; bold visionaires unafraid to create truly original and unique music without boundaries. 
Over a decade of globetrotting has impacted the evolution of Space Leopard's sound. You'll find the world music influence mixed in with elements of classic hip hop , Electro-trap mashed up with funk, or exotic downtempo ethnotronica soundscapes with limitless vibe.