Stock Music track: Winds of Change (D Belichenko)

A positive, soaring and uplifting orchestral music track with a winter holiday feel. An uplifting emotional theme is reinforced with a beautiful glockenspiel bell and piano melody surrounded by a large string ensemble orchestration. Piano melodies and background elements bring a cinematic and film score quality to this music piece. T23315 9.95 51.95

Track details

Track ID number: 23315
Genres: Film & Soundtrack: Cinematic Main themes -- Film & Soundtrack: Amazement / Wonderment / Enchanted -- Film & Soundtrack: Victorious / Triumphant / Celebratory -- Film & Soundtrack: Tender / Touching / Romantic underscores
Moods/Emotions: Excited / Enthusiastic / Energetic -- Amazement / Wonderment / Awe -- Angelic / Heavenly / Delightful -- Heroic / Patriotic / Valiant -- Loving / Romantic / Tender -- Regal / Majestic / Honorable
Suggested Production Types: Documentary / Culture / Art -- Drama / Personal stories -- Epic Trailers -- Historical: Older History / Ancient -- Nature / Natural World -- Period Drama / Melodrama -- Religious / Faith / Spiritual -- TV Commercial - Luxury / Style -- TV Commercial - Reflection / Thoughtful
Prominent Instruments: Bells / Glockenspiel / Celeste -- Cello -- Piano (Acoustic) -- String Section
Keywords / Hints: Cinematic, emotional, positive, achievement, positive change, changes, overcoming adversity, happy, uplifting, film score, winter, winter holiday, holidays, travel, adventure, season change, seasonal, orchestral, piano, large string ensemble, animation trailer, cartoon trailer, game trailer, beautiful, beauty, cello, heartfelt, reunion, union, family
Tempo feel: Slow -- Medium
Tempo Beats Per Minute: 135
Artist: Dmitri Belichenko
Composer: Dmitri Belichenko (SOCAN)
Publisher: Lynne Publishing (PRS - CAE#: 541626758)
SRCO (Sound Recording Copyright Owner): Lynne Publishing AS
PRO / Non-PRO Track? PRO (What's this?)
WAV file bit depth: HD / 24-Bit (What's this?)
Stem files available for this track: No
Album containing this track:  Tracks of Inspiration, Vol. 16 Picture Music collection: Tracks of Inspiration, Vol. 16
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About the Artist
Dmitri Belichenko Dmitri Belichenko

Dmitri Belichenko (aka KloneZ) is a Canadian electronic music producer and DJ. His unique style has earned him world recognition in the electronic scene and now he's expanding and bringing new flavors to his repertoire. His passion for all genres of music has brought a new wave of tracks. Huge electronic basslines, massive cinematic hits and melodies all come together in these fresh sounding arrangements. Each time he sits down to compose a new track it's a clean slate, a new experiment, a mash-up of styles. His music is far from boring, and he strives to keep your ears entertained. He doesn't follow rules, in fact he tries to break them every time. His tracks are top quality, created with high end samples in a professional studio. If you're looking for a unique sound to your productions, an edge, a spark to catch people's attention then these tracks are a must have for your project.