Stock Music track: The Expanse

By Zircon

A tenor male vocal soloist soars over an electronic drum and bass groove and a darkly harmonized choral track. Also available as an instrumental version.

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Track ID number: 20073
Genres: Vocal Dance/Techno music - Techno/Trance with vocals -- Vocal Other/Miscellaneous - Other Misc music with vocals -- Electronic music: Downtempo Electronica
Moods/Emotions: Melancholic / Nostalgic / Wistful -- Amazement / Wonderment / Awe -- Busy / Active / Bustling -- Passionate / Emotional / Melodramatic -- Reflective / Thoughtful / Introspective
Suggested Production Types: Religious / Faith / Spiritual -- Sci-Fi / Space / Future
Prominent Instruments: Drum machine / Electronic drums -- Ethnic / World / Indigenous instruments -- Synth Pads -- Synthesizers -- Vocals (Male) / Singing with Lyrics
Keywords / Hints: atmospheric, electronic, groove, dark, choral, male vocal, vocal solo
Tempo feel: Slow
Tempo Beats Per Minute: 92
Artist: Zircon
Composer: Aversa, Andrew Paul (ASCAP - IPI#: 514014602) & Goldin, Jillian Marie (ASCAP - IPI#: 535885514)
Publisher: Lynne Publishing (PRS - CAE#: 541626758)
SRCO (Sound Recording Copyright Owner): Aversa, Andrew Paul & Goldin, Jillian Marie
PRO / Non-PRO Track? PRO (What's this?)
WAV file bit depth: CD-quality / 16-bit (What's this?)
Stem files available for this track: No
Lyrics: Odi et amo.
Qua-re id faciam, fortasse requiris?
Nescio, sed fieri sentio.

[Trans: I hate and I love. How can I do that, you might ask me perhaps? I do not know. But that’s what I feel.]

Dum inter homines sumus,
colamus humanitatem.

[Trans: As long as we are among humans, let us be humane.]

Mors ultima linea,
Mors ultima linea.
Rerum este,
Rerum este.

[Trans: Death is the ultimate end of all things.]
Album containing this track: (None)
About the Artist
Zircon Zircon

Zircon (Andrew Aversa) is a composer, producer, and sound designer hailing from Baltimore, MD. Together with his wife, vocalist & songwriter Jillian Aversa, he creates award-winning original albums, video game soundtracks, virtual instruments, and remixes. They are joined in these endeavors by cats Tucker and Moo Moo.

As a composer for video games and media, Andrew has written and arranged music for projects such as Soulcalibur V, Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix, and Monkey Island 2: Special Edition. His catalog has been licensed by TV networks like NBC, MTV, Fox, and Discovery. The Zircon discography encompasses 13 albums in an "organic electronic" style: a mix of organic composition, acoustic instruments and vocals with highly synthetic elements and technology. Albums like Antigravity (2007) and Identity Sequence (2014) have received multiple awards & nominations.

Andrew is the co-founder and lead designer of Impact Soundworks, where he develops sample libraries and virtual instruments for composers.  His instruments and sounds have been used in countless albums, TV shows, major motion pictures, and blockbuster video games. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys helping aspiring musicians and students. He has lectured at the University of Pennsylvania, University of the Arts, Towson University, and Drexel (his alma mater), and has spoken at conventions including the Game Developers Conference, Audio Enginering Society, and PAX East.