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Making voice recordings at home

Actors and producers will be turning to remote recordings as travel to recording studios becomes less likely during a crisis such as the one we’re currently facing. It’s good practice for voiceover artists, podcasters and actors to have a basis home studio set up as it is a huge advantage when pitching for voice work. In this article we’ll look at a basic set up that will secure those voiceover jobs by recording high quality results from the comfort of your own home.

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Copyrights and Wrongs

Is music plagiarism cut and dried or are there still ‘Blurred Lines’? Throughout the history of music there have been melodies, rhythms and lyrics that closely resemble existing compositions. So is it clear in the eyes of the law when homage, inspiration or musical parody becomes outright musical theft? History Repeats Itself Despite the controversy […]

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Working with audio in Sony Vegas® – Part One – Importing & Timestretching audio files

In this series of articles we will be offering fundamental help and advice to amateur and semi-pro audio/visual producers who use Sony Vegas and want to incorporate music, voice overs and SFX in their productions. Introduction Sony’s Vegas Pro® is an excellent creative tool for audio/visual work. It’s intuitive and powerful, and especially good when […]

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