Stock Music track: Tokaj

Traditional Polish Folk song performed with female vocals, violins, accordion and frame drum. Available as a vocal version, and an instrumental versions with accordion lead, or suka biłgorajska lead. Instrumental versions can refer to Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. T20809 19.95 9.95

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Track ID number: 20809
Genres: World: Russian, Slavic, East Europe -- World: European & others -- Early music / Medieval / Historical
Moods/Emotions: Sad / Sorrowful / Mournful -- Melancholic / Nostalgic / Wistful -- Excited / Enthusiastic / Energetic -- Busy / Active / Bustling -- Happy / Joyful / Positive -- Passionate / Emotional / Melodramatic
Suggested Production Types: Documentary / Culture / Art -- Historical / Retro: 1920-1940's -- Historical: Older History / Ancient -- Vacation / Travel / Discovery
Prominent Instruments: Accordion -- Violin / Viola / Fiddle -- Vocals (Female) / Singing with Lyrics
Keywords / Hints: poland, polish, ukraine, ukrainian, polska, czech republic, slovak, slovakia, eastern europe, eastern european, east europe, east european, balkan, the balkans, russia, russian, polka, germany, german, belarus, slav, slavic, folk song, folk dance, folk music, world, world heritage, history, historical, warsaw
Tempo feel: Fast
Tempo Beats Per Minute: 134
Artist: Karolina, Pat & Olo
Composer: Traditional (unknown composer)
Publisher: Lynne Publishing (Track not PRO registered)
SRCO (Sound Recording Copyright Owner): Lynne Publishing AS
PRO / Non-PRO Track? PRO (What's this?)
WAV file bit depth: HD / 24-Bit (What's this?)
Stem files available for this track: No
Lyrics: The lyrics are in Polish, although a quick summary in English would be that the song tells a story of a wine drinker and lover, who surely knows well how to live life to the fullest.

Polish lyrics:

Co wieczora tokaj piłem,
Moja ty, miła ty, dzieweczko ma!
I do rana się bawiłem,
Moja ty, miła ty, dzieweczko ma!
I choć w głowie tęgo zaszumiało,
Serce się do ciebie rwało.
Moja ty, miła ty, dzieweczko ma!

Wczoraj znowu tokaj piłem,
Moja ty, miła ty, dzieweczko ma
I do rana się bawiłem
Moja ty, miła ty, dzieweczko ma
Choć się głowa jak łan w polu chwieje
Moja ty, miła ty, dzieweczko ma
Do wieczora wytrzeźwieję
Moja ty, miła ty, dzieweczko ma

Potem przyjdę ja do ciebie,
Moja ty, miła ty, dzieweczko ma
A ty przyjmiesz mnie do siebie,
Moja ty, miła ty, dzieweczko ma
I choć z ust mych zapachnie ci wino,
Moja ty, miła ty, dzieweczko ma
Pocałujesz mnie, dziewczyno,
Moja ty, miła ty, dzieweczko ma

Album containing this track:  Polskie Pieśni i Tańce Ludowe Vol. 1 (Polish Folk Songs & Dances) Picture Music collection: Polskie Pieśni i Tańce Ludowe Vol. 1 (Polish Folk Songs & Dances)
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About the Artist
Karolina, Pat & Olo Karolina, Pat & Olo

Karolina Matuszkiewicz was born in 1990 in Nowa Ruda, Poland. She is a violinist , vocalist and multi-instrumentalist specialized in traditional string bowed instruments. She graduated from Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw in the faculty of violins, and is currently a student of Krakow Music Academy in traditional fiddle faculty. She co-founded the of Karma Trio Band (awarded on many traditional music festivals in Poland). She has also won several awards in violin playing contests, as well as vocal contests.

Patryk Walczak was born in 1988 in Radom, Poland. He graduated Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice in the faculty of jazz composition and arrangement. He is the leader of the band "Frument" which has won many awards at the most important accordion and folk music festivals across the country. Walczak has won many composer's competitions as well. Patryk is a teacher in music school, where he shares his experience and passion during workshops with young accordion adepts.

Aleksander Grochocki was born in 1978 and lives in Poland. He is a composer, arranger, producer but above all a guitarist. He started playing at the age of 17. From the young rebel-with-guitar, through jam sessions in jazz clubs of Warsaw where he has grown as a musician, to the studio session guitarist - he plays many styles of electric, acoustic and bass guitar, as well as ukulele. He worked on many video game productions and continuously collaborates with Adam Skorupa.

In the Pat & Olo project Karolina is a lead singer, violin and other string instruments player,  Patryk "Pat" Walczak is the main composer and accordion player and Aleksander "Olo" Grochocki is responsible for production, arrangement, guitars and folk drums.