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A fun, party style hip hop song about living a crazy and outrageous life. Perfect for club scenes and pop radio hip hop. [Explicit! Parental guidance.] - Also available as a Clean vocal version and an Instrumental version. T19206 32.95 51.95

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Track ID number: 19206
Genres: Vocal Pop / Contemporary -- Vocal Hip-Hop / Rap -- Urban styles: Hip Hop / Trap
Moods/Emotions: Ironic / Spiteful / Bad Attitude -- Strong / Confident / Tough -- Excited / Enthusiastic / Energetic -- Cool / Funky / Strutting
Suggested Production Types: Historical / Retro: 1990's -- Party / Dancing / Fun times -- Urban Culture / Youth Subculture
Prominent Instruments: Drum machine / Electronic drums -- Piano (Electric) / Clav -- Synthesizers -- Vocals (Male) / Singing with Lyrics
Tempo feel: Medium
Tempo Beats Per Minute: 105
Artist: Dave Tough Band
Composer: Tough, David Thomas (SESAC - CAE#: 499731200); Folensbee, Rowland (BMI - CAE#: 550129604)
Publisher: Tough Daddy Publishing (BMI)
PRO / Non-PRO Track? PRO (What's this?)
WAV file bit depth: CD-quality / 16-bit (What's this?)
Stem files available for this track: No
Lyrics: She said…
I was the son of Mac Miller n Big Poppa
Rhyme hits like a double of some vodka, shot!
Girl got on the bar, not a man said stop
N she got down like I was down n she was on top
Life of the crazy, gone n I'm hazy
At party passing bottles, we're both gone n wasted
Life of the famous, know my name
N know I'm on just as soon as my shoes hit the pavement

Life of the real, writer of the rhyme
Master of the beat, ill fashion with the time
Better known for the women I pass in a line
Pick one out n cover her with fashion designs
Life of the party, walk into a scene
like John Gotti with eyes that are looking like Bob Marley
They come in with a posse, they want on the Chronic
tell um stay throwing prayers up to Haile Selassie

Life of the raw, life of the ill
Life of the man so life needa to chill
Life to get a deal then life to get a mil
so I can pay the bills so call that life of the real

Don't you worry about a thing tonight
Lay with me, I'll treat you right
Talking dirty, girl, you talk so nice
This is an outrageous life

Mr. Outrageous, flow so sick
The doctor put his mask on cause I'm contagious
Call these songs hymns cause I'm not like them
N everybody around is here to sing my praises
I am the…witch doctor, flip the script proper
Life of the man, rapper's Frank Sinatra
From back in the day keeping the rhymes in my locker
Between class to spitting it now a show stopper

Known to cold clock a rapper with no backing
So think twice if you wanna harass me...
You think you got it on…but then you ask me
What you were innovating, I was inventing it last week
Life of the best, life of the king
No crown is needed, just the shit I seen
The shit I say n the tracks I write
So to the rest of y'all, good luck n good night

Life of the raw, life of the ill
Life of the man so life needa to chill
Life to get a deal then life to get a mil
so I can pay the bills so call that life of the real


It's like that…
Life of the young, life of the restless
Life's a soap opera and I'm the director
Life's a soap box, stand on it with objectives
Raise the picket signs n change your direction
Life of the old, life of the tired
Death before dishonor, death before retire
Always on my work til I'm there on a gurney
Or this whole shit stops n the world stops turning

On it, do it till I'm dead cause
I can't live as sheep, rather die a shepherd
Say I'm on the rise, then put it on the record
Now look into my eyes, no body does it better
Written with a pen, we share a level of kinship
Life of a writer, real, none invention
Never write fiction, maybe just pretentious
But at least you know the stories not invented

It's that life of the raw, life of the ill
It's that life of the man so life needa to chill
Life to get a deal then life to get a mil
so I can pay the bills so call that life of the real

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About the Artist
Dave Tough Band Dave Tough Band

Dave Tough is a Nashville-based producer, engineer, songwriter and music industry educator. He has written and produced several songs for major motion pictures and television. Most recently in 2012 he had 9 placements in the television show "Hart of Dixie" and had over 10 placements in the CW television series "Remodeled". In 2011, his song "Falling" was featured in Seth Rogen's "Observe and Report" . Other songs have been featured in training films and commercials, including a Pantene shampoo ad series.

Dave has had cuts with several independent and label country and pop artists (and is an active voting member of the The Recording Academy (Grammy Awards). He is a member of the duo "Xavier & Ophelia" with co-creator DeAnna Moore.

As a songwriter Dave has been a top finalist in many songwriting contests and he won the Grand Prize Country Category in the 2009 John Lennon Songwriting Contest.
As an engineer and producer, Dave has produced, engineered demos and master recordings for hundreds of artists worldwide over the internet.

Dr. Tough is an audio professor at Belmont University in Nashville, TN teaching audio recording and studio production. He has worked and studied under engineering names such as Bruce Swedien and Neil Citron. He has worked on the business side of the industry for Capitol Records, Warner Chappell Music, BMG Music Publishing and Capitol/EMI.
As an solo artist, Tough has released two solo albums Gravity Always Wins (2005) and I'm Right Here (1999). Tough has been recording and songwriting educator at UCLA, Cal Poly University, the University of North Alabama and most recently, Belmont University's Mike Curb College.

Dave Tough shares his namesake with the famous jazz drummer (Tough's great uncle) who played with the likes of Woody Herman, Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey.

Said Dave: "I enjoy making a living making music as there is something always new to learn. If you know one instrument, you can learn another. If you know how to engineer one style, you can always learn another. My main question I ask myself when writing and making music is "what gives you goosebumps". The mechanics of songwriting and engineering can get quite technical, however at the end of the day its what makes you feel something."