Stock Music track: Oh No No No


The track has a high energy level with an upbeat Hip Hop beat that obtains. The lyrics are describing about having a fun night and partying, the track will work well in action and comical footage.

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Track ID number: 15496
Genres: Vocal Hip-Hop / Rap -- Urban styles: Hip Hop / Trap
Moods/Emotions: Angry / Aggressive / Fierce -- Strong / Confident / Tough -- Regret / Painful / Bitter / Angsty -- Cool / Funky / Strutting
Suggested Production Types: Men / Motors / Guys stuff -- Party / Dancing / Fun times -- Urban Culture / Youth Subculture
Prominent Instruments: Drum machine / Electronic drums -- Synth Pads -- Synthesizers -- Vocals (Male) / Singing with Lyrics
Keywords / Hints: tpain, t-pain, t pain, electric, club, electro, synth, dance beat, hip hop, hip hop beat, dance, club beat, synth beat, electric beat, rap, rap beat, glitchy, instrumental, instrumental beat, hip hop instrumental, rap instrumental, driving, energizing, intense, tension, hip hop tension, powerful, lively, loud, electrifying
Tempo feel: Slow
Tempo Beats Per Minute: 75
Artist: DRRT
Composer: Kevin Truckenmiller (ASCAP)
Publisher: Songs Of Quiet Drive LLC (ASCAP)
SRCO (Sound Recording Copyright Owner): Kevin Truckenmiller
PRO / Non-PRO Track? PRO (What's this?)
WAV file bit depth: CD-quality / 16-bit (What's this?)
Stem files available for this track: No
Lyrics: Guess who it’s the same dude you used to know
We met back stage once at the rock and roll show
You told me great set said that you’d see me around
I saw you 20 minutes later at the club getting down
I was broken hearted baby got me feeling like hell
You had a threesome with Asher Roth at the hotel
I’m selling my guitar gonna teach my ass how to floss
I’m gonna rent me a boat party with Randy Moss

And they say - oh no no no no no no no

And we’ll spend all the money we don’t have
I’ll get 55 women in my bed
And they can’t leave until their naked
Bottle ‘o scotch ten shots and some smoke for my head
Hot tub pool closet shower
Doing it on the kitchen counter
Soldier boy can’t touch my *** cuz I got a ten inch **
I want a benz and a big gold chain
Swisher sweets - some courvousier
And I don’t go to sleep til 6 in the morning

I wanna rap with snoop with dre
I wanna party with Labron James
Where the women don’t leave til 6 in the morning
Date Eva Longoria 40’s in the morning
Smoke all the ** with the Willy Nelson warning
Party like a rock star really be a rap star
still sell records other places than Napster

Hello my name is alcohol
Welcome to my 12 step program
First step is admitting you’re insane
You’re not there but you’re oh so close

And they tell me that I’m only steps away
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About the Artist

You probably don't ever want to see another white rapper in your life. But then again, do you? Drrt is the albino squirrel that you saw run across the street in your back yard once. "What the $#%!? I didn't even know those existed? My mind is melting." When you hear Drrt, that's exactly what you'll think. The cross between Hip-Hop / Pop will cause brain bleeding in some, but euphoria in the select few that can look past genres and what is possible. Don't be afraid. Step right up. Listen to the sound that you didn't know existed.