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Royalty-free music offers several benefits for content creators and businesses looking to add music to their projects legally and without incurring additional costs. Here are some of the key benefits of using royalty-free music:

  1. Cost-Effective: Royalty-free music is typically available for a one-time licensing fee or a subscription cost, allowing creators to use the music in their projects without the need to pay ongoing royalties or fees for each use.

  2. Legal Protection: Using royalty-free music with proper licensing ensures that content creators have the legal right to use the music in their projects without facing copyright infringement issues.

  3. Versatility: Royalty-free music libraries offer a wide range of genres and styles, allowing creators to find the perfect music that fits the mood and tone of their content, whether it's for videos, presentations, podcasts, or other media.

  4. Ease of Use: Royalty-free music is designed to be easily accessible and usable, with simple licensing terms that are easy to understand and follow.

  5. Time-Saving: Finding the right music can be time-consuming and costly. Royalty-free music libraries provide a convenient and efficient way to access a vast selection of music tracks without the need for extensive searching or negotiating with individual artists.

  6. Global Usage: Royalty-free music often comes with worldwide usage rights, allowing creators to use the music in their projects regardless of the geographical location of their audience.

  7. Professional Quality: Many royalty-free music platforms offer high-quality tracks created by professional musicians and composers, ensuring that the music enhances the overall production value of the content.

  8. Clear Licensing Terms: Royalty-free music licenses come with clear usage terms, specifying how and where the music can be used, which simplifies the legal aspects of incorporating music into projects.

  9. Consistency: For content creators who produce regular videos or content, using royalty-free music can create a consistent and recognizable audio brand for their brand or channel.

  10. Peace of Mind: Using royalty-free music with proper licensing gives content creators peace of mind, knowing that they have the legal right to use the music and won't encounter copyright issues or face takedown notices.

Overall, royalty-free music is an excellent option for content creators, businesses, and individuals who want to add high-quality music to their projects without the complexity and cost associated with traditional music licensing.


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I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy using both your company and your company's music. Not only is the music excellent, but you always respond to any question I may have in a very timely manner. I recommend you to everyone who asks for a stock music source now. Every time I have a new project, I turn to Shockwave-Sound.Com first! Thought you'd like to know.

Chip Bolcik -, USA

I LOVE your sound effect collections. Very, very high quality and exactly what I needed for my Flash games. Thank you!

Joseph Huckaby -, USA

It is a pleasure doing business with this company!

Javier Cafaro - Cinematographer, Florida, USA

I am extremely happy with my experiences with your company and find it very easy to navigate and download your music.

Tom McDonald - Co-Founder, Fireside Production, USA

I'm a freelance game designer, and with my experience in the field I know that when setting the mood for a scene in a game, proper music plays a key role. Any popular game you see today will have well-timed music loops placed in just the right locations in order to be most effective. The music and loops found on are exactly what I need to set the proper mood. Giving the player the feeling that the music sets is what makes a game great, and I intend to ensure that every bit of music I buy from is put to its fullest potential. Great prices, great music, and an absolutely phenomenal site. You can expect me to be a returning customer, for sure!

Will Preston - Freelance game designer, USA

I have to say in my search for music, that your work is definitely the cream of the crop. I searched high & low for pieces that were high-quality without the pricing, and yours fit the bill exactly!

Paul Marino - USA

I'm an editor/director/producer working on many varied projects. I've been turning to Shockwave-Sound.Com for years now because the songs actually feel like songs, not tinny elevator stuff.

Cameron Craig - 2c Films, Australia

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