Bulk purchases

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For those who need a lot of music, we offer our CD collections in Bulk.

Bulk purchases cannot be made through the automated online shopping cart. You have to actually contact us to set up your purchase. Our automated shopping cart system does not handle the Bulk purchases.

You can choose between all collections displayed on our CD collections (*Excluding collections priced at $150 or more).

Individual tracks cannot be purchased in Bulk - only CD-collections can.

Payment by Paypal, VISA, Mastercard or bank wire transfer.

Number of collections : with Standard License: with Extended License:
with Widest License:
Any 5 collections:
US$ 439.00
US$ 999.00
(Contact us)
Any 10 collections:
US$ 799.00
US$ 1999.00
Any 15 collections:
US$ 1049.00
US$ 2499.00
Any 20 collections:
US$ 1299.00
US$ 2999.00
Any 30 collections:
US$ 1799.00
US$ 3999.00
Any 40 collections:
US$ 2199.00
US$ 4799.00
Any 50 collections:
US$ 2499.00
US$ 5499.00
More than 50 collections:
(Discussed case-by-case)
(Discussed case-by-case)
(Discussed case-by-case)

The differences between Standard License, Extended License and Widest License can be seen on our License page.

Product delivery: All CD-collections will be downloadable from our server after purchase. NOTE: These are large files. You need a fast and stable internet connection to be able to download them. For an extra fee of $4 per collection, we can create CD-ROM's with the collections and send them to you by postal service.