Payment by bank transfer

We have a Global Payment Service via the payment company Payoneer which allows us to receive payment by bank transfers in USA, EU and UK,

Even if you pay by bank transfer, we need to have the money before you get to download the music and your license document, except as agreed specifically with Shockwave-Sound manager.

Please use our normal shopping cart system to create your order, leave the products in your shopping cart, fill in the entire "Checkout" page (that's where you input your name, address. email etc.), then choose either payment option (Paypal, Worldpay, 2Checkout), but when you get to the credit card payment page, abandon that page instead of actually making a credit card payment.

Then, send payment to one of the following bank account details, and contact us to let us know that you've paid. Be sure to include your name and email address, so that we can find your pending order in our system.

Only ACH transfers (US local bank transfer) in USD are accepted to this account. Wire transfers are not supported.

Bank Name: First Century Bank
Routing (ABA): 061120084
Account Number: 4018063810920
Account Type: CHECKING
Beneficiary Name : Lynne Publishing AS

Only SEPA transfers (European local bank transfer) in EUR are supported. Wire transfers are not supported.

Bank Name: Wirecard
IBAN: DE14512308006500163495
Bank Country: Germany
Beneficiary Name : Lynne Publishing AS

Only BACS transfers (UK local bank transfer) in GBP are supported. Wire transfers are not supported.

Bank Name: Barclays
Sort Code: 231486
Account Number: 00107240
Beneficiary Name : Lynne Publishing AS

(This is our native Norwegian bank account number)

Bank name: Nordea
Account no: 6272 05 56788