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Royalty free ambient music with focus on the light, blissful, airy, relaxing and soothing stock music tracks that you can use as background music for relaxation videos, music for guided meditations, or for poignant, beautiful scenes such as nature photography, nature footage etc. Often with a sense of ease, beauty and reflection, these ambient background music tracks were composed by professional composers and producers, then hand picked and curated for the Shockwave-Sound stock music catalogue.

A strangely alluring, somehow both angelic, heavenly, and at the same time a bit eerie and mystical music. Angelic voices swirl and flutter in a strange, harmonic, open aural vista. This music track will work great as a 'musical painting' or to signify something profound and ethereal. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 0 BPM]

Calm and relaxing, dreamy and inspirational music track featuring piano, ethnic percussion, strings, atmospheric pads and bass guitar. Beautiful soothing melodies and harmonies that bring the feeling of peace and serenity. Available with or without the subtle percussion loop. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 62 BPM]

Inspirational light pop / new age music. Strong melodic delayed synth piano theme, over acoustic guitar. Bright, appealing and light as a feather. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 105 BPM]

A soft, dreamy, and wondrous blend of synth sounds and floating piano keys. The gentle sounds create a sense of joy, fun, exploration and fantasy. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 0 BPM]

A delicate, ethereal piano melody soars above spacey string pads, sparse percussion and distant Taiko drums. The track slowly evolves introducing subtle electronic and organic grooves, a synt bass and a bridge before going back to the last chorus. [Tempo: Slow / 72 BPM]

An ambient, electric guitar music piece. Dreamy, contemplative, reflective. Flowing / Ethereal / Warm / Relaxing music. [Tempo: Slow / 78 BPM]

One with nature - this track emphasizes beauty and wonderment. Visions of flying high over a cliff, or admiring the wonders of nature. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 124 BPM]

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Hypnotic arpeggiated piano over a dramatic orchestral bed gives a haunting yet hopeful music feeling. Works with winter scenes, thrillers, nature, lost love, memoirs, nostalgia. Emotive, Touching, Dreamy music. [Tempo: Slow / 119 BPM]

A very soft and soothing, warm and blissful, Ambient, Lo-Fi / Chill-out / R&B track. Relaxed / Dreamy / Bliss. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 115 BPM]

This rejuvenating track is perfect for relaxation, spa, healing, meditation, zen, and wellness projects, as well as for cosmic and majestic scenes. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 80 BPM]

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Meandering and reflective, gentle and still, calm and relaxing piano music with soft pads. Soothing, tender, touching and contemplative. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Slow / 65 BPM]

Set of 2 Stems (03:23)
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Found 712 tracks, displaying page 15 of 15