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A collection of 76 sounds of playing Billiards (Pool, Snooker). (All files include both High Definition sound at 24-bit, 48-khz and CD quality sound at 16-bit, 44.1-khz.) [Tempo: / 0 BPM]

All above 76 sounds: Complete Pool Sounds, Set 2
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A collection of playing cards sounds, poker sound effects. All supplied in 48 khz, 16-bit, stereo WAV files. Sounds of poker chips, card shuffling, dealing, etc. [Tempo: / 0 BPM]

A huge collection 178 different sounds for Poker, Card Games, Board games and and Dice games. Poker chips sounds, card dealing sounds, card shuffling sounds, dice sounds, and much more. (All files include both High Definition sound at 24-bit, 48-khz and CD quality sound at 16-bit, 44.1-khz.) [Tempo: / 0 BPM]

All above 178 sounds: Complete LYN091 Poker, Cards & Dice, both High-Definition files and CD-quality files (total 356 WAV files)
  • $64.95

A collection of 51 sounds of Amusements and games, including rollercoaster rides, fireworks and more.

All above 51 sounds: Complete AOS Amusements & Games 1
  • $38.95

A collection of 43 sounds of coins, dice and cards, from SonicArchive. WAV files, 16-bit, 44.1-khz, stereo.

All above 43 sounds: Complete SonicArchive Coins Dice And Cards
  • $27.95

Set of 152 professionally recorded pinball machine sounds. WAV format, 16-bit, 44.1 khz mono. Ball move and hit metal object x2, Ball move and hit multiple metal objects x2, Ball move and is hit by metal plate, Ball move on rail and drop, ball moves triggering several metal levers, Ball moving on rail and hitting several times, Ball positioning with multiple clanks, Ball rattling objects x7, Ball released and rattles objects, Ball roll, Ball roll and hit objects midways x3, Ball roll and passing object x6, Ball roll and passing switch and spring, Ball roll past thin gate or lever, Ball roll with metal levers or switches, Ball rolls and comes to a stop, Ball rolls and hits objects, Ball rolls and rattlews objects, Ball rolls on rail, Ball rolls on rail and falls off end x3 Ball rolls with light metal impacts, Ball slide on metal and close, Ball slide then land and clank, Ball slides off rail and falls to floor x3, Ball slots into place, Ball sprung x4, Ball touches metal and drops, Ball touches metal and falls to floor, Ball travels on rail, Flipper x13, Flipper or bumper with ball x2, Heavy thump and clank, IMpact with loose metal plates x4, Ka-chunk with following movements, Launch with clanky rattling, Launch with slide, Launch, slide and clank, Little thump x10, Little thump with mechanical kickback, Little thump with swish, Long sequence of ball movemenent and clanks, Mechcanical clank x3, Mechanical movements x5, Mechanical movements with slide, Metal clank x3, Metal clank with return x8, Metal clank with slide, Metal clank with vibrations, Metal plates click x5, Metal plates release x3, Metal rail or parts rattling, Roll and pass metal gate x2, Roll into hole or gate, Roll on rail and hit metal gate, Roll on rail and hit metal parts, Roll past metal gate or lever, Sharp clank x10, Tight metal plate x10, Tone x7 [Tempo: / 0 BPM]

A collection of 72 sounds from slot machines, in 48 khz, 16-bit, stereo WAV files. [Tempo: / 0 BPM]

All above sounds: Complete "Casino Sounds, Set 2" (72 WAV files)
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A collection of 49 sounds of Amusements and games, including retro video game sounds and more.

All above 49 sounds: Complete AOS Amusements & Games 2
  • $23.95

Set of 150 professionally recorded pinball machine sounds. WAV format, 16-bit, 44.1 khz mono. Ball being knocked between several objects x2, Ball coming to stop, Ball drop and hit metal, Ball drops x6, Ball drops into launch slot, Ball drops on rail, rolls and falls off end, Ball fed into launch slot, Ball hit metal object and move x2 Ball hit small, Ball hit wall x5, Ball hit with vibrations, Ball hits and vibrates, Ball hits metal lightly x2, Ball hits multiple kickers, Ball hits three kickers, Ball impacts then rolls, Ball land, roll and touch metal objects x3, Ball lands on rail, rolls and drops, Ball launched x2, Ball launched, rolls and clanks x3, Ball launched rolls and comes to stop, Ball launched slides and stops x2, Ball launched slides and clanks, Big spring with ball roll, Bumper ka-clunk x5, Ball ka-clunk with roll, Clank x12, Clank then plate touch, Blank with ball travel x7,. Clank with rattle x4, Clank with recoil x12, Clanks slide and clank, Click and roll, Clunk x8, Clunk followed by various rattles, Crane clank move and drop ball, Crane clanks in to action, moves and drops, Dual clank x2, Little clank x11, Little flip or switch, Little plate, Little slide ends with metal obstruction, Motor or crane move x3, Motor or crane move x3, motor or crane short, Multiple bumpers or switches x3, Rail or metal bar movements, Rattle and clank x4, Rattling metal, Roll and multiple clanks, Slide, clank and clunk, Small metal drops, Small metal plates rattle, Solid Clank x2, Spring, Switch or lever, Up and down clank x2. [Tempo: / 0 BPM]

A collection of 156 sounds of Casino Slot Machines, Wheels spinning, electronic arpeggios, pay-out, coins clinking etc. All are 16-bit, 44.1 khz WAV files. [Tempo: / 0 BPM]

All above 157 sounds: Complete LYN092 Casino & Slot Machines
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A collection of 61 pool sounds (snooker sounds, billiards sound). A good selection of ball impacts, ball rack-up, cue sounds, pocket sounds and many other billiard sounds. (All files include both High Definition sound at 24-bit, 48-khz and CD quality sound at 16-bit, 44.1-khz.) [Tempo: / 0 BPM]

All above 61 sounds: Complete Pool Sounds, Set 1
  • $21.95

Capture the attention with our expertly created UI sound effects, designed to delight and engage. Crafted for menu navigation, gameplay, rewards, and more to cover the core aspects of any casual game, video, or mobile experience. This collection is set to be go-to pool of sounds and will make your user interface sound design quick and easy. Drag, drop, and finish! CASUAL UI covers a wide spectrum of sounds specifically designed for every aspect of a user interface and brings a playful dose of life into every tap, swipe, and click. With 15 categories, these high-quality, diverse sounds are created to be your UI sound foundation, providing you with the immediate flexibility you need to create an engaging auditory landscape. ESSENTIAL UI SOUND EFFECTS: Level up your UI design with our carefully crafted gameplay sound effects. The match and zap sounds add a satisfying punch to successful player actions, while clicks are necessary and unique feedback sounds. The poof and whoosh effects bring a lighter touch, enhancing the overall experience and keeping players engaged. Whether you’re designing a puzzle game or a casual adventure, these sound effects will help you create a cohesive and captivating audio landscape. READY PLAYER GO: The CASUAL UI Designed pack continues our tradition of providing high-quality, immediately usable effects. Add a degree of engagement to your project just by dragging and dropping these elements; further editing is unnecessary. [Tempo: / 0 BPM]

MECHANICALS DESIGNED will let you create fascinating and complex mechanical sound effects in just a few minutes. Complicated vault doors, secret mechanisms, clockworks, huge, small or tiny machinery, drawbridges, mechanical processes of any size, you name it. Don’t have time to edit single sound files to create a fitting mechanical sound process? No worries, we have already done this for you and we promise – these sounds will fit to your special needs. SONIC CHARACTERISTICS: We created the mechanical sound effects with only small reverberation rooms to give you as much flexibility as possible. The dry and very close sounds can easily be integrated into other reverberation rooms and afterwards you can add as much reverb to your sounds as you need. What You Get MECHANICALS DESIGNED comes with 96 pre-designed and ready-to-use files organized by size (LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL, TINY). Each file contains four often heavily alternating variations of the sound to give you more flexibility and less repetitive sound options. The sounds come as 96kHz/24bit WAV files, ready to further process them as you desire. Using those sounds couldn't be easier: just drag and drop the designed SFX in your personal project and get absolutely convincing results instantly. All files contain extensive metadata to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible. [Tempo: / 0 BPM]

Found 15 tracks