Artist: Wez Devine

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Positive, floaty house, happy journey, slowly evolving. Methodical, relentless, driving. Ideal for youth scenes, health, lifestyle, progress and corporate advertising. [Tempo: Medium / 128 BPM]

Soaked in Hollywood sunshine, living the high life, glitzy beats ideal for flexing and showing off new looks, styles and high-end products. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 70 BPM]

Soundtrack to funky future cyborgs in the club doing the 'Robot Boogaloo'. Great for nightlife and urban scenes, sports, action, machinery, futuristic clubbing and advertising. [Tempo: Medium]

Perky Disco-House track, upbeat and snappy, vocal refrain name-checks world cities. Ideal for fashion, nightlife and advertising. Also available without the vocal parts. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 128 BPM]

Abrasive and jarring machine-like rhythmic elements, epic and otherworldly with ominous undertones and rising in intensity. Works great with crime, industrial, steampunk and sci-fi scenes. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 126 BPM]

Tough, hard-hitting Moombathon track featuring vocal refrain, 'Are you ready - ready for the Rumble?' ideal for extreme sports, nightlife and urban scenes. Also available without the vocal parts. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

Slick, modern and edgy electronica EDM track with plenty of hits, impacts, twists and turns - ideal for advertising high end products, advanced technology, fashion and sports. [Tempo: Medium / 103 BPM]

Classical pianos and laid back guitars over Hip Hop beats - longing, yearning vibes, works with reflective, nostalgic scenes, health and happy endings . [Tempo: Slow / 75 BPM]

Ominous and edgy Future Bass track, threatening and impactful, ideal for use with edgy Technology, Sci-fi and Sports. [Tempo: Slow / 75 BPM]

15 minutes continuous, uninterrupted background music track for video productions and other media. Deep, chilled, pulsating electronica builds in intensity and tension. Pizzicato viola, electro synths, reverse pianos and cinematic fx combine to give a feeling of journeying through space and time, breaking new ground, moving forward. Works great with modern and future technology and space scenes, animation, 3D graphics, news and gaming promos. [Tempo: Medium / 100 BPM]

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Uplifting and summery royalty free disco-house track, rising chords and big EDM style drops, ideal for use with fashion, advertising, health, background music for videos, vlogs and victory scenes. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 124 BPM]

Inspirational, corporate rock royalty free stock music track, positive and uplifting. Works with most Sports, epic adventures, advertising and more - this track is a kind of 'understated epic'. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 140 BPM]

Ominous, groovy, punchy and relentless Rocktronica royalty free stock music track, great momentum, ideal for extreme sports, motorsport and criminal misadventures. [Tempo: Medium / 122 BPM]

Uptempo punk rock royalty free stock music track, unstoppable, takes no prisoners, ideal for use with extreme sports, motor racing and high impact action scenes. [Tempo: Fast, Very fast / 184 BPM]

Perky French house, glitched and groovy pop, uplifting and summery, ideal for use with fashion, nightlife, health and youthful scenes. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

Spandex 80's Rock combined with dark Hip-Hop, and with a futuristic twist. Features the vocal 'Party like a rockstar' - ideal for throwback party scenes, extreme sport and 'rough & ready' footage. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

Snarling bass and guitar rock riff with (scratched) vocal refrain 'It’s Going Down, down, down' - ideal for extreme sport, urban culture or to signal that the action/show/event is about to start. Also available without the vocals. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

Gritty, slamming Blues-rock, Rocktronica & EDM fx, with a mean streak. Great for things like action, chase, crime in progress, criminal activity, sports and action-sports, motorsports, anything macho, big cojones, etc. [Tempo: Medium / 105 BPM]

Laid-back, minimal synths and pianos, finger-snapping groove. Chilled and slowly swaying. Can be used for advertising, health, development and creativity, as a background track for many types of media and storytelling. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 90 BPM]

Fight Music! Guttural Guitars and breakbeats rumble, featuring vocal hooks "I’ve been living like I’m Champ”, "I Don't Stop" and “I got the game on lock (vocoder)” - ideal for all rough, tough, combat and extreme sports, motorsport, advertising and gaming. A version without the vocal parts is also available. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

Arpeggiated & abrasive synth-driven Rocktronica track, macho and powerful, ideal for use in advertising, sport & motorsport, craft, design & technology. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

Pumping House & Nu Disco track featuring the vocal phrase 'Crazy, sexy, dirty'”, proud & punchy, ideal for extreme sport, fashion and naughty nightlife. A version without the vocal phrases is also available. [Tempo: Medium / 130 BPM]

Powerful and otherworldly grooves in the style of Chemical brothers, ideal for use with motor sports, music festival scenes and technology. [Tempo: Medium]

Fresh, groovy and bouncy tech-house track, ideal for advertising, clubbing, fashion and technology scenes. [Tempo: Medium / 125 BPM]

Brit-flick / Brit gangster style funk, a perfect soundtrack for cockney gangsters, also works great with quiz shows and urban scenes. [Tempo: Fast / 124 BPM]

Soft, gentle and nostalgic piano bed, works with advertising health, beauty & self-care. Touching, calming, soothing. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 72 BPM]

Upbeat and snappy, UK House vibes ideal for clubbing, youth programming and sport scenes. [Tempo: Medium / 125 BPM]

Dark breakbeat / Hip Hop crossover track with spikey synths and otherworldly feel - ideal with gaming videos, extreme sports and technology advertising. [Tempo: Medium / 98 BPM]

Rough and kickin’ Rock / Dance crossover track. Tough yet playful, ideal for extreme sport, gaming, action-filled footage etc. There is also a version with vocal samples. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 128 BPM]

Arpeggiated synths and mystical grooves. Weird and wonderful. Has an urgent sound, great for important info, technology, news reporting, cutting edge science, development etc. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 130 BPM]

Disco-funk track with summer vibes in abundance. Great with vacation, health and advertising. Feel-good / Playful. [Tempo: Medium / 116 BPM]

Sinister undertones and metal shredding blast-off into rock / dance crossover with plenty of power! Ideal for extreme sports, gaming and action sequences. [Tempo: Fast / 140 BPM]

80's synth vibes and rolling baseline, cinematic and futuristic. Works great with technology, animation, sci-fi and gaming videos. Mechanical and robotic, yet very groovy. [Tempo: Medium / 110 BPM]

Snappy and spiky electronica with Dance, Dubstep and Hip-Hop elements, featuring vocal refrain, 'We rock to the rhythm…Like this' - ideal for action, sports, funky and flashy footage and edgy content. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 118 BPM]

Tough and up-front electro-rock track with great forward-movement and drop, ideal for use in sports, travel, masculine scenes. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

Infectious and bubbly, funky house track with vocal refrains, 'Ooh, I like it' and 'How do you like it?, I like it like that!'- ideal for advertising health, beauty, fashion, food and other happy endeavours. Uplifting, sexy, saucy and fun. Also available without the vocal parts. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 120 BPM]

Crisp and fresh disco-funk, ready for the catwalk & the club, ideal for health and fashion scenes and advertising. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 118 BPM]

Retro breaks and Blues riffs in the style of Beastie-Boys / Fat Boy Slim featuring scratching & vocal refrain, 'The beat don’t stop when the baseline drop (Check the rhythm, check the flow)'. Also available without the vocal parts. [Tempo: Slow / 82 BPM]

Hip & trendy, uplifting space-funk ideal for use with fashion, clubbing scenes and advertising. [Tempo: Medium / 111 BPM]

Evolving Tribal-House, deep and grooving. Ideal for clubbing, festivals, dance music related scenes, as well as for travel, documentaries, games and media with a jungle / Africa / Rainforest / Exotic / World fusion feel. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

Restrained aggression boiling over and unleashed, creates a state of panic. Ideal tool for sci-fi, extreme sports, mystery, crime, fight, chase and action scenes. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 84 BPM]

Perky and funky electro-pop, uplifting and celebratory, works well with travel, fashion, youth, party and nightlife scenes. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

A ghoulish groove shrouded in mystery, atmospheric and forward moving, ideal for scenes in the sci-fi, horror or mystery genres. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 104 BPM]

Percussive rhythms and undulating synths create a fresh and exotic, dark vibe well suited to post-apocalyptic scenes as well as technology and sleek design advertising. [Tempo: Medium / 96 BPM]

An upbeat, high-energy pop-dance track. Full of youth and summer, great for vacation, travel, exercise/workout, party and nightlife scenes and advertising. Packed with positive energy. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 122 BPM]

Super-hyped intro music ideal for tv and sporting events, awards shows, pop TV, exciting premieres and more. We have this in two versions; one with just the music, and another 'Add vocal samples' version which features vocal refrains such as 'Are you ready? Let’s Go' & 'Ladies & gentlemen, it’s time, are you ready to get down'. Exciting / Hype / Showtime. [Tempo: Fast, Very fast / 130 BPM]

Foot-tapping, bouncy rock gives a feeling of reaching goals, breaking through. Great for technology, I.T. , corporate, industry and advertising, projects being carried out, such as building, manufacturing, home improvement. Busy / Active / Feel-good. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 115 BPM]

Funkadelic type funky groover featuring vocal refrain, 'Give it to me baby', ideal for fashion, cool dancing and party scenes. Also available without the vocals. [Tempo: Medium / 101 BPM]

A-tonal Techno stabs and synths dance over a grooving bass line, mechanical and wonderfully weird, great with technology, sports, urban / streets, extreme sports, funky machinery and much more. [Tempo: Medium / 107 BPM]

Edm synths, funk guitars and vocal 'oohs' make for a slow stomping groove ideal for gaming, youtube vids, sports and youth content, style, fashion and advertising. Funky, sharp and shiny. Also available without the vocal sounds. [Tempo: Slow, Medium]

Found 356 tracks, displaying page 1 of 8