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A collection of 48 sounds of Tennis and Table Tennis (aka Ping Pong). Ball hitting racket, ball bouncing, hitting net, etc. (All files include both High Definition sound at 24-bit, 48-khz and CD quality sound at 16-bit, 44.1-khz.)

All above 48 sounds: Complete LYN093 Tennis & Table Tennis
  • $22.90

A collection of 20 ring tones and 20 SMS / Txt Message sounds. These are not recordings from existing telephones, but are new sounds created by us with synthesizers and sound creation software. The SMS Message sound can of course also be useful for other things, such as on-screen notifications, incoming email alert, audio ident, logo, branding and more. Please note that we cannot give you help with installing these sounds on your phone. Every phone is different, so we cannot give you instructions on how to get these sounds installed and activated in your cell phone. We just provide the sound files. If you need help with getting the sound files into your phone, please refer to your phone's user manual or the place you bought your phone. Both WAV and MP3 file is included with the purchase of these sounds.

All above 40 sounds: Complete LYN138 Ringtones & Text Message Sounds
  • $23.25

53 sounds of High Performance cars: Nissan Silvia sounds and Subaru STI sounds. 48-khz, stereo WAV files. Recordings are done from two separate perspectives: Above the engine and behind the exhaust. (Tip: For a great sounding edit, mix the two recordings together in different amounts based on where the car is on-screen.) (All files include both a High Definition sound at 24-bit, 48-khz and also a CD-quality sound at 16-bit, 44.1-khz.)

All above 53 sounds: Complete Car Sounds, Set 9
  • $30.00

A collection of 26 outdoor ambiences recorded on-location, ranging from evening crickets chorus, icy wind, forest, beach, seaside, farmyard, etc. (All files include both High Definition sound at 24-bit, 48-khz and CD quality sound at 16-bit, 44.1-khz.)

All above 26 sounds: Complete Nature & Environments, Set 3
  • $20.45

17 sounds of various places, spaces, environments, including some nature sounds, city sounds, etc.

All above 17 sounds: Complete LYN152: Ambient Environments
  • $18.25

A collection of 34 winter sports sounds. Skis, snowboards or snow sledges slide and grind on snow and ice. Alpine, downhill, skiing, snowboarding, etc. These sounds are in stereo, except where specified as (mono).

All above 34 sounds: Complete Skiing & Snowboarding Sounds, Set 1
  • $20.75

A collection of High Tech sounds and Sci-Fi / Spacey sounds, useful for multimedia, sound design, video games, scifi films and much more. Downloads include both High Definition file (24-bit, 48-khz) and CD Definition file (16-bit, 44.1-khz)

All above 60 sounds: Complete LYN14 Science Fiction Sounds
  • $28.15

41 sounds of nature & weather including goats, bees/insects, thunder, ocean surf and more. All files include both High Definition sound at 24-bit, 48-khz and CD quality sound at 16-bit, 44.1 khz.

All above 41 sounds: Complete LYN123 Nature & Weather
  • $26.30

41 sounds of gun movement, loading, unloading, clips, racking, dry fire / misfire sounds. Delivered as 48khz, stereo WAV files.

All above 41 WAV files: Complete ´Guns, Set 4: Gun handling foley´
  • $14.15

Professional, mature, friendly, confident. Contains 84 voice samples in .wav files. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Accepted, Access denied, Accessing data, Accessing (2), Add to cart, All systems operational, Awaiting user input, Back, Cannot connect, Catalog, Checkout, Click here, Click to continue, Closing, Command, Commander, Complete, Connect, Connecting, Contact, Continue, Disconnect, Disconnecting, Download, Downloading, Email, Engage, Engaging, Enter, Error, Establishing contact, Exit (2), Forward, Greetings, Home, Identify, Incoming data, Incoming transmission, Links, Logoff, Log on, Log Out (2), Make your selection, Menu, Next, Online, Pause, Play, Please confirm, Please hold, Please identify yourself, Please select, Previous, Ready, Rejected, Resources, Return, Rewind, Search, Searching, Secure, Select, Services, Standby, Stand by, Stop, System activated, Thank you, Welcome. Preview has background music to protect our files against unauthorized use. Purchased files do not have background music. The background music is Vivali's "Allegro - from Symphony No. 1 in C Major", which can be found in our "Classical Music" section.

A collection of 45 long sounds of the city, cityscapes, city parks, traffic and more. Most are recorded in Stockholm, Sweden. 16-bit, 44.1 khz, stereo WAV files.

All above 45 sounds: Complete LYN101 Sounds of the City pt 1
  • $41.25

30 sounds of industrial machines, factory ambience, presses, belts & drills etc. 44.1 khz WAV files.

All above 30 sounds, complete Industry & Machinery Set 2. Note: 176 MB download. Recommend delivery on CD if you don't have fast internet connection.
  • $23.20

These sounds are highly useful for Audio Branding, Station Logos, Podcasts and Radio Broadcasts, Channel Idents, On-screen Logo Animations, Stingers / Idents / Audio Logos, Title Screen, Menu systems, Flash panels and much more.

All above 50 sounds: Complete LYN136 Hi Tech Production Elements
  • $37.80

A collection of 50 various sound effects, all delivered in High Definition (24-bit, 48-khz) and CD quality (16-bit, 44-khz).

All above 50 sounds: Complete LYN128 Miscellaneous sounds
  • $26.00

A collection of 37 pristine, beautiful nature sounds, bird sounds, peaceful countryside ambiences and forest ambiences, seagulls, etc. (All files include both High Definition sound at 24-bit, 48-khz and CD quality sound at 16-bit, 44.1-khz.)

All above 37 sounds: Complete LYN081 Nature & Environments Set 4
  • $22.25

A collection of 41 samples from the Mustang 68 Fastback and the Mustang V6, including seamless looping sounds of the engine at various speeds, making this collection highly suitable for games, media and interactive applications.

All above 41 WAV files: Complete Car Sounds, Set 4.
  • $19.75

Mid morning in an exotic birds palm garden near the ocean. Parrots, pigeons and many other birds chatter in palm trees. Slow ocean waves wash up on the beach nearby.

All versions
  • $7.95

A collection of 46 miscellaneous sound effects. (All files include both High Definition sound at 24-bit, 48-khz and CD quality sound at 16-bit, 44.1-khz.)

All above 46 sounds: Complete LYN087 Various Sound-FX
  • $25.30

Light crowd ambience indoor, in an airport departure hall. Can also be general indoor sparse crowd.

All versions
  • $7.95

Creatures of horror and fantasy. 56 sounds of scary fantasy creatures. 44.1 khz WAV files.

All above 56 sounds, complete Horror Set 3.
  • $32.15

A collection of 72 sounds from slot machines, in 48 khz, 16-bit, stereo WAV files.

All above sounds: Complete "Casino Sounds, Set 2" (72 WAV files)
  • $16.05

A collection of 61 sound effects of Pistols and Shotguns, professionally recorded and delivered as 48khz, stereo WAV files. Where the sound description mentions "Designed", it means that we have processed the sound somewhat to make it "larger than life". Where "Designed" is not mentioned, the sound is pure, untouched, 100% natural.

All above 61 WAV files: Complete ´Guns Set 1: Pistols & Shotguns´
  • $19.10

A collection of 128 pre-recorded Telephone prompts, telephone on-hold messages; these can be purchased and installed onto telephone on-hold machines and systems.

0 (Zero)
  • $3.55
1 (One)
  • $3.55
2 (Two)
  • $3.55
3 (Three)
  • $3.55
4 (Four)
  • $3.55
5 (Five)
  • $3.55
6 (Six)
  • $3.55
7 (Seven)
  • $3.55
8 (Eight)
  • $3.55
9 (Nine)
  • $3.55
10 (Ten)
  • $3.55
  • $3.55
Hash #
  • $3.55
  • $3.55
Star *
  • $3.55

A collection of small crowd utterances, applauses, cheers, etc. Perfect as a virtual TV studio crowd, games or for other applications. 48-khz, 16-bit stereo WAV files.