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26 new and unique Mystery, Horror & Sci-fi Sound Effects added today2 min read

From Lynne Sound FX we have a new package of 26 truly spine chilling Scifi/Horror Background Sounds posted on the site today. These freshly recorded and created, grisly sound effects were created by a combination of human voices, synthesizers, and various effects and techniques to create 26 evil, malevolent, foreboding sounds.

These are not short “one-off” sound effects like hits, impacts, whooshes and such — these are lingering, extended sounds that will work better as background sounds for mysteries, crime and criminals, science fiction and dark content. They can be used as “bed tracks” or ambient sounds of dark and scary places, over which you can place music, dialogue and other sound effects.

The 26 new sounds make up the “LYN158 Mystery & Horror Background Sounds” package, which contains the following audio tracks:

  • Mystery Horror Sound 01 – Cold, Eerie, Turmoil, Psychosis, Confusion, Lost sense of reality
  • Mystery Horror Sound 02 – Mystical, Ethereal, Echoey Windchimes, Distant Werewolf, Loop
  • Mystery Horror Sound 03 – Dark, Danger, Synth Pulse, Suspicion, Foreboding
  • Mystery Horror Sound 04 – Unstable, Radioactive, Intruding, Poisonous
  • Mystery Horror Sound 05 – Heartbeat, Grave, Walls Closing In, Intensifying, Speeding Up
  • Mystery Horror Sound 06 – Gritty, Desolate, Earthy, Deep, Grinding, Uneasy
  • Mystery Horror Sound 07 – Voices, Haunted, Tortured, Plague, Poison, Evil Presence, Sickness, Undead
  • Mystery Horror Sound 08 – Foreboding, Ominous, Scraping, Rattling, Engine, Train, Helicopter
  • Mystery Horror Sound 09 – Jungle, Crickets, Night, Angry Animals, Monsters, Cello, Disturbing
  • Mystery Horror Sound 10 – Church Bell, Electric Rhythm, Night, Crickets, Wonky, Scraping
  • Mystery Horror Sound 11 – Drone, Evil, Creeping, Rising, Crescendo, Menacing
  • Mystery Horror Sound 12 – Bell, Choir, Rising, Stanley Kubrick, Haunting, Ghostly, Crescendo
  • Mystery Horror Sound 13 – Synth Pulse, 80s, Creeping, Clandestine, Sneaky, Rhythm
  • Mystery Horror Sound 14 – Distorted, Intense, Overbearing, Electric, Feedback
  • Mystery Horror Sound 15 – Abrasive, Crescendo, Building, Rising, Menacing, Fearsome
  • Mystery Horror Sound 16 – Cold, Arctic, Polar, John Carpenter, Sci-fi, Alone, Desolate, Bells
  • Mystery Horror Sound 17 – Night, Freaky, Jungle, Glass, Whales, Dusty, Disturbed, Distant Cries
  • Mystery Horror Sound 18 – Haunting, Rumbling, Scraping, Creeping, Animals, Pipes
  • Mystery Horror Sound 19 – Sirens, Air Raid, Timpani, Waves, Distressing, Anxiety
  • Mystery Horror Sound 20 – Choir, Ghostly, Startling, 80s, Timpani, John Carpenter, Voices, Sirens
  • Mystery Horror Sound 21 – Empty, Cavernous, Eerie, Tomb, Creaky, Otherworldly, Distant, Cold
  • Mystery Horror Sound 22 – Industrial, Asylum, Pulse, Crescendo, Cello, Speeding up
  • Mystery Horror Sound 23 – Slow, Waves, Voices, Ghostly, Ominous, Cold, Dark, Foreboding, Space
  • Mystery Horror Sound 24 – Approaching, Malevolence, Overwhelming, All-consuming
  • Mystery Horror Sound 25 – Creepy, Intense, Scraping, Evil, Sudden Violent Impact
  • Mystery Horror Sound 26 – Psychotic, Intruding, Insanity, Dizzy, Unreal, Forceful, Lingering

Each sound can be licensed separately, or you can get the whole package for a set price. 

Have a listen here — Not for the faint-hearted. 🙂


Bjorn Lynne

Bjørn Lynne is a Norwegian sound engineer and music composer, now living and working in Stavern, Norway. He was also known as a tracker music composer under the name "Dr. Awesome" in the demoscene in the 1980s and 1990s when he released tunes in MOD format and made music for Amiga games.