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A video for ‘Soft Explorations, Vol. 6’

Music collection: Soft Explorations, Vol. 6For your listening pleasure — and in order to preview the royalty-free background music on our downloadable CD-collection “Soft Explorations, Vol. 6“, we’ve created a nice YouTube video that plays all the 11 tracks from this album, one after the next. With on-screen information about the track title and artist, and a nice, soothing nature photo to go along with it.



Advertising will play only at the beginning of the video; then, no ad-breaks during the 31 minutes of playtime. We hope you’ll find this useful and, well, just enjoyable.

The music in this video is great for falling asleep, studying, meditation, relaxation, yoga, focusing at work, etc. It’s also great music for use with nature footage, relaxing vacations, soothing footage of things like properties, landscapes, and as background music for relaxing video games.

You may want to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such videos featuring stock music from our library. We put up videos of all our royalty-free music tracks and, sometimes, our CD-collections like this.

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Life Unfolding, Vol. 1 – New stock royalty-free music collection

Life Unfolding Vol. 1 - background stock music collection from Shockwave-SoundWe are happy to announce our latest royalty-free music collection: “Life Unfolding, Vol. 1“.

This is album featuring 11 light background music tracks highly suitable for use with TV, film and advertising. This curated stock music collection contains light entertainment tracks, transparent and understated, but with a sense of hope and humanity.

The idea for the music on this album came from watching popular real-life docu-drama TV series such as “24 Hours in A&E” or one of many other family TV shows following ordinary people going through their ups and downs. We get up close and personal with real people like you and me, and the music a little bit quirky, a little bit light, heartfelt, always with a hope for a fulfilled life.

We feel that this kind of music is perhaps a bit underrepresented in a production music marketplace that perhaps too often focuses on hard-hitting, epic, very dramatic music, or even “overly emotional” music. Real people living real lives aren’t always about chasing extreme weather, jumping out of a plane, or going to war. Sometimes it’s just about having a hand to hold and somebody to talk to. Or finding the other sock.

We feel that the 11 hand-picked tracks on “Life Unfolding, Vol. 1” hits that spot. We hope you’ll find this music useful.

As with all our music collections, each track can also be licensed separately. Just search for each track title at

Chilled Pop week – 30% off Chilled Pop collections for 7 days

Chilled Pop week – 30% off Chilled Pop collections for 7 days

Chilled Pop weekWe have just released our new stock music collection, “Chilled Pop, Vol. 4” featuring 11 smooth, stylish, lavish, feel-good and easy-going Chilled Pop tracks. This is great royalty free music for commercials, holiday and fun video projects, explainer videos, feel-good stories and more.

We’re celebrating the new release with 7 days of 30% discount on all Chilled Pop albums! The following are all $69.95 each until Monday, April 26, 2021. (Regular price $99.95)


Hip Hop Week! 30% off all Hip-Hop Beatz albums until Sunday April 4th, 2021

We’re celebrating the release of our new album “Hip Hop Beatz, Vol. 10”, featuring 11 funky, hard-hitting, high impact and gritty Hip Hop & Trap tracks, with a week of 30% off all Hip Hop Beatz albums!

If you need high-quality production music in Hip-Hop and Trap for your media productions, be sure to take advantage of this offer within Sunday 4th of April, 2021.

Hip Hop Beatz, Vol. 10

Amazing new Drums / Percussion royalty free tracks now available to license at Shockwave-Sound

Amazing new Drums / Percussion royalty free tracks now available to license at Shockwave-Sound

Drummer playing drum kitOur producer David G Steele teamed up with the amazingly talented and skilled drummer, Mark Walker, to produce 15 hefty, punchy, funky and incredibly useful drums only music tracks for use with commercials, presentations, TV/video, YouTube etc. Check them out! The top 15 tracks on this page are the brand new material from David & Mark.

Mark’s live performance on the drum kit is cleverly mixed with samples and programming to create “Percussion only” tracks that work so well in media, advertising, film etc. When you remove all other sounds, the drums seem to speak an entirely new language on their own. We are proud to be able to offer these tracks as royalty-free music here at Shockwave-Sound and we hope that many of you will find them useful for your media projects.