Clarke, Jeremiah

Jeremiah Clarke
1674 – December 1, 1707

Jeremiah Clarke was an English composer during the Baroque period. He worked as a composer, as well as an organist.

He began as part of a boy choir in the Chapel Royal. This lasted until his voice changed, whereupon he developed his skills as an organist at Winchester College. He rose to success at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London as a vicar-choral.

Clarke’s compositional skills developed as he wrote theater pieces and anthems. It was his sacred music that led to his lasting fame, particularly The Prince of Denmark’s March. This piece was incorrectly attributed to Henry Purcell, and adopted the name Purcell’s Trumpet Voluntary. It is commonly used as wedding music.

Clarke suffered from depression his entire life. He committed suicide in 1707.

Notable works:
Purcell's Trumpet Voluntary
Trumpet Tune in D