Stock Music track: Assassin (Project 2020)

A blend of pop, electronica and dance, this is a polished dance track available in a vocal version as well as an instrumental version. Highly polished and with a very catchy chorus and irresistable synth bass on the verses. T4045 17.95 55.95

Track details

Track ID number: 4045
Genres: Vocal Pop / Contemporary -- Pop: Electro-Pop -- Urban styles: R&B / Soul / Urban Pop
Moods/Emotions: Strong / Confident / Tough -- Nervous / Uneasy / Scared -- Excited / Enthusiastic / Energetic -- Mysterious / Mystical / Secretive
Suggested Production Types: Crime / Criminals / Bad-asses -- Sports & Active Lifestyle -- Style / Fashion / Make-up -- Teen / Youth / School
Prominent Instruments: Bass (Electric) -- Drum machine / Electronic drums -- Vocals (Male) / Singing with Lyrics
Keywords / Hints: pop vocal singing song electronica synth lyrics
Tempo feel: Medium -- Fast
Tempo Beats Per Minute: 130
Artist: Project 2020
Composer: David Ingall (PRS - CAE#: 440524881)
Publisher: Lynne Publishing (PRS - CAE: 541626758)
SRCO (Sound Recording Copyright Owner): David Ingall
PRO / Non-PRO Track? PRO (What's this?)
WAV file bit depth: CD-quality / 16-bit (What's this?)
Stem files available for this track: No
Lyrics: Verse
Every night I walk alone
Can’t remember the last time I saw my home
The wheels are turning from left to right
I won’t stop till the morning light

Assassin, an assassin on the floor
Assassin, make you move till you’ll dance no more
Assassin, an assassin on the floor
Assassin, make you move till you’ll dance no more
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About the Artist
Project 2020 Project 2020

Born in London, David Ingall formed Project 2020 in the year 2000 after playing various instruments from drums to French horn in groups ranging in style from orchestral to heavy metal. Through Project 2020, David has focused his attention on composing and producing urban music amongst other styles, combining the styles that he has performed and listened to since childhood.

Since its creation, Project 2020 has received national airplay on UK radio and has also had its music featured as part of an international advertising for a major electronics company.

Composer's performance affiliation: PRS and PPL (UK).