Sound Effect track: LYN005: Button Sounds, Set 4: Metal

71 long and short metallic hits, rollovers, hovers, whooshes, slides and other metallic effects. All taken from real metal objects like wrenches, steel bars, cans, tins, anvil, plate, pipe, saw and more. All the files are in stereo for extra depth. 44.1 khz, stereo WAV files. CanCrunch1, CanCrunch2, CanCrunch3, CanCrunch4, CanCrunch5, CanHit, CanDrop1, CanDrop2, CanDrop3, CanDrop4, Tap, Ding1, Ding2, Ric, Tap, GrilleFall, WrenchFall, WrenchMove1, WrenchMove2, GrillDrag1, WireDrop, FenceBang, FenceHit, NutDrop, NutJar, NutQuickJar, Scrape, ScrapeLong, ScrapeShort, TinDrag, TinPull1, TinPull2, TinDing1, TinDing2, Drill2, SawWaffle1, SawWaffle2, SawBend1, SawBend2, SawHit1, PlateDrag2, SingOut1, PipeDing, PipeRoll, PegRattle, JarDink, JarRattle, PegsDrop, PlateDrag3, PlateDing1, PegDrop1, PlateDing2, PlateDrag4, PlateRattle, LightDing1, LightDing3, LightDing4, CupDong1, CupDong2, ClampSlide, ClampDrop, BenchRattle1, WrenchDrop, ToolDrop, LongDing, LowWronk, SmallAnvil, LowPlate, HighTap, MedAnvil, SmoothSlide.

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Track details

Track ID number: 2410
Genres: Button sounds, rollover sounds, menu sounds
Artist: Lynne Sound FX
SRCO (Sound Recording Copyright Owner): Bjorn Lynne
WAV file bit depth: CD-quality / 16-bit (What's this?)
Stem files available for this track: No
Album containing this track:  Buttons & Menues Super Pack 1 Picture Sound-FX collection: Buttons & Menues Super Pack 1
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About the Artist
Lynne Sound FX Lynne Sound FX

Lynne Sound FX is the label name for sound atmospheres, sound recordings, foley sound effects and nature sound ambiences created by Bjorn Lynne and various others who participate.