Royalty Free Music track: Oginski Polonese (Piano)

Calm, soothing, beautiful solo piano performance by Dmitriy Lukyanov. T7408 32.95 32.95

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Track ID number: 7408
CD-collection containing this track: Music collection: Piano Reflections, Vol. 7 (Classical piano)
Genres: Oginski -- Soft: Piano Music, Solo Piano
Moods/Emotions: Sad / Sorrowful / Mournful -- Peaceful / Tranquil / Bliss -- Loving / Romantic / Tender -- Reflective / Thoughtful / Introspective
Suggested Production Types: Drama / Personal stories -- Historical: Older History / Ancient -- Love Story / Romance
Prominent Instruments: Piano (Acoustic)
Tempo feel: Slow -- Medium
Tempo Beats Per Minute: 92
Artist: Dmitriy Lukyanov -- Oginski, Michal Kazimierz
Composer: Dmitriy Lukyanov -- Oginski, Michal Kazimierz
Publisher: Lynne Publishing
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About the Artist
Dmitriy Lukyanov Dmitriy Lukyanov

Hello! My name is Dmitriy Lukyanov. I have degree from Russian Academy of Music name after Gnesinikh (Moscow) and also I won the grand for education in Bercklee College of Music. I have a lot of experience and tracks too. I have my own symphony, chamber quartet, spirit themes for choir, music for the piano, jazz quintet and big band. I had experience to create the commercial tracks for broadcasting, TV projects, advertisement. I play on many instrument as a piano, flute, guitar, bass, violin. I had a collaboration with many musicians and I appreciate them for it for the new experience in creature of something new, it's amazing. I would like to offer a different kinds of my music and I'm exiting to share it with you. Also I like to play my music on a stage and often I have a contracts in many countries around the world as Europe Middle East and USA. I wish you a nice day and enjoy Sincerely, Dmitriy

About the Artist
Oginski, Michal Kazimierz Oginski, Michal Kazimierz

Michal Kazimierz Oginski
1730 – 1800

Michal Kazimierz Oginski, born in 1730, was a Polish noble, once in consideration for the Polish-Lithuanian throne. He was heavily involved in the military and politics, battling (and losing to) Russian forces.

He was a great supporter of the arts, and was a patron to many artists. He employed an orchestra in his court, as well as theatre groups. His interest in music wasn’t limited to other musicians: he modified the harp, and was also an accomplished musician and composer.