Royalty Free Music track: Dvorak String Quartet No 12 American in F Major Op 96 3 Molto Vivace

Antonin Dvorak String Quartet No. 12 'American' in F major, Op.96 ; B.179. Movement 3: Molto vivace in F major - Trio in F minor. Classical music recorded live in studio by the Allegro String Ensemble, exclusively for Lynne Publishing. T22173 32.95 32.95

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Track ID number: 22173
Genres: Dvorak
Moods/Emotions: Nervous / Uneasy / Scared -- Gloomy / Dark / Sinister -- Melancholic / Nostalgic / Wistful -- Passionate / Emotional / Melodramatic -- Funny / Playful / Whimsical / Comical -- Mysterious / Mystical / Secretive -- Regal / Majestic / Honorable -- Classy / Elegant / Exclusive
Suggested Production Types: Documentary / Culture / Art -- Family / Light Entertainment -- Historical: Older History / Ancient -- House Makeover / Property Show -- Period Drama / Melodrama -- TV Commercial - Luxury / Style
Prominent Instruments: String Section
Keywords / Hints: classical, dvorak, classical dvorak, dvorak classical, dvorak strings, american string quartet, dvorak string quartet, fine art, history, historical, documentary, documentaries, regal, stately, estate, expensive, luxury, luxurious, classic, elegant, elegance, timeless, high class, classy, upper class, taste, superior, wedding, wedding reception, theatre
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Artist: Allegro String Ensemble -- Dvorak, Antonin Leopold
Composer: Dvorak, Antonin
Publisher: Lynne Publishing (Track not PRO-registered)
SRCO (Sound Recording Copyright Owner): Lynne Publishing AS
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Album containing this track:  Classical Chamber Strings, Vol. 7 Picture Music collection: Classical Chamber Strings, Vol. 7
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About the Artist
Allegro String Ensemble Allegro String Ensemble

Allegro String Ensemble is a chamber string orchestra from California, sometimes appearing as a string quartet and sometimes as a string quintet, recording favorite classical masterpieces exclusively for Lynne Publishing. All performances are 100% live, without the use of computers or electronics, and all recordings are live-in-studio single-take direct recordings. 

About the Artist
Dvorak, Antonin Leopold Dvorak, Antonin Leopold

Antonin Leopold Dvorak September 8, 1841 – May 1, 1904 Antonin Leopold Dvorak was born in a small town north of Prague. As a boy he sang at the local church, but his formal training did not occur until 12, when he studied viola, piano, and organ, as well as harmony. Later, at 16, Dvorak studied organ in Prague. He became a player first in a band, then the Czech National Opera Orchestra. During this time he began composing, but was reluctant to publish. It was only when Dvorak left the orchestra to become a church organist that he began to compose in earnest. Recognition followed. He received prizes, contracts with publishers, and performances of his music across Europe. He visited London, and Russia, and eventually became the director of the National Conservatory of Music of America in New York City. He stayed there for three years before returning to Prague. He became the director of the Prague Conservatory, which he held until death. Dvorak’s works are known for their nationalistic slant. They incorporate folk aspects into classical styles, both in instrumentation and theme. His pieces are distinguished by their diversity, as well as memorable, colourful melodies. Notable works: Symphony No.9 Cell Concerto in B minor American Quintet Dumky Trio New World Symphony Slavonic Dances Rusalka