Royalty Free Music track: Brahms Lullaby Wiegenlied No 4 in E-flat Major Op 49 Zart bewegt

Johannes Brahms - 5 Lieder, Wiegenlied No. 4 in E-flat Major (Brahms’ Lullaby), Op. 49. Zart bewegt. Light piano and acoustic guitar arrangement. Music performed and recorded by Abigail Mettry, exclusively for Lynne Publishing. T20594 32.95 32.95

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Track ID number: 20594
Genres: Brahms -- Childrens - Sweet Softies & Lullabyes
Moods/Emotions: Peaceful / Tranquil / Bliss -- Angelic / Heavenly / Delightful -- Sweet / Pretty / Adorable / Innocent
Suggested Production Types: Children / Toddlers / Babies
Prominent Instruments: Guitar (Acoustic) -- Piano (Acoustic)
Keywords / Hints: lullaby, brahms, brahms lullaby, lullabye, brahms lullabye, sweet, innocent, innocence, child, sleeping child, sleepy, children, sleeping children, nursery rhyme, childrens music, childrens song, cute, toy, toys, cuddly, soft, toy piano, twinkling, twinkly, twinkle twinkle little star, baby, babies, toddler, toddlers, sleeping baby
Tempo feel: Very slow -- Slow
Tempo Beats Per Minute: 64
Artist: Brahms, Johannes -- Shockwave-Sound Royalty Free
Composer: Brahms, Johannes
Publisher: Shockwave-Sound Royalty Free
SRCO (Sound Recording Copyright Owner): Lynne Publishing AS
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WAV file bit depth: HD / 24-Bit (What's this?)
Stem files available for this track: No
Album containing this track:  Classical Piano Favorites, Vol. 9 Picture Music collection: Classical Piano Favorites, Vol. 9
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About the Artist
Brahms, Johannes Brahms, Johannes

Johannes Brahms
May 7, 1833 – April 3, 1897

German composer Johannes Brahms is one of the most widely respected and enjoyed classical artists of all time. He is grouped with Bach and Beethoven as part of the Three Bs of classical music.

Brahms showed exceptional skill as a pianist from a very young age. He was the son of a double bassist who played in the Hamburg Philharmonic Society. Brahms began his career practicing in taverns, bistros, and brothels. As he grew into his twenties, he mingled with other talents, including composer Robert Schumann.

Brahms worked mostly from Vienna from 1862 onwards, where he focused solely on composing. He produced opulent symphonies, powerful concertos, as well as chamber music. His works are noteworthy for including clarinet.

A perfectionist, Brahms’ oeuvre is notable in its intertwining of the music elements of counterpoint and development within a structured, yet expressive form.

Notable works:
Academic Festival Overture
Piano Concertos #'s 1, 2
Violin Concerto in D
Hungarian Dances
Symphony #1 in C Minor

About the Artist
Shockwave-Sound Royalty Free Shockwave-Sound Royalty Free

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