Genre: Miscellaneous sounds, Various sound-fx

Found 71 tracks

A collection of 53 sounds of lego pieces being connected, disconnected, grabbed, rattled, dropped, etc. (All files include both High Definition sound at 24-bit, 48-khz and CD quality sound at 16-bit, 44.1-khz.)

All above 53 sounds: Complete LYN120 Lego Sounds

A collection of 53 various WAV foley sound effects.

All above 53 sounds: Complete BRS Foley 04

A collection of 57 miscellaneous sound-fx. All sounds are 48-khz, 16-bit, stereo WAV files (Except where noted 'mono').

All above 57 sounds: Complete Various Sound Effects, Set 2

65 various/misc sound effects. WAV files, 16-bit, 44.1-khz.

All above 65 sounds: Complete BRS Miscellaneous 1

58 sounds made from Snow and Ice. Includes footsteps on snow, ice skating, ice hockey skate slides, skiing, snowboarding, etc. (All files include both High Definition sound at 24-bit, 48-khz and CD quality sound at 16-bit, 44.1-khz.)

All above 58 sounds: Complete Snow & Ice Sounds, Set 1

52 miscellaneous WAV sound effects.

All above 52 sounds: Complete BRS Foley 08

A collection of 53 miscellaneous foley sound effects. WAV files at 16-bit, 44.1 khz, stereo.

All above 53 sounds: Complete BRS Foley 11

A collection of 56 sound effects across various genres. All sounds are 48 khz, 16-bit, stereo WAV files.

All above 56 sounds: Complete Various Sound Effects, Set 1

Various sports sound effects.

All above 44 sounds: Complete AOS Sports 2

CINEMATIC TRAILERS DESIGNED 2 is here to set new standards in terms of trailer sound effects and production elements. Each and every single sound can be considered a masterpiece that has been meticulously crafted by our BOOM Library sound designers during a long and very critical selection process. The goal was to create a professional sound set that is very easy to use, delivers the perfect effect instantly and has a well-balanced amount of "punch" to shine through all other trailer sound sources (music, voice-over, etc.). As a side-effect, it will put a smile on your face when listening to your BOOM-Library-spiced project. CINEMATIC TRAILERS DESIGNED 2 offers you in more tan 120 files a vast selection of more than 450 different high-quality whooshes, hits, cracks, bounces, slams, transitions, rises, basically everything you need to instantly draw attention to your movie, trailer, teaser, presentation, podcast or promotion video.

An highly useable collection of 60 magic sound effects. Magical swirls, sweeps, whizzes and whooshes useful for sound design (mix, match and layer these sounds for new and exciting possibilities), fantasy and role-playing games, wizardry, spell casting, witchcraft and magic shows. (All files include both High Definition sound at 24-bit, 48-khz and CD quality sound at 16-bit, 44.1-khz.)

All above 60 sounds: Complete LYN080 Magic & Spellcasting package

A collection of 25 various sounds suitable for creating a knight vs monster scene. WAV files, 16-bit, 44.1-khz.

All above 25 sounds: Complete Blastwave Fairy Tale Knight vs Creature Scene

A collection of 71 various / household and other sound effects.

All above 71 sounds: Complete LYN151 Miscellaneous Sounds

The Cinematic Metal: Impacts library is packed with 200 final designed sounds. From deep booms and high sweeteners, to huge cinematic impact and epic crashes -- everything you need to really make an impression! All of these sounds were uniquely designed with the Cinematic Metal - Construction Kit. Pimp up your final cuts, trailers, epic movie scores or sound effects with these monstrous, huge and explosive impact sound effects. This immense collection of uniquely designed hits is made for easy access to a wide range of different metal impacts. Ranging from realistic sounding big metal crashes to highly manipulated eerie logo hits. Most suited for editors, sound designers and multimedia designers, this Library contains 200 high definition sound effects. Recorded and edited in 192 KHz, 24-bit, designed and delivered in 96 KHz, 24-bit, this high end Library will suit your future HD projects perfectly.

A collection of 20 ring tones and 20 SMS / Txt Message sounds. These are not recordings from existing telephones, but are new sounds created by us with synthesizers and sound creation software. The SMS Message sound can of course also be useful for other things, such as on-screen notifications, incoming email alert, audio ident, logo, branding and more. Please note that we cannot give you help with installing these sounds on your phone. Every phone is different, so we cannot give you instructions on how to get these sounds installed and activated in your cell phone. We just provide the sound files. If you need help with getting the sound files into your phone, please refer to your phone's user manual or the place you bought your phone. Both WAV and MP3 file is included with the purchase of these sounds.

All above 40 sounds: Complete LYN138 Ringtones & Text Message Sounds

A collection of 35 sound atmospheres, backdrops, drones, ambiences. Some dark & menacing, others expansive, light/beauty, vast and tingly. Good as underscores, sonic paintings, background aural textures. 44.1 khz, 16-bit, stereo WAV files.

All above 35 sounds: Complete JV006 Horror & Scifi Drones

CINEMATIC TRAILERS DESIGNED 2 is unique. It’s the first sound effect library of the Cinematic Series where you can get powerful trailer SFX in Stereo and 5.1 Surround. This package contains both, the Stereo and the Surround version. You will get more than 9GB of fresh sounds in perfect 96kHz/24bit HD audio quality. EASE OF USE: Why should you spend countless moments of your life panning and placing your sounds in a 5.1 surround environment when you can just drag and drop our BOOM Library surround files into your projects and everything just sounds fantastic? It's really that simple.

MECHANICALS DESIGNED will let you create fascinating and complex mechanical sound effects in just a few minutes. Complicated vault doors, secret mechanisms, clockworks, huge, small or tiny machinery, drawbridges, mechanical processes of any size, you name it. Don’t have time to edit single sound files to create a fitting mechanical sound process? No worries, we have already done this for you and we promise – these sounds will fit to your special needs. SONIC CHARACTERISTICS: We created the mechanical sound effects with only small reverberation rooms to give you as much flexibility as possible. The dry and very close sounds can easily be integrated into other reverberation rooms and afterwards you can add as much reverb to your sounds as you need. What You Get MECHANICALS DESIGNED comes with 96 pre-designed and ready-to-use files organized by size (LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL, TINY). Each file contains four often heavily alternating variations of the sound to give you more flexibility and less repetitive sound options. The sounds come as 96kHz/24bit WAV files, ready to further process them as you desire. Using those sounds couldn't be easier: just drag and drop the designed SFX in your personal project and get absolutely convincing results instantly. All files contain extensive metadata to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible.

MECHANICALS CONSTRUCTION KIT is an incredibly valuable and versatile set of sound FX. Use these high-quality source sounds to create your own mechanical sound masterpieces from scratch. WHAT YOU GET: To give you unlimited possibilities we included more than 2.000 single source sound FX in more than 560 files. Choose from a sheer endless amount of CLICKS, SNAPS, MOVEMENTS, COMPLEX SOUND SEQUENCES, RATTLING, ROLLING, SLIDING, SPRINGS, TURNS & SWEETENERS. Different sizes, multiple variations and a huge palette of different machines and mechanism sounds give you full flexibility to enter a new world of outstanding sound effects.