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This energetic, tropical pop music quickly sets a mood of fun conveying freshness, cool, ease and excitement. Modern, modulating synths, a marimba melody and savvy drums intensify in this track’s arrangement leading to an ebb and flow of buildups and releases. Great music for youth and young adult programming, how-to videos, even business and lifestyle voiceovers. Tropical House / Young / Gen Z music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 136 BPM]

Steady and dynamic, this country-blues inspired music track is persistent and grooving. It could easily seem to be pushing onward through hardship. A single, steel-string acoustic guitar performance was captured with a lively mix of percussion and simple drums. This is an excellent music fit for rural “Americana” themes and lifestyle, kids/youth programming, comedy, cooking and DIY fix-it podcasts. Acoustic Country / Perseverance / Steady. [Tempo: Fast / 199 BPM]

This is a great music for blending emotional drama with a modern dance beat. The catchy melody is played on synthesizer and backed up by synth pads, plucked lines and pads, bass and drums. This is as great for celebratory moments as it is for emotive ones. Use for many types of projects including travel, lifestyle, cooking, commercials, presentations and documentaries. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 120 BPM]

Quirky and cute, this music track blends a whistle, slide guitar and synth melody with dancehall bass and drums. This is bubble-gum pop with a Caribbean flavor to it. Upbeat and good-natured, and comedic, commercials, travel and family adventure programming are perfect landing pads for this music track. [Tempo: Fast / 122 BPM]

Deception, intrigue, and suspicion are decidedly within the emotive wheelhouse of this synth-based music cue. Starting with a synth motif, the cue’s intensity builds with density of texture, sound effects and drums. Well suited for action dramas, tension and anticipation scenes, and docs with environmental and humanitarian topics. Anticipation / Synth / Suspicion music. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 93 BPM]

15 minutes continuous, uninterrupted background music track for video productions and other media. Optimism and confidence are quickly conveyed in this pop track. Its bold piano and sturdy beat have an EDM touch and are punctuated by synth textures and tight guitar plucks. Excellent for business/corporate videos, tutorials, travel and lifestyle programing. Focused / Eager / Optimistic music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 123 BPM]

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This piece is an elegant interplay between lightly dramatic and comedic. Electric guitar and piano play the melody over a sparse bed of pizzicato strings, bass, and jazzy drums. A feeling of a carefully unfolding of a story embedded in this piece. A nice cue for a wide variety of drama and comedy programming. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 82 BPM]

Chilled out, breezy and fresh, this Tropical Pop track evokes luxury, great company and suitable degrees of intoxication. Its arrangement follows blissful keyboard chords through a colourful jungle of deep kicks, evolving pads/fx, solid bass and syncopated synths lines. With its laid back exotic allure, it does well in vlogs, B-roll, adventure/style/travel shows and dramas. Tropical / Chillax / Blissful. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 0 BPM]

Lively and light, this uptempo pop music connects with a feeling of friendliness, hope and epicness. The energy is elevated by catchy synth hooks supported by robust keys, driving bass, shifting drums and buildup effects. This track is excellent for positive content creators, corporate settings, voiceovers, how-tos, channel themes and b-roll. [Tempo: Medium / 136 BPM]

This 80's-drenched, but also futuristic track is inspired by synth-heavy, 80's sci-fi action and mystery movies. Its arpeggiated bass and fluid synths invoke slightly shifting moods as the track progresses. There's a feeling of danger and adventure, perfect for road driving or flying type programming, crime in progress / criminal enterprise, emotive dramas, and flyovers. Outrun / Sparse / 80's Sci-fi. [Tempo: Medium / 131 BPM]

Inclusive, folksy and sweet, this light pop music track exudes encouragement and inspiration. Its spacious, allowing the bed of acoustic guitars, piano, organ, claps, and drums to breathe – great for talk overs. The light melody features slide guitar and vocals. Possible applications for this music track include commercials, dramas, reality shows, lifestyle and travel shows and slide shows. Available in many different mixes with/without the various voices and instruments. [Tempo: Medium / 89 BPM]

This sweet, acoustic guitar driven pop track generates warmth and good times, and has elements of Folk and Country within it. Highly suitable for commercials, drama, family, travel, themes of home, growing up, and falling in love. [Tempo: Medium / 87 BPM]

Balancing between drama and comedy, this track conveys anticipation as well as reflection and surprise. Pizzicato strings move the arrangement with the help of acoustic guitar, tremolo strings, piano, marimba, triangle, congas and other light percussion. Great for dramedy and romantic events with a melancholy twist. Excellent for tv/cable production, documentary, travel, personal development types of narratives. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 118 BPM]

This early country pop music track swings and sways, bops and rocks. Its honky tonk, twangy electric guitar melody has that quintessential Nashville tone which plays over a tight arrangement of saloon piano, acoustic guitars, double bass and drums. This is a great music for comedy, light drama, period pieces, rural programming and commercials. [Tempo: Fast, Very fast / 114 BPM]

This Indie synth-pop music track is as catchy as it is upbeat. Its layered synth melody rides on top of a guitar driven groove reinforced by an arpeggiated synth, high-energy bass and drums. This positive, good-feeling music track works nicely behind travel, lifestyle or drama themes – also excellent for commercials. [Tempo: Fast / 148 BPM]

Like ripples in water flowing into each other, the marimba and pan drum in this track move toward crescendos and a steady rhythm. Reverb soaked vocal tones, acoustic guitars, bass, tubular bells, percussion and a filtered synthesizer help along this cycle of melody and rhythm. It has subtle hints of Indie pop. Perfect for intimate, emotional stories, relational moments that move toward the positive, or family and travel themes. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 93 BPM]

As piano driven pop, this upbeat pop music track is tight and catchy. The bass and piano are doubled pushing the rest of the rhythm section of electric guitar and drums onward. This is a great music for drama, travel, and road movie adventures. [Tempo: Fast / 158 BPM]

Catchy and quirky, this bluegrass-inspired music track conveys friendliness, southern charm and sparse rawness. The simple arrangement consists of a single banjo performance backed up by a kick drum. Great music for comedy and rural-themed shows. Banjo / Down Home / Upbeat Music. [Tempo: Medium / 178 BPM]

Fresh, sparkling and exuberant, this modern pop track immediately conveys a fun and dynamic atmosphere. From syncopated keyboards and vocals pops, to quirky synths and fx, with dominant bass and drums, this track congeals it all into a bouncy, life-positive groove with a touch of the ‘80s. This is an excellent music choice for lifestyle and travel programming, B-roll footage as well as commercials. Exuberant / Fresh / Pop. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 123 BPM]

This steady grooving corporate pop music track easily transmits collaborative, friendly sentiments. With a touch of the 80s, its guitar plucks, filtered pads, synth melody, bass and drums create a zestful arrangement. It stays consistent and positive, excellent for dramas, flyovers, narration, business videos and themes. Corporate Guitar Pop / Fresh/ Collaborative. [Tempo: Medium / 119 BPM]

Energizing, fun, light, this Indie Pop track leans into the feel of the Caribbean. Electric guitar, bells and marimba perform over a steady, raga-style rhythm section with electric piano, bass, drums, and upbeat percussion. Tight and fun, this track would work excellent in comedy, travel, kids, cooking and lifestyle programming. [Tempo: Fast / 220 BPM]

This upbeat, vintage-inspired R&B track is excellent to injecting enthusiasm into your media. The energy created around electric guitar, fingered bass, vintage organs and funky drums heightens as the arrangement keeps modulating up. The applications for this track are many: commercials, 1960’s period pieces, dramas, comedies, documentaries, how-to videos, lifestyle/cooking shows, etc. [Tempo: Fast / 0 BPM]

Bells and whistles play this up-tempo track’s catchy melody. It conveys a rush and urge for innocent adventure and discovery. Pushing the rhythm along are the acoustic guitars, synth, bass and drums. Great for adventure, travel, comedy, family and relationship dramas. [Tempo: Fast / 208 BPM]

This pop music track is as refreshing as it is consistent and steady, perfect for adding inspiration and color. Confident piano chords underlay various synths, swooshes, and guitar over a firm beat. Highly suitable as music for dramas, travel, B-roll, voice overs, slide shows and tutorials. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

Upbeat, catchy, and positive music, this old school 1960's R&B track conveys good times. The melody is played by Horns, and pushed along by a tight “Detroit sound” rhythm section including electric guitars, organ, bass, tambourine, and drums. Excellent music for 60s-70s period pieces, comedy, travel, web videos, and jingles. [Tempo: Fast / 145 BPM]

This sweet, acoustic guitar driven pop music track generates warmth and good times. Its melody is played by electric guitar, synth and bells, and back up by strings, electric rhythm guitar, bass, percussion and drums. This is a superb music for commercials drama, family, travel, themes of home, growing up, and falling in love. [Tempo: Medium / 115 BPM]

This good-feeling track has the essence of vibrant Indie pop. Cool vocals are sung over a euphoric arrangement of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, piano, bass and drums. The drive and authenticity of this track would make it well suited for youth drama, travel, road movies, coming of age themes, how-to videos, lifestyle, college, sport and nature themed programming. [Tempo: Fast / 135 BPM]

Exciting, limitless and joyful are feeling easily conveyed in this pop music track. With shifting bed of guitar harmonics, analog synths, and drums this modern sounding track is a great fit for a show theme, youth/young adult dramas, travel and discovery programing, documentaries, corporate narration, and podcasts. Adventurous/ Upbeat music/ Engaging. [Tempo: Fast / 143 BPM]

This track escalates quickly into a upbeat, inspiring synth-pop soundscape. With synths and airy keyboards dominating the arrangement, it’s the fingered bass and drums that keep this track rooted in a solid groove. This is a great piece for inspirational programming, travel, lifestyle, and web-tutorials. [Tempo: Medium / 146 BPM]

Like the charm of a good storyteller, this banjo music track has humour, good pacing and quirky shifts. Joining the banjo is a sparse rhythm section of steel-string guitar, claps and drums. Great music for comedy, children’s programming, video blogs, travel and cooking shows. Southern / Upbeat / Banjo Music. There is also a 'No Banjo' version, where the mouth harp / jaw harp comes out more clearly. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 100 BPM]

Simple, sparse and inspired, this cute fingerstyle music track is made by a single acoustic guitar, hi-hat and kick drum. It can convey warmth, heart, consistency and things making sense. Superb as music for light dramas, comedy, documentaries and rural travel shows. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 88 BPM]

This high-energy, feel-good music track conveys fun times and purpose by blending a 60’s R&B-type rhythm with vintage-modern Indie guitar pop. The enthusiastic drums and bass initiate the groove on which guitars, keys and strings are added, intensifying the spirit of the track. Superb as music for reinforcing themes of relationships, youth, travel and lifestyle. Free / Loose / High Point. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 169 BPM]

This marimba and pizzicato dramedy cue works great to convey curiosity, fudged attempts, hope, and relational push and pull. The beat is stable and grooving. The melody is supported by an arrangement of bells, bass, shakers and drums. Good for commercials, dramedy, cooking and travel. [Tempo: Medium / 100 BPM]

Summery light and inspirational, caring and excited is what this track conveys. The instruments include pizzicato strings, marimba, grooving drums and bass, shaker, bells, and synth pad. Excellent for commercials, travel and drama/comedy based themes. [Tempo: Medium / 99 BPM]

Light and jovial in a retro-cool package, this music track swings like a cheerful pop song from the 1960’s. Flutes, vibraphone and bells play the catchy melody while the rhythm section is played on bass, organ, and drums. Great music for period pieces around the 1960’s-70’s, commercials and comedy. [Tempo: Medium / 83 BPM]

The spirit of this whistle track is young, adventurous, and confident. Backed up by bells, synthesizers, vocals and drums the arrangement conveys playfulness and inclusion. Excellent music for commercials, children’s and web shows, reality and travel programming. Cute / Honest / Caring Music. [Tempo: Medium / 119 BPM]

Leisurely moments at a place you love, is a feeling easily conveyed in this spritely, inspiring music track. Its whistles, vocals and bells carry the light, catchy melody on an easy arrangement of acoustic guitars, bass and light drums. Great for family and youth themes, travel and cooking themes, web shows and commercials. Loving / Sweet / Leisure Music. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 88 BPM]

Friendly and catchy, this acoustic guitar and whistles based track is perfect for heartfelt moments. Included in the arrangement are bass, bells, claps and brush drums. Sublime for family and youth themes, comedy, commercials, travel and web tutorials. [Tempo: Medium / 91 BPM]

Perfect escape-vacation feelings wrapped in a nice, easy track. Whistles and acoustic guitar glide over the melody, while ukulele, keyboards, bass, shakers, and drums give a grooving rhythmic foundation. Great for comedy, dramedy, travel, web tutorials and commercials. [Tempo: Medium / 101 BPM]

Folksy, bluesy and cute, this steel-string acoustic guitar music track is played in the finger-style feel of delta blues and early country-folk music. The recording is a single performance of a small-frame guitar. This track is great for that “country blues” feel in drama, comedy, reality programing and slide shows. Country Blues / Wily / Folksy music. [Tempo: Medium / 175 BPM]

Tensions are mounting, and things are coming down to the wire. This track conveys the uncertainty of a very rural sounding chaos – brought out by a fiddle, played with fingerpicks and slide. Its supporting instruments include banjo, four-string guitar and kick drum. This is great track for dramatic or comedic tension. Tension / Plucked Fiddle / Odd. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 124 BPM]

Fast action, car chases, and Prohibition are quickly conveyed in this period piece. Muted horns and clarinets blow a syncopated, swinging – quintessentially ‘20s – melody against tuba and brushed drums. Perfect music for Prohibition themes, comedy, dramedy, and nutty-crazy themes. Dangerous / Sleek / Early Jazz Music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 180 BPM]

This dreamy synthesizer driven track conveys a special feeling of searching, of zeroing in on something vital. Stylewise, it takes inspiration from 1980s New Wave pop. The synthesizer melody is dynamic, moving into different parts and backed up by echoey electric guitars, pads, picked bass, and big 1980s-inspired drums and claps. Excellent for video games, emotional dramas, travel “into the unknown” and emotive documentaries. [Tempo: Medium / 91 BPM]

Conveying a feeling of desolation and loss, this blues music is the epitome of “a good man feeling down.” Slide resonator guitar plays and a lamenting voice sings over a bluesy, acoustic guitar and simple kick drum. The wordless vocals are searching, giving the track a touch of Gospel – and a sliver of hope. Suitable for poignant moments in dramas and documentaries. Desolation / Deep Blues / Poignant music. Available in several different mixes/version with or without the vocals and layers. [Tempo: Slow / 81 BPM]

This summery, upbeat track quickly establishes light-hearted enjoyment. Bells and vocals play the melody while acoustic and electric guitars, bass, percussion and drums push the rhythm forward. This is an awesome track for web tutorials, commercials, travel and any programing involving fun. [Tempo: Medium / 104 BPM]

Ethereal, tranquil and hopeful, this piano-based music track flows through introspective and inspiring moods. A warm synth arrangement with percussion and drums deepens the intensity. Suitable as music for relationship and spiritual themes, self-help media, as well as documentaries. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 105 BPM]

This slide guitar music track sounds a bit like an after-hours, impromptu jam: raw, energetic and catchy. While the track starts with slide resonator guitar, the arrangement intensifies when 4-string guitar, claps and drums are introduced. This track is superb for bar scenes, loose living dramas, rural comedies, southern cooking and lifestyle shows, vloggers and how-to videos. Grooving / Slide Resonator/ Loose Living music. [Tempo: Medium / 116 BPM]

Deep South / Resonator / Authentic. This early blues music is raw and rough, dominated by acoustic guitar and slide (resonator) guitar, intensifying with vocals, claps, shaker, and kick drum. Great for a touch of authentic delta blues music in dramas, comedies, travel, documentaries and web-videos. Available in various versions/mixes, with or without the vocal chants. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 106 BPM]

This unaccompanied, rhythmic banjo music track easily augments the thumping of a train on the tracks, river water over rocks, or horses trotting on the road. The timbre of this single banjo with its syncopated melody is quintessentially “country” and excellent for rural-related media projects, B-roll narrations, country dramas, comedies and radio beds. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 84 BPM]

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With the heart of the Delta Blues, this slide guitar music track is jumpy, happy but still has the blues. Accented with slide vibrato and supported by electric bass and light drums, this track is both full and sparse. It’s perfect music for rural-themed content or projects needing an old-blues touch. Delta Blues / Happy / Vibrato. [Tempo: Medium / 114 BPM]

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