Vincent Varco

I specialize in creating content-specific music for film,
documentary, advertising, and television programming.
I have extensive experience in: operating within tight
financial budgets and scheduling requirements of
contemporary program production; methodical administration
to deadlines (not to speak of crisis management
where necessary); and the application of the most
current facility and production techniques to achieve
the highest production value.

• 2001: Composed and produced theme music for the
City of Chicago's Municipal Information Program,
Chicago Works.

• 2002: Composed and produced the Big Sound Music
Production Library Vol. 1, currently published in 12
countries and placed in hundreds of productions.

• 2002-2003: Composed and produced multiple ad
campaigns for political guru David Axelrod.

• 2008: Composed and produced soundtrack to independent
feature film Silent Shame.

• 2012: Composed and produced several music tracks
for the independent film Dreams, The Movie.