Bizet, Georges

Georges Bizet October 25, 1838 – June 3, 1875 Pianist Georges Bizet showed talent early in life. His family encouraged his skills, and by ten the Paris Conservatoire, impressed by his skills, waived their age restriction to allow his enrolment. His succeeded easily at school. Shortly he met the composer Charles Gounod, who impressed a deep influence upon Bizet’s work. So deep was his impact on his early works that Bizet shelved his Symphony in C major, recognizing the similarities were so alike. Rediscovered in 1935, the piece became one of his most renowned works. Bizet composed elaborate operas. However, he found it difficult to rise through the tight strata of French compositional ranks, and received only moderate success during his lifetime. He found it difficult to earn a living, and accepted students to pay bills. His final work, Carmen, was denounced upon arrival, and he remained largely unrecognized. Subsequent years recognized the brilliance of the work, which is now one of the most popular operas worldwide. Notable works: Symphony in C major Carmen