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Making voice recordings at home

Actors and producers will be turning to remote recordings as travel to recording studios becomes less likely during a crisis such as the one we’re currently facing. It’s good practice for voiceover artists, podcasters and actors to have a basis home studio set up as it is a huge advantage when pitching for voice work. In this article we’ll look at a basic set up that will secure those voiceover jobs by recording high quality results from the comfort of your own home.

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Cleaning up noisy dialogue: Get rid of background noise and improve sound quality of voice recordings

Tools and techniques for removing unwanted noise from vocal recordings by Richie Nieto One of the biggest differences between film and documentary sound versus animation and video game sound is that, usually, in films and documentaries, the recording environments are not fully controlled and often chaotic. When shooting a scene in the middle of a […]

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Getting started with Voiceovers

By Max Laing Voiceover talent doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but having the right tools, advice, and some great background music from is a great way to get started. Whether you’re working on a low budget podcast, give prerecorded presentations, or plan to work in the film industry, everyone looking to accomplish voiceover work […]

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