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Pruning the catalogue – cleaning out some older tracks today

Pruning the catalogue – cleaning out some older tracks today

Hi all. We’re doing a bit of Christmas cleaning. Today we’re saying goodbye to the following older tracks. As always, rest assured that we’re adding at least twice as much new music as we’re removing older music, so our catalogue is still growing, even though we’re pruning it a bit from time to time. Here are the tracks that we are de-listing today. If you need to license one of these tracks, please contact us.

  • A Brand New World
  • A Night In Paris
  • Afrindia Drumfest
  • Afternight
  • Around The World
  • Autumn Skies
  • Bahia Blue
  • Band Of Gypsies
  • Beer Bottle Blues
  • Body Language
  • Bold Strategies
  • Bollywood Bounce
  • Bottleneck Blues
  • Bottleneck Blues
  • Bouncing Sound
  • Break Trance
  • By The River
  • Calling Houston
  • Cappucino Tequila
  • Celestial Spirit
  • Chicken Boogie
  • Child Of Calcutta
  • Cruise Control (ZiS)
  • Dance Of Life
  • Deep Blue
  • Deep Echo
  • Deep India
  • Deep Indigo
  • Deep Sorrow
  • Down Home Funk
  • Dreaming Fields
  • Drifting Along
  • Easy As That
  • Easy Midnight
  • eKustic
  • El Salvador
  • Ethetes
  • Extensive Research
  • Form And Function
  • Friend Or Funk
  • Funk Delight
  • Funk Proof
  • Funktastic
  • Gentle Rain
  • Groove Digger
  • Hard Power
  • Havana Royale
  • Hearts And Minds
  • High Noon Showdown
  • Himalayan Passage
  • Humble Beginnings
  • India Crossing
  • Innertech
  • Invitation
  • Joyous Jewel
  • Last Minute
  • Latin Kiss
  • Latin Lament
  • Lifestyles (D Saric)
  • Lights Out
  • Like Minds
  • Love Song (D Saric)
  • Lovers Touch
  • Malibu Bingo
  • Marimba Mood
  • Meet the Beat (ZiS)
  • Midsummer Beauty
  • Mirrorball
  • Mmm Hmm Oh Yeah
  • Morning Sunlight
  • My Arabian Girl
  • My Blue Truck
  • New Commerce
  • No Going Back
  • Noble
  • On Schedule
  • On The Strip
  • Oudo Flutu
  • Outside In
  • Punjabi Wedding
  • Rasta Africa
  • Reaching the Stars – D Saric
  • Rebirth (D Saric)
  • Relaxed Suit
  • Reverberation
  • Riverbed
  • Road to Nashville (ZiS)
  • Romantic Sonata
  • Roughneck Strut
  • Russian Hoedown
  • Said & Done
  • Searching – D Saric
  • Second Date
  • Secret Moment
  • Secrets Of India
  • Sitar Meditation
  • Sitar Star
  • Sitcom Samba
  • Skys The Limit (Zis)
  • Slide
  • Smiling
  • Sock It To Ya
  • Soul Breakfast
  • Spooky
  • Stay On Track
  • Stratosphere – D Saric
  • Streethopper
  • Summer Dream
  • Sunrise in the Sahara
  • Sunshine (D Saric)
  • Sweet Snarl
  • Sweet Sunday
  • Swingin Time
  • Tabla Manners
  • Techno Mash-Up
  • The Corporate World
  • The Sneak
  • The Storm (ZiS)
  • The Winner
  • Tiki Party
  • Tomorrows Endeavors
  • Unified Theory
  • Up And Coming
  • Waltz For Josie
  • Week Review
  • World Beat Jam
  • You Cant Keep Me Down
Doing some Fall cleaning, pruning the catalogue of some old tracks

Doing some Fall cleaning, pruning the catalogue of some old tracks

The good people reading this blog may get the impression that all we’re doing is to remove tracks, and not add much new stuff. We do not post on the blog here every time we publish new music, because we publish new music all the time. Every single week, and some times several times per week – why, even up to multiple batches in a single day – of new, fresh material. We can’t post about it here on the blog every time we release new tracks. For each old track that is sent off into the annals of history, about 20 new ones arrive. So it’s not like we’re downsizing.

Why do we do this? Because it’s central to our mission and our whole way of business, that our site does not start to “sound old”. Remembering when we first started out in 2000, there were already some libraries out there with a lot of music that “just sounded old”. We refuse to become one of those. So we remove old tracks.

Today we are saying goodbye to the following tracks that have been in our library for years. We thank them for their service. If you need to license one of these tracks, please contact us. We can set you up.

  • A New Love
  • A Spot of Light Entertainment
  • Afterglow
  • As the World Turns
  • At Leisure
  • Australia Didgeridoo
  • Awaken the Stone Shadows
  • Background One
  • Bat and Pad
  • Beautiful Paradise
  • Blanche Louve
  • Blues Rock Stings
  • Body And Blues
  • Burning Sun
  • Chachechur
  • Cleanse
  • Cruise the Strip
  • DF Sweating
  • Dark Corn
  • Digitale
  • Digitale 2
  • Dinner Groove
  • Dreamland
  • Elektrostep Idents
  • Entrevistas
  • Fast Food
  • Floating
  • Floripa
  • Full Speed
  • Funk Rock Stings
  • Funny Business
  • Gigi
  • Go Ahead
  • Gone
  • Gravitons
  • Guitarra In Bb Minor
  • Hidden Past
  • In Waiting
  • Infiltration
  • Intense
  • Irish Rose
  • Journey
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Kool Krush
  • Le Passage
  • Making a Pledge
  • Message on the Mirror
  • Mind Your Matter
  • Morning Ballad
  • NYC Delivery
  • Naked Blues
  • Nashville Bound
  • New Ideas
  • New Orleans Funk
  • No Trace
  • On the Town
  • Open Seas
  • Panama
  • Pineapple Fizz
  • Ray of Sun
  • Romantica
  • Round Trip
  • Scotland Bagpipes
  • Sensual Noon
  • Sexy and Edgy
  • Shock Her
  • Single Combat
  • Spanish Mood
  • Spanish Reggaeton
  • Streaming From My Heart
  • Surfin the Tube
  • Tender Love
  • The Andalucian Incident
  • The Cat Kladniew
  • The Element 47
  • The Golden Age
  • The Open Road
  • The Unknown Superhero Chase
  • The Y Factor
  • Town Beat
  • Travel
  • Up And Away
  • Waiting Time
  • Wake Up
  • Wallys Place
  • Wolfs
  • X Agent
  • XM Modules by Bjorn Lynne
  • XM Modules by Adam Skorupa
Some old tracks being pruned today

Some old tracks being pruned today

Unlike most stock music libraries, here at we actually remove some tracks. We consider the track’s age, its sound, its production, its sales and its genre, and a few times per year we “prune” some oldies and replace them with more fresh new material.

Even though we do occasionally remove some tracks, keep in mind that we add much more new material than we remove old material, so the actual size of our online catalogue is always increasing.

We’ve been doing a little bit of spring cleaning, and here are the tracks that we are saying goodbye to today:

50 Fifty
Rainy Morning
Fallen Angel
The Secret Life of Angels
August (Ellett, Montgomery)
Friendly Alien
Bridal Party Entrance
Retro Progressive Rock 1
Singing Animals
A Wonderful Time
Bell Isle
Les Fers
Sang Mele
Make the Drop
Finding Truth
Gentle Sounding
Born and Raised
Waiting Piano Melody
Away in a Manger (D Woods)
Jump (D Woods)
Give Me a Chance
I Miss You (Acoustic Music Productions)
Still Here
Fun n Frolic
A Ghost Story
Sugar Rush
The Propeller
The Restaurant
Piano Expressions
I Love the Blues
Old And New
Mechanical Rhythm
Zero Atmosphere
Say Again
Dance In France
Angel In The Sky
Great Temptation
Senorita (D Lukyanov)
Miles to Go
This Moment
Like a Child
Our Love is Magical
Piano in Blue
Blues Is My Name
Electricity (C Pelissero)
Murder (C Pelissero)
Spooky (C Pelissero)


Some old tracks pruned (removed) today

Some old tracks pruned (removed) today

It is our policy here at to occasionally get rid of some old tracks from our catalogue. We do this to ensure our music is always up-to-date, fresh and so that we do not start “sounding 15 years old”, like some production music libraries. Here’s a list of the tracks that were confined to the history books today:

  • Scenes
  • My One True Love
  • Teenage Soap
  • Ezpeleta
  • Log On
  • Nova
  • Journeys End
  • Marionettes Playtime
  • Sad Sunday
  • Sopranos Breath
  • Break
  • Good Attitude
Some older tracks being pruned (removed) today

Some older tracks being pruned (removed) today

Today we removed some old tracks from our catalogue. If you come searching for these tracks, they will not appear in search results any more.

If you need to license a track that has been removed, you can still
do so! We just deal with it manually and set up the purchase for you “by
hand”, since you can’t buy it through the online shopping cart any
more. To enquire about this, contact us via our contact page.

Why remove tracks? It has to do with trying to keep the music fresh and up to date. I remember when we first set out to start up, back in the early weeks of year 2000. We were checking out existing stock music libraries and stock music sites, and their music sounded really outdated. Clearly, they had been in business maybe 15-20 years, and – unsurprisingly – their music sounded 15-20 years old!

I remember thinking clearly to ourselves at that point, that we would not allow that to happen to Shockwave-Sound. Unlike other stock music sites, we would actually remove old tracks, so that the overall sound of our library was always fresh and new.

We still add new tracks at a much higher rate than we remove old one – so our catalogue is increasing in size all the time. I think this just makes it even more important to get rid of some old tracks now and then.

What are the criteria for choosing which tracks to remove? Well, it’s a subjective decision based on each track in the end, but if a track has been on our site for more than 6 years and made only 0-1 sales over the past 12 months, then that track is usually selected for “pruning” (removing).

The following tracks were pruned today:

  • At First Glance
  • Brand New Delhi
  • Byte Size
  • Chit Chat
  • Cruisin
  • Crunked Up
  • Dark Sound
  • De Profundis
  • Dot Co Dot UK
  • E Motion
  • EZ Street
  • First Contact
  • Flamenco
  • Flight
  • Funked Up
  • Hope For Peace
  • In D Pocket
  • Its a Lurve Thang
  • Jubilate Deo
  • LA Nights
  • Leisuretime
  • Lets Talk
  • Lucky Thirteen
  • Manuels Party
  • Mission Implausible
  • New Strides
  • Nicole
  • Nightflight
  • Numbafive
  • Ostinato in D
  • Present Tense
  • Redbeard the Pirate
  • Rio Rio
  • Sahara
  • Sands Of Time
  • Sautille
  • Showtime
  • Sierra Martes
  • Sky Hooks
  • Snake Hips
  • Snapback
  • So Piano
  • Something in the Mud
  • Space Is Information
  • Steel Dawn
  • Still Waters
  • Summer Vistas
  • Summer Vistas
  • Sunshine
  • Superhighway
  • Taste The Space
  • The Embalm
  • The Fall
  • The Sicilian Job
  • Triste
  • Truth
  • Under Attack
  • Undercurrent