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August 2017 new royalty-free music selections

August 2017 new royalty-free music selections

It’s been almost two months since the last time we sent out one of these newsletters, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve been lazy. 🙂 Okay, we took a couple of weeks of summer chill-out, but for the most part, we have been working on our music catalogue, in order to be able to provide you with the best stock music available, carefully curated and produced to the highest standards. Here is just a small selection of our latest additions:

Sweet & Flowery, Vol. 1:
The music here is all about candy, soda, cute little kids and summery fun.

Fantasy Worlds, Vol. 15:
The “Fantasy Words” series is some of our most popular and powerful music, suitable for grand adventures and grave dangers, in an adventure or fantasy setting.

Classical Chamber Strings, Vol. 2:
A live performing string quartet, playing 16 of the most famous and loved classical pieces by Händel, Mussorgsky, Bach, Brahms and more – recorded live in the studio.

Classical Favorites, Vol. 7:
16 more timeless, classical jewels by Mendelssohn, Haydn, Strauss, Grieg, Mozart and more – with a full, large orchestra.

Vacations & Fun, Vol. 2:
Uplifting and refreshing sounds with a sense of adventure, exploration, fun and discovery.

Dark Cues, Vol. 10:
15 tracks of cold, dark, eerie and disturbing music for horror flicks, thrillers, mysterious tales…

Emotional Underscores, Vol. 15:
Music to tug at the heartstrings: These subtle, tasteful, fragile and reflective pieces lend themselves perfectly to stories on the human condition.

This is in no way a complete representation of all the new music we’ve released since our previous newsletter. These are just a few highlights. 🙂 We hope you enjoy them.

With all of our “CD collections” (as above), each track can also be licensed individually. Just click on the track title in the audio player at the bottom of the page, and you will be taken to that track’s individual track page, where you can license the track or any sub-version of it.

Please remember to “Like” our Facebook page: And if you have any questions, issues, suggestions etc., please get in touch with us through the Contact page on our site. We are here and always happy to hear from you.

All the best from all of us at:

A video for the track “Rising Up” by Isha Erskine Project

A video for the track “Rising Up” by Isha Erskine Project

We publish a lot of new music every week and we wouldn’t have any chance of producing a video to promote every single track, but track #18,483 in our stock music catalog is Rising Up by the Isha Erskine Project, and we decided to spend some extra time on having a video done to this track.The video itself isn’t much to brag about, truth be told, but then we aren’t video producers. It’s just some stock video footage set to the music in an amateur way, but the music is superb. We hope you’ll enjoy it. Here is the video (embedded from YouTube):

The music track is a vocal, somewhat mysterious, epic, but in an understated, elegant way. It’s hard to explain exactly why this track is so atmospheric and vibrant. It has a timeless feel, and can work well in drama, as theme songs for films and much more. There is also an instrumental version. Here is a link to the track in our royalty-free music listing, showing all the different versions available and the licensing costs:

Three amazing new album releases: Ambient Mysteries, Lite Rock, Spirit of India & Middle East

Three amazing new album releases: Ambient Mysteries, Lite Rock, Spirit of India & Middle East

I wanted to take a moment to stop for a moment to make a bit of an announcement of the three great new stock music / production music albums we have released over the past week or so here at

Ambient Mysteries Vol. 1 represents a new series for us, being the first volume of albums with this title. The music chosen for this album and subsequent volumes are Ambient music that goes away from the “blissful, relaxing” new age music often connected with the word Ambient, and more over into the kind of cold, eerie, mystical music often heard in the new wave of Scandinavian crime dramas, as well as mystery / suspense films, TV series such as “Breaking Bad” and more. It’s Ambient music that lends itself towards the “darker side” of productions, but without actually stepping into horror territory, if you see what I mean. We actually considered calling this album “Nordic Ambient, Vol. 1” because we feel some of the music has a Nordic / Scandinavian feel (anybody familiar with some great Scandinavian crime series like “The Bridge”, “Wallander” and “Forbrydelsen” which was released in English under the name “Those Who Kill”?), but in the end we decided to go with the somewhat less specific title, “Ambient Mysteries”.

Lite Rock, Vol. 10 contains ten tracks of friendly, fresh, uplifting and heartening, melodic rock tracks, 8 of which composed and recorded by the undersigned, and two additional tracks by my good friend Dan Morrisey. I hope you’ll enjoy this one. Our “Lite Rock” collections are always quite popular; I think the music lends itself well to many types of media projects, including commercials / advertising, adventure sports / outdoor activities, fun and holidays, even corporate / business presentations.

Spirit of India & the Middle East, Vol. 5 deserves a special mention. It contains 11 wonderful World tracks with the sounds, flavor and styles of the Orient / Middle East and India. Composed by Wael Mhanna with production support by his brother Jad Mhanna, who live and work in Lebanon, this album features music composed and recorded in the Middle East, unlike most “World” music you would get from a production music library which is actually composed in places like UK, Germany and America! Wael and Jad put together an ensemble of live human performers from Lebanon who played their traditional instruments on top of studio / sample arrangements made beforehand on computers. The result is a combination of programmed and real live human performances that just sound great. This collection has music representing the regions of Arabia / Persia – The Middle East, India and North Africa, including (but not limited to) Iraq, Syria, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


A video for Isha Erskine Project – Falling Down

A video for Isha Erskine Project – Falling Down

One of our regular writers / musicians Isha Erskine submitted a new track for licensing this week, a really great vocal ballad, with a certain Enya / Clannad / Moya Brennan kind of vibe and with a superb female vocal performed by Michelle Lockey.

We put together a music video of sorts to mark the release of this great new track. Here it is:

The music track was composed by Isha Erskine (real full name Elisha D Erskine) along with Michelle Lockey and the track is available to license as stock music / production music for your own media projects, be it film, video, stage event, commercial etc.

For me, listening to this track makes me think of serious drama, crime drama, perhaps something melancholic and eerily mystical, perhaps Nordic, wintery or damp. It really gets my imagination going. I could easily see this track be used as the theme music, for example, for a BBC Crime Drama series. I hope you’ll like it too.

The track, Falling Down, is also available in an Instrumental
version, as well as an Underscore version (a version with all “lead
instruments” removed) and various shorter versions, loops etc. You can
listen to all the different versions and buy a license, by following this link.

A summary of our 4 latest album releases, July 2015

A summary of our 4 latest album releases, July 2015

This summer has been a particularly busy time for us here at and over the past three weeks alone, we have been able to publish four new albums, as pictured above. From rock’n roll to folky fun, to horror music and imaginary, textural music for film and drama, we’ve covered several completely different categories over these past few weeks and we had a lot of fun putting out these albums.

Let’s take a look:

  • Classic Rock, Vol. 1: An album of music harking back to the days when rock’n roll was just that – rock’n roll. None of this “modern”, grunge, alternative or whatever — this is just great rock music that will hit the right note with a large audience. Think Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Lenny Kravitz. Hints of Blues and Southern Rock are also present. This music will go really well with media featuring all things “men and macho” as well as “rock chicks” type material, motorbikes, workshops, sports and much more.
  • Dark Cues, Vol. 8: This album features 12 creepy, cold and eerie tracks of horror, mystery and suspense. It’s not pretty, it’s very dark, very damp and could well send some chills down your back. It seems that the horror genre, both in film, video game and audio books, is as popular as ever, and people from home / bedroom producers to top Hollywood studios and everything in between are producing new horror content. I believe “American Horror Story” is one of the most popular TV shows right now. If you need a good selection of music for your own horror / thriller project, then you could do a lot worse than licensing this chilling music collection.

  • Happy Days, Vol. 4: Continuing our “Happy Days” series of cheeky and fun tracks for all kinds of positive, quirky media — be it one of those quirky, slightly comical commercials, or one of those cute, child friendly mobile games. Note that I choose to describe this music as fun but not quite into funny territory. It’s not “comical” music as such. I mean, it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek and definitely happy. Bright, bouncy even. But not exactly comedy music. I hope this makes sense. You can imagine this music being used in a fun, feelgood advertisement campaign, or in many other types of projects. Ukulele features heavily, as does bells, piano, acoustic guitar and more.
  • Toward Imaginary Worlds: I’m not going to write too much about this album for now, because this is such a great and special release that we are planning to do a whole “feature” on it and its composer, Francesco Giovannangelo. This music is highly imaginative and artistic; it draws on classical and neo-classical music, as well as ambient and other genres, to create a form of transparent, “musical painting” type soundtrack that is highly suitable for use in film, drama and television. Keep your eyes on this blog for a more in-depth discussion of this album, with an interview with the composer/producer. I hope you’ll find it interesting. For now, you may want to just listen to the music on this great album, and imagine the music used in your own media projects.

We hope you enjoyed this little run-through of our latest 4 releases. More new stuff will follow soon! We’re constantly developing and publishing new album of great royalty free music / stock music. Thanks for reading!