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Top 10 most popular and highest-selling royalty-free music tracks in the last year (2022)2 min read

Whether you’re working on a film, commercial, video game or any other type of media, this list will provide you with a selection of the best tracks from our ever-growing music library.

Just as we did last year, we have taken the time to carefully curate and compile a list of the most popular and highest-selling tracks from our extensive collection of royalty-free music. This list is tailored to our clients’ needs and preferences, and we are confident that it will be a valuable resource for anyone looking for high-quality music to use in their projects.

1. A Fresh New Look

Uplifting, motivational pop track with a catchy melody, plucked synths and lots of atmospheric Upbeat/ Warm / Positive.

2. Time To Shine

Modern cinematic music piece with an inspirational and motivational vibe. Featuring piano, evolving synthesizer, emotional orchestral strings, modern drum beat and contemporary percussion. Elevating and uplifting composition.

3. A World of Opportunities

Uplifting and contemporary corporate music with a motivational feel. Feel-good / Modern / Positive / Driving music track.

4. Aces High

Big stomps, fat claps, feisty guitar riffs. Badass sexy big beats with swagger and attitude.

5. A Clear Bright Morning

Romantic and positive music track featuring piano melody, accompanied with chamber orchestra that grows into symphonic, large string ensemble. Very romantic and pleasant mood. Great music for real estate and high class, elegant, luxurious and tasteful content.

6. Cinematic Emotion

A positive, inspiring and uplifting music track made with epic orchestra, epic drums and cinematic piano. The structure is based on three parts (intro, build-up and outro). Epic / Inspiring / Soaring / Valiant Music.

7. Clap Hop

Minimalistic indie hip hop music beat, combining a quirky set of body percussion sounds, like claps, finger snaps and mouth noises. Cool and simple, yet authentic and playful music.

8. A Softer Shine

A warm, soothing and flowing Soft-pop music track an understated, heartening, uplifting feel. Tasteful, inspirational music.

9. Defining Moment

Gentle opening building with energy to a hopeful and uplifting royalty free stock music track. Positive music / Fresh / Motivating / Valiant.

10. Dream Epic

Inspirational, cinematic music track, starting as a steady chamber piece, that grows into a big, motivational epic track featuring fully loaded symphonic orchestra. Glory / Triumph / Achievement / Regal / Honor Music.

Krzysztof Rzeznicki

Krzysztof "Horn" Rzeznicki is a Polish composer. Working in the Electronic genre, he is known for combining classic Ambient with ethnic elements, spacey atmospheres, and chilled grooves that draw from styles like EDM, Lounge. He was a part of "Remote Spaces" duo that produced classic 70’s Berlin-school style music in the mid of 90s and gained some popularity among Electronic music fans worldwide. He also makes music for trailers, radio broadcasts and TV commercials.