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A lovely movie with music supplied by Shockwave-Sound

A lovely movie with music supplied by Shockwave-Sound

Our customer and movie director Christopher Robin Collins has launched his film “Little Thief”, which is now available to buy or rent through Amazon.

Little Thief, Amazon U.S.:

Little Thief, Amazon U.K.:

“Little Thief” is a a touching drama about the complex relationship between two misfits; Hyun, a lonely Korean man and Martina, a young orphaned girl – set in Sydney, Australia.

The movie itself as well as the trailer (available to view at the above Amazon links) feature music licensed from

Trailer now available at YouTube:


Incredible scenery from Norway set to our music

Incredible scenery from Norway set to our music

Talented and hard working videographer Jan Inge Larsen has produced an impressive nature video in 4K resolution, from the Helgeland district in the north of Norway. In this beautiful video you can see amazing northern lights and the beauty of the wide open landscapes and fjords of Norway over 4 seasons.

The video is set to our music track “Knights and Saints“, composed by Rafael Krux.

Video from Morro Bay and Morro Rock set to our music

Video from Morro Bay and Morro Rock set to our music

Photographer and videographer Harry Sloan from California has made a really nice DVD featuring our music. He has made 12 individual “video paintings” from the beautiful Morro Rock and Morro Bay California area, and set them to our music.

We can recommend this video for anybody who have been lucky enough to visit these beautiful areas, as well as for locals and really, for anybody who likes to watch beautiful things, while listening to beautiful music. We can see this video DVD working well as an “interior design” video, simply for playing in your house, to create ambiance – as an alternative to other art.

The DVD features 12 videos, each one playing for 5-10 minutes each. (80 minutes total). The videos are also available to purchase as individual video downloads for $1.00 each.

Here’s a YouTube presentation / preview of the video. We really like the way Harry incorporated our royalty-free music with his work. music in non-profit New York art education music in non-profit New York art education

Leading Leaders is a non-profit educational organization that teaches kids about art, understanding art, and helping kids express themselves and their feelings through art. Our music is featured in this really nice YouTube film documenting the project. In the film we get to learn about the project and to hear some insights from teachers, volunteers and students alike.

The music you can hear throughout the film is the track Day After Day composed by Pawel Blaszczak. A royalty-free music track which – as you can see from the film – is not fingerprinted by YouTube, not in a Content ID program, and thus does not cause the video to be sullied by advertising or nasty copyright warnings from YouTube. (This is the case with all our music. We do not fingerprint our music – see this article for details.)

The film itself was created with the help of Peter Galperin and David Frieberg at Significant Films, a creative company that produces short films for big events. Highly original, engaging, theme-based films that entertain and inspire at special events, or online.