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User Accounts now in use at Shockwave-Sound

Hi all. It’s been a little over 18 years since first came online and started offering royalty-free music, music loops for Flash, music for podcasts and other media, this was back in April of 2000.

Through the years the site has gone through various upgrades and improvements, most notably perhaps in 2005 when we first got ourselves our very first database! Before then, details of orders were just kept offline in Excel documents. 🙂

In 2015 we launched a new look, a more modern presentation.

And now in 2018, we’ve implemented real user accounts for all users, including customers, artists and admins. Until now, all orders placed at were really kind of “guest orders”, meaning that of course, we took down the details of the customer, but we did not connect the order to a “user account”. We have now done this.

If you are a new user/customer, simply create a user account and start using it, just as you would at any other site selling products and services.

If you are an existing customer and you’ve placed one or more orders with us in the past, you should now create a new user account using the email address that you used when you placed your previous orders with us. All your old orders, as long as they match your email address, will be automatically imported into your new user account and you will be able to find all your past orders under “My orders” in the menu on the left-hand side of our site, once you are logged in.

If you have placed orders in the past with a different email address, there is also a possibility to have those orders “re-assigned” to your current user account — however, for this to work, you must have access to open and read that old email address. If you are trying to access orders you placed a long time ago with an email address that you no longer have access to, you need to contact us for assistance.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new functionality. If you experience any problems, just let us know by contacting us.

“Super Condensed” track list now available

“Super Condensed” track list now available

Hi all, today we are launching a new feature / improvement to our stock music website The Super condensed view.

On any track listing (search result, genre browse, mood browse, etc.) you can now choose between the:

  • Standard – shows a Play button for all versions of tracks, with prices, plus description.
  • Condensed – shows only the main / full track version play button, and shows a bit of the description.
  • Super Condensed – NEW! – shows only a big Play button and the track title. Does not show additional versions / edits, no description, no details.

You can choose between these by clicking the “View” drop-down menu where indicated on the image:

A couple of small improvements at today

A couple of small improvements at today

Hi all, today we have launched a couple of small upgrades / improvements to our music browsing process:

  1. In the list of music tracks, the “PLAY” button now changes to a “PAUSE” button for the currently playing track, so you can easily see which track is playing, and click the “pause” button to pause/stop the playing.
  2. We’ve added a “Tag this track” icon to the audio player area at the bottom of the page, so you can quickly and easily add the currently playing track (what you’re hearing at that moment) to your “Tagged tracks” (it’s like your Lightbox, or Wish list, for music tracks).
We hope this will be of help and will make using our site a little bit more pleasant and efficient.
Using the “Advanced Browse” music search at

Using the “Advanced Browse” music search at

Here at we are proud to unveil what we believe is the most powerful, most flexible and most useful royalty free music search engine anywhere.You can find the Advanced Browse by clicking the orange link in the left-hand menu of, just below “Artists”.

The Advanced Browse page allows you to combine multiple search / browse criteria such as Music Genre, Moods/Emotions, Prominent Instruments, Classical or Non-Classical, Tempo Feel, BPM Tempo Range, Length (in seconds) and more, to find tracks specifically matching your needs.

The Advanced Browse page is also interconnected with the “Find Similar Tracks” function on our site. By clicking on “Find Similar Tracks” below any Track description, you are taken to the Advanced Browse page, which is then pre-filled for you, with multiple values from the track you were just listening to.

Multiple operators are combined with either AND or OR values, and note that you can Click on any AND / OR button to swap it between working as AND or OR.

Let’s look at a few examples of how to use the Advanced Browse page:


Above, I have used the form to find Country/Bluegrass tracks that have either a Sad / Sorrowful  / Mournful, or a “Gloomy / Dark / Sinister” mood. This gave me a result of 7 tracks, all are kind of sparse country track with a doom laden feel, highly suitable for things like historical drama, westerns / modern westerns and more. Note that if I wish, I could click on the OR button between the two Moods settings, to change it to an AND operator instead.

In the above example I’ve quite simply found that my favorite artist is Dan Gautreau and I would like to browse all the Happy / Joyful / Positive tracks he has produced. This search result gave me 112 tracks, so I’ve got plenty of stuff to listen to.

Since I felt that the 112 tracks I got from my previous browse results was “too much”, above I have added another criteria. This time I’ve gone for tracks by the artist Dan Gautreau, which are Happy / Joyful / Positive, and which features prominent use of Acoustic Piano. Now we’re getting more precise, and this browse gave me a result of 26 tracks.

Above, I have decided to browse Vocal Pop tracks, which are either “Laidback / Easy-going / Chilled” OR “Happy / Joyful / Positive”, and are sung by a Male vocalist. This gave me a result of 128 tracks.

If I wanted to, I could go back to the form and click on the OR button between the mood settings, and this would narrow the results to tracks that are both Laid back AND Happy – whilst still being in the Vocal Pop genre and being sung by a male vocalist. This would then give me 17 tracks.

Let’s look at one more fun example. I wish to find jazz tracks performed by a traditional 3-piece jazz trio of Piano, Drums and Acoustic Bass. Here’s how I would do it:

I’ve set the Music Genre setting to “Jazz: General & faster jazz” (I could change it to “Smooth jazz” if that’s what I wanted), and I’ve selected Piano (Acoustic) AND Drums (Drum kit) AND Bass (Upright/Acoustic). Hit “Search” and I find 119 tracks. Nice result!

Let’s just take one more example:

In the above case, I’ve decided to browse tracks in the Rock -> General Rock genre, which are between 8 and 15 seconds long. I needed this for a short on-screen presentation / intro screen.

Not many tracks are created to be only between 8 and 15 seconds long, but many of our composers create “Stinger” versions of their tracks, which often happen to be between 8 and 15 seconds, so in this case I get a result of 358 tracks. In this case, the resulting track listing doesn’t show me the full length tracks – it shows me only the stinger versions that are between 8 and 15 seconds.

My friends, these are only a few examples of how you can use our Advanced Browse page to experiment with our catalog of stock music / royalty-free music and find exactly the tracks you need, with an amazing degree of flexibility and power in your searches. Experiment with it. Have fun with it. You can’t break anything — we hope! 🙂 You may find some combinations give you zero results, and you may find some combinations that give you too many results to make sense of it. If that happens, go back to the form and think of ways to tweak your settings to make your search more open, or more precise. In particular, keep track of those AND / OR buttons and click on them to change their functionality.

Have fun!

New version of launched today

New version of launched today

Dear friends, users, visitors of

This weekend we are launching the newly redesigned Shockwave-Sound website. We hope that you will enjoy using it. The new site features a slick, new design, more modern and perhaps more pleasing to the eye – although, of course, that is a matter of personal preference. new site 2015

More importantly, though, the new has functional improvements beyond the purely visual. “Under the hood”, the handling of database queries such as browsing, searching etc. in the music catalogue is better optimized and uses more cache features, which means that everything should be faster, more streamlined.

The new site, compared with the old one, features:

  • Faster browsing and page loading.
  • Faster search, much less load on the server.
  • Fully Adaptive/Flexible design that works well on screens of any size, including tablets, cellphones, etc.
  • No Flash, all HTML5 built.
  • Choose between Standard or Condensed View in all track listings (Condensed view shows less details of each track and a preview sound player for only the “Full track” version of each track).
  • More track sorting options including “Most sold forever” and “Most sold recently”.
  • A simplified and easier accessible Advanced Browse functionality that lets you combine different criteria such as Moods/Emotions, Music Genres, Tempo, Instrumentation and more, to find your perfect track.
  • “Find Similar Tracks” feature which automatically pre-fills the Advanced Browse page for you, to enable you to find more tracks that match several criteria from the track you just heard.
There are many other smaller improvements, which hopefully you will find along the way as you start to use our new site. We hope you enjoy it.

A bit of history

Just for fun, we decided to dig out some pictures of older versions of, going back to 2001. Actually, the site itself was started in April 2000, but we don’t have any historical images of the site until February 2001, when the first picture below is from. Looking at the pictures below, you can see that we have pretty much operated with the same core design / look since 2002. That’s 13 years, without a major overhaul of the look and design. I guess it was about time! Although I have to say, that the “2002 design”, made for us at the time by Gert Duinen, combined with the core programming work and database connection created for us in 2005 by Richard Davey, has served us extremely well., 2001, early 2002, 2003, 2008, 2014