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How to find good music and royalty free effects for video tutorials

How to find good music and royalty free effects for video tutorials2 min read

Good background music significantly increases the attractiveness of your tutorials. How to choose it – you will read in our short guide.

YouTube is one of the most important platforms where you can share your knowledge. A good video tutorial helps build brand awareness, attracts new subscribers and increases the monetization of our YT channel.
A good tutorial combines text elements with graphics, animation and music. 

1. Choose music and customise it

In our royalty free music database you will find music in many versions. The most popular are the main versions of tracks (Full track).

You can also customize the music based on additional versions of the main music track such as:

If you need even more control over the music use stems, which is a track divided into groups of instruments, such as bass, drums, sound effects:

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Here a sample musical track and its additional versions: long looping version, no melody, 60-secs version, 30-secs version, 15-secs version, loops and stems:

Adjust the music to suit you.
Adjust the music to suit you.

2. Stingers as your sound signature

Stingers are short, usually 8-second versions of the main tracks (you will also find versions from 4 to 15 seconds in our database) . They are ideal as soundtrack for video intros being a sound logo of your videos, brand.


Music that will suit tutorials includes any musical genre. It can range from dynamic rock, pop or lazy ambient sounds.
However, you can also find music based on mood, for example: serious, funny, scientific.

Our Mood / Emotions search engine will make it easier.

If that’s still not enough search using Suggested Production Types.

Mood and Emotions Browser
Mood and Emotions Browser

3. Shorts

Youtube Shorts are gaining popularity. These 15-second videos work well as short tutorials when you want to share quick ideas and concepts.
Use our loops here, which are smoothly looped excerpts from the main track:


4. Sound effects

Using infographics or animation elements, many video creators additionally supplement them with synchronized FX effects.
Very popular are sounds like “woosh” or “pop”.


LP Human Sounds 01
BRS Whooshes 1

5. Try before you buy

Before you decide to buy one of our licenses, you can download the so-called “Preview” beforehand and see how it fits into your tutorial.

Download Preview
Download Preview


Free music: Personal and non-commercial use of our music

6. Some examples

And to conclude our guide, here are some examples of tutorials using music from our Shockwave-Sound stock music library.


Krzysztof Rzeznicki

Krzysztof "Horn" Rzeznicki is a Polish composer. Working in the Electronic genre, he is known for combining classic Ambient with ethnic elements, spacey atmospheres, and chilled grooves that draw from styles like EDM, Lounge. He was a part of "Remote Spaces" duo that produced classic 70’s Berlin-school style music in the mid of 90s and gained some popularity among Electronic music fans worldwide. He also makes music for trailers, radio broadcasts and TV commercials.