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Let’s go surfing! …with our brand new collection of Surf Rock music

Let’s go surfing! …with our brand new collection of Surf Rock music

We’re very happy to unveil our very latest release: Pulp & Surf Rock, Vol. 4.

This is a pretty amazing collection of brand new tracks composed and produced especially for Lynne Publishing for it’s stock music / royalty-free music label.

As with all our music collections, the music can be licensed as a whole collection, or individually as tracks, or even individually as single versions / edits of the tracks — for example, only a single music loop. If you wish to license individual tracks or edits from this music collection, simply type the track title into the “quick search” box on our site, and the track will come up in search results.
We think the track “Surfin’ For Fun” sums up this music collection nicely. With its fun and lively style, busy guitar picks and that unmistakeable 1960’s Surf Rock sound, as defined by the Beach Boys, Dick Dale, the Del-Tones and others. The collection also touches on the more “Rockabilly” influences of artists like Buddy Holly, Bill Haley and his Comets, Eddie Cochran, Duane Eddy and others.
All tracks are composed exclusively for by U.S. based composer / songwriter Kieren Charles Smith. We hope you’ll enjoy this new “major release” from Have a great weekend, all!

New Prominent Instrument selection: Hang Drum

New Prominent Instrument selection: Hang Drum

Recently we added a few new instruments to choose from when you are browsing our royalty-free music / stock music catalogue based on Prominent Instrument (e.g. you click on the blue “Prominent Instruments” button on the right-hand side over our site, or choose instrument from the Advanced Browse panel).

One of the instruments we added was the Hang Drum. This is a very unique and nice sounding instrument which has got a lot of new fans over the past year or so. It is a melodic / pitched percussion instrument with a really beautiful and interesting tone.

Despite the instrument having a very “earthy”, almost exotic, ethnic tone, it is actually a Swiss invention. It has a really natural, ancient sounding timbre which makes us think of ancient cultures, rainforests, African landscapes, South American / Inca / Maya ancient civilizations etc. This instrument sound wonderful in Ethnic / World type music, especially if you are trying to create an earthy / natural / tribal tone but without connecting the sound to any particular country or region.

As the time of writing this, we have 9 tracks of Royalty-Free Hang Drum music, featuring prominent use of the Hang Drum, including two tracks that are available in pure, solo, Hang Drum versions without any other instruments. I’m sure more tracks will come over the coming months and years, as more of our producers discover the versatile and beautiful sound of this instrument.

Happy Birthday To You – royalty free music? Actually, no…

Happy Birthday To You – royalty free music? Actually, no…

We got a call from a customer who was looking to buy the classic “Happy Birthday To You” song as royalty-free music. We didn’t have the track and at first both the customer and myself found it a bit odd. But I found out that in fact this track is still under copyright to two old ladies in Florida and therefore, that track cannot be purchased as royalty-free music / stock music. We would be breaking copyright if we were to offer it — even if we made our own arrangement and recording of it, because the actual composition itself is in copyright.

We have this “alternative Happy Birthday Song” instead:

Okay, it may be a bit cheesy, but if you’re making something like an electronic greeting card or just an office fun project, I think it really hits the spot. Happy Birthday!

Browse music by historical eras

Browse music by historical eras

We’re always working on improving and diversifying the ways that you can browse and search for music here at, and this week we’ve added the possibility to browse for retro music by decade.

By clicking on Suggested Production Types you can see a panel similar to the one shown here on the left. You will see various “Historical / Retro:” selections including:

1980’s: The era of the electro pop and a continuation of the “later era Disco” that was started in the 70’s. Also, soul (Motown) and AOR Rock music was prominent in this era.

1970’s: The era of Motown, Disco and Funk, when pants had flares and the Bee Gees ruled Boogie Town.

1960’s: The era of peace and love, free love and free sex, when hippies set the musical order and pop & rock music took on Beatles’esque sounds and psychedelic colors. Also prominent in this era was the Bossa Nova and smooth latin chill-out music.

1950’s: When Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley and Bill Haley & the Comets ruled the world. This was the era of the Rockabilly, along with classic Jazz sounds

1920-1940’s: This was the era of happy jazz music, Dixieland and Charleston, but also Gospel, Blues and early Hollywood type orchestral film music.

Older / History Channel etc: This is where you’ll find music that we felt would be suitable for general Historical programmes, historical documentaries, world history / heritage and so on. Much of this music is pretty “ambient” in that it would work well simply as background music to storytelling, documentary film etc.

Remember that you can Combine one of the above selections with other criteria, by using the Advanced Browse feature. For example, you can choose to browse music from the 1970’s which is also marked with having a “Happy” mood. Or, you can choose to browse music from the 1920-40’s which feature a trumpet. There are many, many such possibilities available to you from within our Advanced Browsing tool, which you can read more about here.

Royalty-Free music with real orchestra

Royalty-Free music with real orchestra

The state of royalty free music / stock music has come a long way since the rather bland, generic sounding electronic tracks of the 1980’s. As the music library business has “grown up” so to speak, the talent, effort, time and money put into library music recordings have increased gradually.

We are now at a situation where some of our stock music actually features real live philharmonic orchestras. We think it’s pretty amazing. We took in 5 new such real live orchestra tracks yesterday and that’s what prompted us to write this little article – even though it’s by no means the first time we have this type of content in our catalog.

Of course, we already have a huge catalogue of classical music featuring hundreds of tracks with real live orchestras.  But increasingly, we are adding new compositions, non-classical works, film soundtracks and dramatic background music for movies, games and more, which are fully or partially recorded with live philharmonic orchestras.

Yesterday we added these some great tracks by John Herberman, and among them was this really amazing track called Vindication:

With its stabbing strings and horns, big booming timpani / orchestral percussion, this track is full of drama, guts and glory, aggression and pure fear, this track will go extremely well with an action scene, sci-fi or fantasy fight / battle, or all-out war. It will make the hairs in your neck stand up straight. If you want to license Vindication for use in your production, follow this link or just search for it by title.

Another track with perhaps a more “longing” sense, of dark drama, intrigue, intensity and orchestral climax, is this track called Return of the Warrior:

A truly beautiful track featuring real live orchestra, fragile string sections with grand, swelling crescendi. If you’d like to license this track for your film, game or other projects, follow this link or just search for it by title.

Moving on, we have this much softer track, of amazement and beauty: By Golden Pond:

Again, recorded with a real live philharmonic orchestra, this beautiful and poignant track will go well in a family movie, romantic drama or other touching, personal or thoughtful stories. I can’t imagine a better track for, say, a charity appeal or a cosy, touching, childrens story. If you would like to license this track
for use in your project, follow this link or just search for the track by its title.

All the above 3 tracks were composed by John Herberman – he has more too – here is a link to all John Herberman tracks.

But John is by no means the only one who’s done tracks with live orchestras.We already have the team of Dick De Benedictis (famous TV- and film composer for many years – check out his page at Internet Movie Database) and Thomas Stobierski, some 50 years his junior. Together they combined the classical, orchestral skills of Dick with the hi-tech, electronic, cutting-edge sound of Thomas, to create some pretty awesome music that crosses over between real live orchestra / Hollywood sound and the gritty, edgy sound of today’s hip-hop, electronica, industrial and funk music. Here are some of their great tracks:

Rebellion – awesome for war, fighting, chase, sci-fi / space battle etc:

And here’s one called The Toll, also featuring a real live orchestra combined with industrial / electronic / cutting-edge production techniques:

Those are two of the many great orchestral / edgy crossover tracks by De Benedictis & Stobierski. To see their full track listing – a lot of great tracks for science fiction, action, sports and more – click here.

In this blog post we’ve given you a small taste of the many different royalty-free tracks we have that utilize the dynamics and power of the live orchestra. You can’t really beat it with synthesizers and samplers – even though, I admit – you can get pretty close.

For a full overview of live orchestra recordings, see the Classical Music section, and also try these search terms in the search box: Live orchestra , Real orchestra , philharmonic orchestra, orchestral (the last one there will also bring up tracks made with samplers and synthesizers approximating the sound of symphonic orchestras.