More vocal music coming to

Hi all!

Traditionally, at we have been all about instrumental royalty-free music, but over the past couple of weeks, and over the next few weeks, we are going to start offering more and more vocal music as well. Great bands such as Jamestown Story, Twirl, Neil White, Lessons (Pictured left) are soon to be joined by many more talented pop, rock, singer-songwriter, folk and country bands with vocals. Where ever possible, we also include an instrumental version of each track.

We are aware that most of our customers are still looking for only instrumental music. As I mentioned, we always also include an instrumental version of each song when ever that is possible. Also, if you are absolutely not interested in hearing/browsing any tracks with vocals, it’s easy to remove all vocal tracks from all music browses on our site. To do this, go to “Advanced Browse“, then set a music Genre (or Production Type) that you wish to browse for, then click “Prominent instruments” -> “Vocals – singing (with lyrics)”, and set this selection to “NOT”. This way, all tracks that include sung vocals are removed from your music browsing results.

All the best, team