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How corporate/business music sounds1 min read

Have you wondered what typical business, corporate music sounds like? What style, genre of music is it?

Royalty free corporate music is generally a type of background music that will work well for company presentations, advertising, business, or technology solutions.

The music here carries a sense of strength and confidence, but can also at times be rather subtle, understated and unobtrusive. Often sparse on “emotions”, this music deliberately avoids too much “major and minor” and instead just provides a solid, trustworthy feel.

Our selection of corporate production music consists of some corporate pop, as well as some slightly more edgy, electronic, driving music that conveys a sense of strength, reliability, and robustness.

Below we present 25 selected tracks from our music library, which, in our opinion, are the essence of this genre of music.

Krzysztof Rzeznicki

Krzysztof "Horn" Rzeznicki is a Polish composer. Working in the Electronic genre, he is known for combining classic Ambient with ethnic elements, spacey atmospheres, and chilled grooves that draw from styles like EDM, Lounge. He was a part of "Remote Spaces" duo that produced classic 70’s Berlin-school style music in the mid of 90s and gained some popularity among Electronic music fans worldwide. He also makes music for trailers, radio broadcasts and TV commercials.