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A video for the track “Rising Up” by Isha Erskine Project

A video for the track “Rising Up” by Isha Erskine Project

We publish a lot of new music every week and we wouldn’t have any chance of producing a video to promote every single track, but track #18,483 in our stock music catalog is Rising Up by the Isha Erskine Project, and we decided to spend some extra time on having a video done to this track.The video itself isn’t much to brag about, truth be told, but then we aren’t video producers. It’s just some stock video footage set to the music in an amateur way, but the music is superb. We hope you’ll enjoy it. Here is the video (embedded from YouTube):

The music track is a vocal, somewhat mysterious, epic, but in an understated, elegant way. It’s hard to explain exactly why this track is so atmospheric and vibrant. It has a timeless feel, and can work well in drama, as theme songs for films and much more. There is also an instrumental version. Here is a link to the track in our royalty-free music listing, showing all the different versions available and the licensing costs:

A video for Isha Erskine Project – Falling Down

A video for Isha Erskine Project – Falling Down

One of our regular writers / musicians Isha Erskine submitted a new track for licensing this week, a really great vocal ballad, with a certain Enya / Clannad / Moya Brennan kind of vibe and with a superb female vocal performed by Michelle Lockey.

We put together a music video of sorts to mark the release of this great new track. Here it is:

The music track was composed by Isha Erskine (real full name Elisha D Erskine) along with Michelle Lockey and the track is available to license as stock music / production music for your own media projects, be it film, video, stage event, commercial etc.

For me, listening to this track makes me think of serious drama, crime drama, perhaps something melancholic and eerily mystical, perhaps Nordic, wintery or damp. It really gets my imagination going. I could easily see this track be used as the theme music, for example, for a BBC Crime Drama series. I hope you’ll like it too.

The track, Falling Down, is also available in an Instrumental
version, as well as an Underscore version (a version with all “lead
instruments” removed) and various shorter versions, loops etc. You can
listen to all the different versions and buy a license, by following this link.