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Timeline of classical composers

Timeline 1 – Renaissance & Baroque period Timeline 2 – Classical period Timeline 3 – Romantic period, part 1 Timeline 4 – Romantic period, part 2 Timeline 1 – Renaissance & Baroque period Featuring the following classical composers: Cipriano De Rore, Giulio Caccini, Gregorio Allegri, Philipp Friedrich Boddecker, Diedrich Buxtehude, Johann Pachelbel, Henry Purcell, Francois […]

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Review: Samson Zoom H4 Handy Recorder

By Paul Virostek Introduction For decades it seemed professional sound recording was limited to cumbersome tape-based Nagra machines or DAT recorders that required agonizing real-time transfers. I have been recording Hollywood sound effects for over 13 years. Often I’ve heard a rare sound and wished I had a recorder handy to capture it a moment’s […]

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